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Cheerleader of the Week: Britney G.

Read Britney's blog in this weeks addition of CHEERLEADER OF THE WEEK.


Sunday, August 29

Good Morning Colts fans! To start off my week, I went to church. The service was great, they actually built a legit basketball court on stage! I was happy to see lots of friends there, as usual! After church, I spent my afternoon catching rays at the pool with my Momma. Laying out is our favorite thing to do together. Unfortunately, after enjoying our time by the pool, we got to do our other 'favorite thing'.. wash our cars! Woo, what a sight this can be, but when we help each other, it isn't so bad! I then met my friend Lauren at LA Fitness and we did our workout for the day. I love the stair stepper machine there! Finally, I came back home, finished my homework, and got lots of rest for my busy week ahead!

Monday, August 30           

Today, I had classes at IUPUI all day long! I started my day getting up way early to squeeze in a workout before leaving. I picked up my friends and then made the drive to school. My drive is only about thirty five to forty minutes, but I never fail to get stuck by about three trains on my way there! The trains take twenty minutes to pass and then decide that they are going to go backwards too, ahh! Enough about the trains. After classes are over, I went home and had a yummy grilled chicken dinner that my mom made for me! Then, some friends come over every Monday night to watch our usual shows. After our shows, I went to my friend Melissa's apartment to study for our anatomy class and do what girls do best, socialize!

Tuesday, August 31

I started my morning with a butt- kicking workout from our trainer, Sean, at Core Pilates and Fitness! Sean is the kind of person that we hate but love at the same time. His workouts are awesome and have great results, but during them I sometimes want to cry (haha)! After my workout, I went home and laid out for about a half hour and then got ready for our cheerleading practice! I arrived at practice about an hour early because we like to review our material before starting actual practice. During practice, we practiced our game day routines, learned a few more and then we were entertained by our girls going off to tour! They put on a great performance!

Wednesday, September 1

Yay, it's September which means T minus 18 days until the Manning vs. Manning home opener! I cannot wait! I woke up early for a nice workout this morning and then started my last day of class this week for me! I only go Monday and Wednesday, which works awesome with my schedule. On my way home from school, I heard on the radio that the Indiana Blood Center was short on blood for the first time in many years, so I decided to go give blood. The people that work there are so nice! After this I went to my friend's apartment and finished my homework. Then we headed to the mall where we got some pretty jewelry, we love a good sale! After the mall, I went to Sun Tan City to use the Versa Spa since we have a game tomorrow! One last thing, Happy Birthday to Tessa D!

Thursday, September 2

GAME DAY! Today we had our second home pre season game against the Bengals! I got up, did a short workout, then headed to Lucas Oil for the game! After arriving, we had a practice from 1 to 2p. After our practice we ate and got out our combs and hairspray to start getting ready! Once we are ready, my squad danced at the Fan Zone, which was filled with fun.. And lots of wind! Then, it was time for the game! Seeing all the fans in the stands and watching the players up close is by far the best experience I could ask for! I have done a lot of performing in my life, but there is nothing better than a Colts game! The game ended and I am headed straight to bed to rest up for tomorrow's festivities!

Friday, September 3

Hi all! Today I was up early to go to Lucas Oil for the Kickoff Luncheon, which was a great time!    Aside from the luncheon, I had a lot of little things to do! I went home, cleaned, ran, worked out in my basement and then worked in a little nap before packing for my trip to Ohio. After all this, I was able to make it to the Center Grove vs. Carmel game! It was awesome to go back and watch the cheerleaders, players and see lots of my old friends.   Everyone goes to this game! Sadly, Center Grove lost, but they put up a good fight! Then I did some last minute packing and hit the sack, Zzz……

Saturday, September 4

Off to Ohio for me! My whole family is from Ohio, so today we went for a family wedding. Since the drive is about five hours long, I caught up on a lot of sleep! We then arrived at my grandma's house, got ready and left for the wedding. My cousin and her new husband make such a precious couple! They had the ceremony in the groom's parent's backyard and the reception took place in the biggest tent I have ever seen, similar to the one that goes down on Wedding Crashers! Everyone in my family had an awesome time dancing the night away! 

Sunday, September 5

Today was another busy day in Ohio with the family! First, I woke up at my grandma's and did my workout. My family then went over to our cousin's for a yummy lunch. Then my grandma, mom and I slipped in a little shopping, always a good time! We then came back to my grandma's and all of the family came here for yet another get together, we had a bonfire too! It is rare that our whole family gets together, so we spent as much time as possible together this weekend! I am so excited, tomorrow we are all taking a trip to Cedar Point, my favorite amusement park! What a great weekend! And GO COLTS!

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