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Cheerleader Natalie H. Recaps Her Pro Bowl Experience

Here is part two of Colts Cheerleader Natalie H.'s Pro Bowl experience.





Hey Colts Nation, Natalie here! I wanted to share with you an update on how the rest of my trip to Pro Bowl went. On Friday, we all headed over to the stadium to practice on their outdoor practice field. It was so exciting to be able to rehearse outside on the field and to see what our group performances were going to look like on game day! After running through all our routines, we had a quick lunch and then we were off to teach a cheer clinic for kids and people with special needs. It was so much fun dancing with them and hanging out, they were all so excited to see us and have a dance party! The mascots surprised the group and it was great to see my friend Blue. After the clinic we got back to the hotel and decided to do a big calendar and poster exchange amongst all the NFL cheerleading squads.  After that we all headed to dinner together at this fun, outdoor restaurant. A lot of the former PBCs (Pro Bowl Cheerleaders) were having a reunion this weekend and my fellow teammates (and former Pro Bowl Cheerleaders) Breanna and Julia were there. It was awesome to see them and to have them cheering me on during the game on Sunday.

On Saturday, my line had the morning off so we decided to do a little exploring around downtown Phoenix. Amanda from the Cardinals was in my line, so we had our own personal tour guide to show us around the city! After lunch it was time to head to the stadium for practice on the actual field. University of Phoenix Stadium has real grass, which was different for me since I am used to the turf at Lucas Oil Stadium. During rehearsal, we set all of our routines on the field and we were able to get a better idea of how the game was going to flow. After rehearsal my squad had an appearance that night at the NFL Experience Official Pro Bowl party. The party was for sponsors and fans and we got to perform for them, take pictures and sign autographs. I got so excited every time I met a Colts fan!! After the party it was off to bed for us because tomorrow was the big GAME!   

On game day we were up bright and early for an appearance at channel 12 news. We appeared in a short clip with the broadcasters and talked about the game.  After our appearance we headed back to the hotel for breakfast and then quickly headed over to the convention center for a short appearance at the NFL Experience. Then it was time to head over to the stadium for field rehearsal and the game!  The game was absolutely amazing! The energy in that stadium was thru the roof! The fans were so excited and they were cheering for everyone. It was definitely a different experience cheering at the Pro Bowl game with 24 new teammates. We all just had a huge dance party on the sidelines, it was awesome to get out there and just have fun!!! I'm so grateful for the opportunity and this experience. It is definitely a week I will never forget and I'm coming home with 24 brand new amazingly talented and beautiful friends! Thank you so much, Colts Nation for all your support and for keeping up with my journey. Go Colts!

Colts Pro Bowl Cheerleader Natalie in action during the game!

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