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Friday, August 14 - Today was a big day! It was the first preseason game and it was so exciting to be inside Lucas Oil Stadium! It's so awesome to support the Indianapolis Colts and be a Sweetheart of the Horseshoe! GO HORSE!


Monday - Today I was in Muncie at my new apartment for my last semester at school.  I'm excited about rooming with two of my sorority sisters!  It has been difficult moving from a two story two bedroom apartment to a one story three bedroom apartment.  Let's just say I have A LOT of stuff and it was tough fitting it all in my little room!  After a couple hours of organizing, I went to the gym to work out.  When I came home, one of my roommates made me dinner... it was delicious!   

Tuesday - Today I woke up bright and early and went for a run.  Then, I continued working on my room and separating clothes to give to charity and some to younger cousins.  My roommates and I went to shop for goodies for our new apartment and went to lunch.  After that, I got ready for practice and drove to the complex.  I love seeing my fellow Sweethearts of the Horseshoe!

Wednesday - This morning was very exciting!  I found out my best friend, Ashley, got engaged!  I am so excited for her and her new fiance!   Later, I went to Indy with one of the cheerleaders, Sara, to go to lunch and shop for her birthday.  It was a beautiful day so we ate lunch outside.  Then we went to the mall and looked for the perfect birthday dress!  After the drive back to Muncie, I watched some HGTV (it's my new TV obbession!) and went to sleep!

Thursday - Today I was back home in Greenwood.  It was exciting to see the city come alive with Colts Spirit as our first preseason game approaches!  I spent the day with my mom- we went shopping and on a walk.  Then I headed to practice at the Colts Complex.  The Cardinal Fitness instructors were there tonight to keep us in shape.  We did some weight training and cardio excersices.  At the end of the excercise session, we do relay races and my squad won- 2nd week in a row!!!  The Glam Squad rocks!  Then we went over the dances for game day.  

Friday - Today was a big day!  It was the first preseason game and it was so exciting to be inside Lucas Oil Stadium!  It's so awesome to support the Indianapolis Colts and be a Sweetheart of the Horseshoe!  GO HORSE! 

Saturday - Today I got up bright and early for an appearance at The Dance Refinery.  I took dance at this studio for 15 years so I was very excited to be apart of the Open House.  I was there with Bailey, Ashley, and Natalie who also took dance at the studio.  I hope we inspired the dancers to keep dancing and maybe they would have aspirations to perform professionally someday!  After my appearance, I went to the Greenwood Cardinal Fitness and worked out.  Tonight was the night of Sara's birthday celebration.  We had dinner downtown and then went out with friends. 

Sunday -  Today I spent the day with my little brother who starts his senior year of high school tomorrow!!  I can't believe it- he's growing up so fast!  It was a beautiful day so we spent some time outside.  I'm looking forward to dinner tonight with my family since I'll be going back to Muncie next week to start school!  I don't want the Summer to end!!

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