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Cheerleader of the Week: Breanna

Read about Breanna, the Cheerleader of the Week!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Good Morning Colts Fans!!! I'm excited to spend my week with you, tighten your boot straps and welcome to my world!!!

My alarm went off this morning at 7:00am. I sure could have used a few extra minutes of sleep this morning but instead I got dressed and headed to the gym. Working out first thing in the morning is the best start to my day. After my workout I went back to my apartment to change clothes and then headed off to school. I am a senior at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana; where I am studying Human Resource Management. I am excited and also a bit scared to be finishing up this chapter of my life! After classes I headed to the library to study for a mid-term I will have on Tuesday. 

On Monday's I have one night class so I stayed in the library until it was time for class. After class I went straight to my sorority meeting. Tonight we had a guest speaker that taught us etiquette - a girl can never have too many manners! I can't wait for my next dinner date to try out my new skills. I headed back to my apartment at 11:30pm, got into bed and fell right off to sleep!! Tomorrow will be an early morning also; therefore, I will have to try and catch up on my sleep later in the week! (wishful thinking!)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I was up before the sun this morning! I needed to get a little more studying done for my mid-term at 9:30am. On my way to campus I heard the storm warning sirens going off, a feeling of dread immediately came over me. I hate walking to class in the rain! I only have one umbrella and it is broken at the moment, however, I was determined not to let those grey skies ruin my day! During my test we had to evacuate to the first floor. I'm not going to lie; I called my mom because I was a tad scared! LOL! Luckily, it was a quick moving storm so after 20 minutes I was able to head to my second class.

Tuesday's are practice days in Indianapolis. So right after my second class I headed to my apartment to change and then it was time to meet Jessie, Sara and Marissa to car pool down to Curtain Call Dance Studio. I was so excited for practice tonight. We have a BIG surprise for our Colts Fan's for the Monday Night Football Game against the Texans – I hope you are ready!

We got out of practice at 9:00pm and headed straight back to Muncie. It is an hour and a half drive, so that gives Jessie, Sara, Marissa and I A LOT of time to catch up on things!! Car pooling is the one thing I will miss once I leave Muncie and move to Indianapolis.  

Once I got back in Muncie, I made a quick phone call to Ross and then it was off to bed! Good night and sweet dreams!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Hump Day Colts Fans - we are halfway through the week! Today I only went to my first class and then went to the gym to do a quick workout. At noon I went to a luncheon on campus with some of my sorority sisters. We were sooooo excited to put our mad etiquette skills to good use. It was a great luncheon and I am so blessed to have so many great sisters. Being a part of Alpha Omicron Pi has blessed me with 70 sisters and that sure helps me get through the attacks of homesickness I get sometimes!

I decided to stay on campus the rest of the afternoon. I had two meetings today; one was at 3:15pm and the other one was at 7:15pm. My roommate Kiara hung out with me and we were so excited the cafeteria in Woodworth was serving breakfast for dinner - our favorite!! Kiara and I have been roommates since freshman year. My other roommate, Jenna, has roomed with us the last three years. I will miss these girls when we move out next summer!

After my meeting it was back to my apartment and off to bed. Good night!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Thursday!!! I love Thursday, it means one more day closer to the weekend.  My alarm went off at 6:00am this morning. It's up and at 'em and off to the gym. I love early morning workouts because it makes me feel energized the rest of the day. After my workout, I went to campus for my two classes.

After classes, I made a quick stop back by my apartment to change for practice. Again, I met up with Sara, Jessie, and Marissa to carpool to Indianapolis. On Thursday's we practice at the Colts Complex so it was a little bit of a shorter drive for us. Tonight was "flu shot" night at practice; any cheerleader that needed one could get one. For those of you that really know me, you know that I don't do well with shots! I have been known to pass out a time or two, so I was a little nervous. The doctor was waiting for us once we got to the complex to gives us our shots. I am happy to say that I did NOT pass out this time and I am now protected from the nasty flu bug! YAY! We practice from 6:00pm until 8:00pm and then our trainer, Sean, from Core Pilates and Fitness comes in to do some cardio fitness with us. Sean is a great trainer and we are so lucky to have him work with us; but on Thursday's he is NOT our favorite person to see. It is definitely a Love/Hate relationship! LOL!

At 9:00pm it was back on the road to Muncie. Once I got back to my apartment, I was exhausted and definitely ready for bed. Good night!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Good Morning!!! Ouch! My alarm went off at 7:00am this morning and I was so sore from Sean's workout. It took me a little longer to get myself out of bed but then I remembered it was FRIDAY and I was going HOME! We have fall break at Ball State, so I went home for a day to visit with my family and friends. I LOVE Evansville and I hate being so far away. Today when I got home I had been invited to "Big Game Friday" and I was so excited!! Big Game Friday is a group of guys that gather for lunch at Zeller's Tire every Friday afternoon during football season. Today they ordered Stromboli's, WHICH ARE MY FAVORITE!!! It was so much fun visiting with the guys and they were nice enough to buy a few calendars from me. One of the guys, Benny, is a really big Colts fan and we got to talk about football while we ate lunch - it doesn't get any better than that!!! Thanks again guys and I hope to come back soon!

My best friend Abbey (she is also a cheerleader) came into town. We tailgated with the Big Game Friday crew and then walked up to the field to do the Friday Night Football appearance at the Reitz/Jasper game. So many fans came out to see us - we had a great time! After the game, Abbey and I went to dinner with my parents and then back to my house for a slumber party!! We curled up on the couch and watched a movie until we both fell asleep. Good night Colts Fans from the both of us! 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good Morning! The smell of home cooked breakfast work me up bright and early. Eggs, bacon, hash browns, and biscuits – what more could you ask for!? My visit home was short this time and that always makes me feel sad. After breakfast, I packed up my bags and was back on the road to Indianapolis. The three and a half hour drive wore me out, so once I got back to Indianapolis, I took a much needed nap. Unfortunately, my nap didn't last very long. Before I knew it, it was time for me to get ready. One of the other girls on the squad was hosting a small get together. I was so excited to just relax and have fun with everyone!!! 

After I left the get together, I was ready for bed! It had been a long but enjoyable day. Good night and sleep tight!!! 

Sunday, October 31, 2010


For once, I didn't set my alarm clock and that was the best feeling ever. After my morning workout and breakfast, I decided to go visit my older brother. I have two older brothers and I am the youngest. My oldest brother, Matt, lives in Indianapolis and works at St. Vincent Hospital. My other brother, Bryce, lives in Evansville and coaches football for Reitz Memorial High School and will soon be a teacher. While I was visiting with my brother, he had a few trick-or-treaters so I helped him pass out candy to the kids. After having a short visit with him, it was time to drive back to Muncie.

Once I got back to Muncie, I got my nails done and got a quick spray tan at Sun Tan City for the BIG game tomorrow night! After I got back to my apartment, I worked on some homework and got things ready for my busy week ahead of me. I always pack my game day bag the night before a game so I got all my uniforms out and ready to pack. I am so excited for the Monday Night Football game tomorrow!

I have an early morning meeting at 8:00am and then class at 10:00am tomorrow. After class, I will be heading to Lucas Oil Stadium because we have to be there at 1:30pm. Tomorrow is going to be a long day but I wouldn't have it any other way. It's my bedtime but I hope you have enjoyed following along with me this week! I have had so much fun sharing this week with you and I can't wait to see some of you at the game tomorrow - GO COLTS!!! xoxo

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