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Tuesday - Today would have normally been a practice day for us cheerleaders, however we were rewarded with the night off because of all the hard work we have been putting into our practices, games, and workouts.


Monday - The time has come again for school to start, and today was my first day of classes. It was a bittersweet feeling; it has been wonderful seeing my friends from school, but I know I will have to work hard this year.  I woke up bright and early for my classes, managed to get a nap in during the afternoon, and made a pasta dinner which was delicious. In the evening, I went for a run and did my exercise routine of push-ups, squats, and weights. I love the feeling after a nice workout! It was a great way to end the day.

Tuesday - Today would have normally been a practice day for us cheerleaders, however we were rewarded with the night off because of all the hard work we have been putting into our practices, games, and workouts. It was amazing to be able to simply relax after a long day of classes.

Wednesday - Although today was not a practice day for me, I still was able to enjoy a dance workout. I am taking two dance classes this semester at school, Jazz and Modern. I have a feeling these classes will be my favorites. I am so excited that doing one of the things I love most in the world is part of my education! Dancing is just so therapeutic for me and I love expressing myself through dance. So after my dance classes, I went back to my apartment and just relaxed and visited with my roommates. I had a delicious Italian dinner, did some homework, and was off to bed.

Thursday - Today was a hectic day for me. I woke up for my morning classes, which I was running late for, sped back to my apartment to pick up my cheerleading bag for practice that night, and drove to Indianapolis. This afternoon I stopped by Suntan City and got a spray tan. I'm trying to move from tanning beds to spray tans so I don't damage my skin as much, and Suntan City's spray tans are fabulous. They look natural, like I had been lying out on the beach all day. I also had a much needed hair appointment at Tyler Mason Salon & Spa. The summer sun had been making my hair much lighter and I needed it freshened up for the upcoming season. My hair stylist, Krista, did an amazing job! I love my color, the bright highlights, and the freshened-up cut. I love being pampered at Tyler Mason! I then went to the complex for our Thursday practice. The men from Cardinal Fitness were ready to give us our weekly boot camp-style workout. They are always challenging but I always feel great after. We usually end our workouts with a relay between the squads and my squad won for the third week in a row because of our amazing teamwork!! We were super excited about it.  I arrived home after practice and crashed, tired from my busy day.

Friday - Today is finally Friday! I survived my first week of class! I was very excited to be able to relax and enjoy the weekend. After classes I went to a few meetings about clubs at my school, so I can meet more people and be involved more on campus. I met some super friendly girls and made new friends!

Saturday - Today after showering, doing my hair and make-up, I headed off to the Colts Complex for the training session with Junior Cheer. I always love Jr. Cheer because I love kids. I usually work with My Little Ponies, who I enjoy working with because they are at such an energetic age. They are eager to learn and look so cute when doing the routines. After Jr. Cheer, I went home to celebrate with my entire family my grandma's 85th birthday. We had a barbeque with balloons, cake, lots of food, and family and friends! What more could you ask for?

Sunday - Today was my day of getting organized and relaxing. I slept in a bit, woke up, and made a delicious breakfast. I slowly, but surely, got around to doing my homework for my classes and prepared for the upcoming week. I showered, made a steak dinner for me and my roommates, and attended a late-night mass. I relaxed and watched a movie, and got to bed early to get enough sleep for another busy week ahead.

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