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I had to hug and kiss my Daddy, Mommy, and my baby sister goodbye today before I got on the road to go back to school in the great city of Indianapolis... you know, home of the COLTS!!!


Monday 09/07 - No school! Yes!! I really didn't do much today, but that's probably because I slept in until 12pm! haha but don't tell anyone... I'm usually very productive! I actually went with my family to visit my Grandma today. She just had surgery about 3 weeks ago.  I had to hug and kiss my Daddy, Mommy, and my baby sister goodbye today before I got on the road to go back to school in the great city of Indianapolis... you know, home of the COLTS!!! I had to throw that in there = )

Tuesday 09/09 - Work, school, study, and practice! That's the story of my life haha.

It's not as bad as it sounds; I only worked 2 hours today haha… Hey, it puts gas in my car = ).  School is school… Gotta love it! Hehe The majority of my study time consists of me listening to my Physiology lectures online… over... and over, and over again! Hey did you know our body temperature lowers towards the evening to prepare us for sleep?!

Haha Anyways. I also talked on the phone to Justin a lot today… but that's everyday … hehehe = ) Practice was very productive today!  We all have been working so hard in preparation for our first home game of the season!  I'm so excited! GO COLTS!!

Wednesday 09/09 - STUDY, STUDY, STUDY!!! I went to the lab today and worked with my mentor, Dr. Gregory, on my big research project for the year… yay!!!

Lol.  So if you want to know more about Protein expression in Streptococcus mutans Biofilm cells growth with and without nicotine come to IUPUI's Research day and listen to my poster presentation! Lol I talked to my sister Gabriell today! She is so excited about prom! I think she's mostly excited about dressing up lol.  She gave me the website to look at her prom dress and it's HOT!!! Good job Gab! What can I say… she learns from the best lol

Thursday 09/10 - WHAT A DAY! Today was just not my day for some reason.  I always leave work an hour before I have to be at school so I can have time to look for a parking spot, but that definitely did not work today.  I spent 45 minutes looking for a parking spot!  Parking is just so crazy this year! I had to run to my class because being late is not an option! I did end up making it on time… Thank GOD! = ) After school today I went straight to cheerleading practice.  I can't even lie… practice was very intense today.  We all are working super hard trying to look good in front of all you Colts fans for our first game!!! We don't want to disappoint you!  I always enjoy practice though.  I can honestly say that I have the best teammates ever!!!  Like I said earlier, we were practicing pretty hard for our game, and we did the dances over and over again until we got them right.  Even though everyone was super tired while we were going through the dances, there was not one time the girls weren't encouraging.  I love that about them! While we were dancing some of the girls would scream out "We got this ladies!" or "we're almost at the end!"  So yea… we pretty much have the best squad ever!!! And I am so grateful to be working with such a great group of women! I love you girls!!! GO COLTS! lol

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