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Thursday August 20, 2009 - TODAY IS THE BIG DAY!!!! Preseason game two! I woke up a little earlier than usual; excitement always get me! I packed my game day bag and put it in the car...


Monday August 17, 2009 - Today was an easy day. My roommate and I went apartment hunting for a couple hours and then went to work out!  My foot is still healing so I had to run slower than normal.  After that, we went back home and played with Squirt (my dog) and went to sleep!

Tuesday August 18, 2009 - I must have woken up on the right side of the bed this morning!  Everything seemed to go my way!  YAAYYYY ME!  We finally found a great apartment so we put in an application and hopefully in a couple of days we will hear back from them!  My mom won tickets to the Fair so I may actually get to go this year, if I have time!  We also had an intense practice to prepare for the game on Thursday, but we all pulled it together!  I love these women. They are all so helpful, especially with a forgetful rookie like my self!  I am so EXCITED for the game on Thursday!  GO COLTS!!

Wednesday August 19, 2009 - Today I met with Barbara Holder, a very powerful and very influential woman.  She is a great mentor and I can't wait to meet with her again!  After lunch I went to the library to work on my resume so I can get a great job!  Then my roommate and I went to Broad Ripple to meet with another friend, and we all went to get pedicures and manicures!  I love being pampered!  By the time we got out it had started to rain so we just decided to call it a night and went home and slept the night away!  During rain and thunderstorms is the best time to sleep!  GOOD NIGHT ALL!

Thursday August 20, 2009 - TODAY IS THE BIG DAY!!!!  Preseason game two!  I woke up a little earlier than usual; excitement always get me!  I packed my game day bag and put it in the car.  I had to make a stop by my job to fill out some paper work for them; then, I headed to Lucas Oil Stadium!  We had a run through on the field then went back to the locker room and ate.  Since we had a couple hours of down time before the game, some of us bonded through stories, or played games, and even took naps!  We had a competition between the squads that was fun, and even though our squad didn't win, I'm still really proud of us and our wonderful captain Ashli!  GO GLAM SQUAD!  But, of course, I don't have to tell that the Colts won!  Dominated again!  I'm so proud of our team, they're looking really good out there and I can't wait until the season starts!

Friday August 21, 2009 - Today I am just recovering from the game last night!  I slept in until about 10am, then got up and fed the dogs.  GUESS WHAT?!?! WE GOT THE APARTMENT!  So we move in next weekend and I'm so geeked!  My friend came back in town from over seas, and we hung out for a couple hours. It is always great to hang out!  Well, off to bed I go!  Talk to you tomorrow!

Saturday August 22, 2009 - I woke up and did my two mile run this morning!  I'm so happy because my time is getting better and better.  And I always feel great after a good run, keeps my energy up!  I had a fabulous appearance at Curtain Call studio as well.  I learned a lot about how to do my hair and make up even better from the Tyler Mason crew.  Tyler Mason Salon and Spa is such a great salon, I really encourage everyone to try them!  After that I drove down to Bloomington to watch one of my best friends at the annual Inter-Squad Scrimmage!  The Hoosiers are looking good this year, GO IU!  Then we went and got some food, went back to their apartment, and played Golf on the WII.  Even though I didn't play it was fun watching!  Whoo, this was a long day!  Hope you all have sweet dreams, nighty night!

Sunday August 23, 2009 - I came back from Bloomington this morning and didn't quite make it back in time for church like I planned, so I just ate and went back to sleep!  I really love sleeping on Sundays!  Arbara came over so we watched America's Best Dance Crew and played around in our make-up!  It was a lot of fun!  After that we went back over to her place and baked cookies! We did do our squats and push ups while we waited for them to get done so it wasn't all THAT bad! Lol I stayed the night so LeAndra and I can just ride together to our appearance at LOS tomorrow!  I'm so excited for the Luncheon!  It's a great way to kick off the brand new season!  GO COLTS!!!

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