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July 22nd - Wednesday was a rainy day so our second photo shoot, swim wear, was rescheduled for Thursday.


Monday July 20th - Today I had an appearance bright and early at 9:30 am. Bailey and I met at a community center downtown and taught some cheers and chants at a local cheerleading camp. We signed autographs for the young girls and took a few pictures with them. It's always awesome to see how excited the girls get to have us there, makes it completely worth the while! Then, I went home to work out and eat lunch with my roommate, Tessa D! In the late afternoon I left for work at the gym where I coach and train girls of all ages in cheerleading and dance. After a few hours of work I returned home to relax and get ready for my photo shoot the next day!

Tuesday July 21st -  Tuesday started off as an extremely relaxing day for me. I woke up pretty early and caught up on my e-mails and captains reports (we fill these out after each appearance). Then I ate breakfast and began getting ready for my photo shoot! This can be pretty stressful but I usually manage to keep my cool and luckily the photo shoot was a huge success!! It's fun to watch your teammates during their shoots and get ideas for how you want to pose during your shoot. Later on we had practice at Curtain Call, and then I went home and watched a movie with my roommates and got my nightly laughs in. P.S. my brother and his wife had twins today! A boy and a girl! I can not wait to see them when I go home to NJ next week!

Wednesday July 22nd - Wednesday was a rainy day so our second photo shoot, swim wear, was rescheduled for Thursday. I woke up and went to Cardinal Fitness then came home and cooked and ate a good, healthy breakfast after a long workout! I've almost completed my bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine at the University of Louisville so I anxiously scheduled my classes for fall semester and then headed to work! I worked with my teams, perfecting their routines, working on their tumbling skills and conditioning them, all necessary in preparing them for a long competition season. After work I met up with a couple of my teammates for dinner for Arbara's birthday! Then I went home to get my things together for an 8am swim wear photo shoot!

Thursday July 23rd -  After waking up around 5:30 am (They're not joking when they say "you must suffer to be beautiful!" Haha) I got ready for my photo shoot and headed to the estate where we were taking the photos. Tyler Mason did my hair and make-up and then I was ready for my shoot! It was one of the most amazing experiences I've had in my 21 years so far! As I basked in the sun on a raft in the pool, heels on and all, one person spritzed me with water while one adjusted my hair and body positions, the other shaded me, and the other took the photos! Who could complain about that?! I didn't want to get out of the pool, but I was only the 4th girl of the day so I had to let the next girl get her glory! After the shoot I headed to Louisville where I was going to do some choreography camps! I treated myself to some delicious, fattening food on the drive there since the photo shoots were over! (Don't tell my coach, Theresa!! Haha)

Friday July 24th -  I woke up Friday morning and went for a jog because it was a beautiful day. Then I went to work to coach some more, and spent the rest of the day at the pool with my friends. We hung out for the rest of the night and I enjoyed the company of my friends I don't see too often, nothing too exciting! 

Saturday July 25th - I spent most of Saturday at the gym I worked at when I lived in Louisville. I was coaching and teaching gymnastics skills but mainly fooling around on the trampolines and tumbling myself! I blasted the music because I enjoy making my work atmosphere a fun one! I know my jobs seem tough! After work I was exhausted and took a long nap. When I woke up I got ready for my friend Erica's going away party and met the girls at Erica's cousin's house. We caught up for a while, it seems we've all moved away or are in the process of moving. Then we went to dinner at an awesome Cuban restaurant. I love Cuban food. I made it an early night because I had a long drive back to Indy in the morning!

Sunday July 26th – I woke up Sunday and jumped in the car to get back to Indy for the Junior Cheer bowling party! We spent a few hours bowling with the junior cheerleaders, where I beat Kristine A. because I'm an awesome bowler hahaha (she's one of my roommates and teammates but we're always competing with each other, all in good humor so I had to throw this in!!!) After bowling we went to practice where we learned the rest of our pre-game dance for August 14th's pre-season game! We also learned some new, fun material thanks to our awesome choreographer Shonica!! After a very long practice I went home to eat and relax and start packing for my trip home this upcoming week! I haven't seen my family in months so I'm extremely excited! Hope you enjoyed my week! Thanks for reading!

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