Cheerleader of the Week: Alex A.

Cheerleader of the Week: Alex A. Diary

Monday October 31

Hey Colts fans, Happy Halloween!  Today I didn't have any classes to go to or cheerleading events so I worked for a few hours in the recreation center at Ball State!  I monitored the fitness room and helped with paperwork in the office.  It was exciting because our recreation center got new equipment in.  After that I went home and did some homework for my Tuesday classes.  Later that night I had to meet up with a study group to work on a project in my business law class that was due Tuesday.  We ended up having to stay a little later than planned but I finally got to sleep around midnight.

Tuesday November 1

Tuesdays and Thursdays are my busiest days.  Two classes from 8:00 am until 10:45 am and then my mom came to Muncie to visit and took me out for lunch!  We went to Scotty's, a popular restaurant in the village and it was very nice to see her.  After that I went back to the campus to go to my last two classes of the day from 12:30pm to 3:15pm.  Luckily I had no tests today and only a little bit of homework as a result.  After I got done with classes I got ready to leave for cheerleading practice! I meet Marissa to carpool with her part of the way which makes the hour and a half drive easier.  We learned a lot of new routines tonight for our 3 November games which are coming up quickly! After getting home I was exhausted and went straight to bed.

Wednesday November 2

Today I didn't have any commitments except to work in the recreation center from 12pm-3pm.  We were very busy cleaning the entire lower level of our fitness center.  After that I got in a quick workout before I had to head home and began studying for my Anthropology test that is on Thursday.  That night I also had to practice my presentation I had to give in my Isom class on Thursday morning.  I also worked on my routines for Sunday's game to make sure I knew them for practice Thursday and more importantly the upcoming game!  After finishing everything I watched one of my favorite shows, Revenge, and then went to sleep.

Thursday November 3

For my first class at 8am Thursday I had to give a presentation in my class over conducting business in France.  It was very nerve-racking but I made it through.  My test in my final class also went well.  At practice tonight we went over all the dances we would be doing this Sunday at our game against the Falcons!  All the squads looked great!  After that we started working on the dances we would do for the November 13 game which is also our Veteran's Day game!  I'm so excited to wear our military outfits in support of the Veterans.  We ended up having to stay later than expected so I didn't get home until around 11:30!

Friday November 4

On Friday I spent most the day with one of my good friends on the squad Julia P.  We went to lunch at Qudoba and then hung out at her apartment to do some studying for our classes.  After that we worked out at Ball State's fitness center.  Then later on we went to dinner at the restaurant Noodles and watched the movie Water for Elephants which was very good!

Saturday November 5

Today my boyfriend, Jordon, took me to Ihop for breakfast! After that we went to Best Buy to get a radio transmitter for my Ipod.  Shortly after that I started getting my stuff together for the game Sunday because I stay in Indy the night before to avoid the hour and a half drive so early.  Julia and I left that afternoon and went shopping at Castleton Mall for awhile until we headed over our friend Alicia's house, who is also interning for the Colts this year!  We stayed up late talking but thankfully gained an hour with daylight savings time.

Sunday November 6

GAMEDAY! I was so excited for the game when I woke up this morning.  We woke up at 5:45 a.m. and got our stuff together and headed to the stadium around 6:30a.m.!  After getting there we practiced on the field and ran though all of our routines and transitions.  After practicing we always have an amazing breakfast waiting for us in the locker room with about everything you can think of.  After breakfast we had a little down time and then ended up forming a soul train line in our locker room to get pumped up for the game! It was hilarious and so much fun.  Then I started to get ready for my appearance at the hhGregg gate before the game.  I signed autographs with Natalie and Lindsay H. for awhile before heading back down to the locker room to get ready for the game!  Tyler Mason Salon staff was in there to do my hair and makeup, which I loved!   We then said a prayer as a squad and headed out to do our pregame routine!  It was such a beautiful day .  The roof of Lucas Oil was opened along with the side window so the helicopter got to do a fly over, which was amazing, and such a great moment.  The game was a lot of fun!  Just a reminder of how truly blessed I am to be a member of this squad.

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