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Read the diary of Colts Cheerleader Arbara R.


Hey Colts Fans!  Welcome,

Monday February 8th - Wow!! What an amazing week!  Yesterday was Super Bowl XLIV and although we weren't able to bring home another trophy I'm still proud to be a part of the BEST team in the NFL.  Having the opportunity to cheer at the Super Bowl was AMAZING and I'm so proud of my teammates.  I woke up this morning a little sad because it was my last day in South Florida.  It was even worse because all week I had been hearing about all the snow that Indianapolis got while we were gone.  All the cheerleaders met in the lobby to board the bus that was going to take us to the airport.  We boarded the plane and sat on the runway for over 30 minutes which is probably the reason why I fell asleep before the plane even took off.  I did manage to wake up right when they were passing out the food.  It was good by the way. :)  We arrived in Indianapolis and to my surprise there wasn't much snow.  I was very happy about that.  As we pulled off we saw a group of Colts fans with signs waving to us on the bus.  I LOVE our fans.  They're the best.  We got to the complex to get our luggage and unfortunately my car wouldn't start!!!!!  I knew it was going to happen sooner or later because about a month ago I was told to buy a new one, but I was being cheap so I decided to wait until it actually died on me.  Well, that day has come.  Luckily, there were a lot of people still in the parking lot and I was able to get my car jumped.  As soon as I got in the car I realized that I had 50 minutes to get to class, so I dropped Travasha off at our apartment and headed to the University of Indianapolis.  I'm working on my Masters in Mental Health Counseling, so I have class a few days a week.  I was kind of sad that I didn't have any time to rest in between the flight and class, but oh well.  After class I went to get my car battery checked but I found out that I need a new alternator and that was too expensive so I decided to go home.  My car probably won't start in the morning. Lol.  I spent the rest of the night catching up on some school work.

Tuesday, February 9th - I woke up this morning expecting just a 2 hour delay at my internship, but I checked my email and saw that school was canceled so I went back to sleep.  I'm a counseling intern at Damar Services here in Indianapolis.  I go there 20 hours a week where I do group and individual therapy with young boys with developmental disabilities.  I really miss the Damar kids, but I must admit, I was really excited to have a day off to relax since I just got back from Miami.  I used the day to sleep, watch movies and catch up on school work.  It was really weird not having practice today.  Even though I just spent a whole week with the cheerleaders, I kinda miss them.  It wasn't until 7pm that I realized that I still needed to get my car fixed.  I was nervous that it wouldn't start and I would be late for my 9am class Wednesday.  The place I was going to get it checked at closed at 7 so I attempted to start my car just to check, and luckily it started.  I'm a little less worried about the morning, but we'll see.  After watching a little bit of American Idol, Kim, Travasha, our friend Jamekka and I had a game night.  When I got back home I did some more school work then went to sleep.

Wednesday February 10th - I woke up this morning and recieved an email from my professor saying class was canceled because of the snow.  Yaayy, more sleep.  I went back to sleep for a couple of hours then got ready to go to my internship at Damar.  The moment of truth… was my car going to start?  Yes it did.  When I got to Damar, I did some research, then went to two meetings.  Once I left, I attempted to get my car checked out again to get a second opinion.  The place I went to told me they wouldn't have time to get me in today and to try another place, but I didn't feel like it so I just went home.  I got home, ate, and did some more school work.  After that, I went with LeAndra to get her hair done, then we went out for salad and dessert.  She had the salad, I had the dessert.  I spent the rest of the night doing, guess what, more school work.  Then, lights out.

Thursday, February 11th - No snow today, so no delays and no cancellations.  I woke up at 7am and got ready to go to Damar.  I had a group therapy session at 9am.  On Thursdays I have 5 different group sessions, so it's a very busy day.  All of my groups went well.  I left Damar and surprise, there was a crack in my windshield.  I have no idea how or when this happened.  Why is there always something wrong with my car?  :(  To cheer myself up I  finally went to get my broken nail fixed.  My nail broke on the plane on the way to Miami, so this fix was long overdue.  Once my nails were pretty again I headed to class.  On Thursdays we have our seminar class where we each give case presentations.  I learn a lot from hearing what my classmates are doing at their internships and learning about different types of clients.  Usually after class, I head to practice.  But the season is over so once again no practice today.  I still have to get used to this.  With all this extra time on my hands went home, relaxed a little then I decided I wanted to change my hairstyle.  I went to the store to buy some perm rods.  I'm going to try the curly fro look.  It took forever to put each of those in my hair.  I used a total of 96 rods.  It was so uncomfortable to sleep in.  I hope my hair comes out looking ok in the morning.

Friday, February 12th - I woke up, after a sleepless night of tossing and turning because of those things in my hair. Surprisingly, I wasn't very tired.  I immediately started working on getting my windshield fixed.  I called around and found a place that could come to my apartment and replace it.  What made it even better was that my insurance covered most of the cost.  Yay, for insurance.  I nervously took the perm rods out of my hair.  This was my first time doing my hair like this, so I had no idea if it would come out right.  Luckily it did.  I loved it, and I even got a few compliments on it.  After finishing my hair, I went to Damar to have an individual session with one of my clients and do some paper work.  I did therapy notes for 2 whole hours.  I was so tired after sitting at the computer for so long.  It was time to head back home.  My friend Sandyhai and I went to one of my favorite restaurants, Bravo, for dinner.  I met her friend Celine there, and we had a great time.  After dinner, I met up with Kim, Travasha, LeAndra, Josie and our friend Kaprice at the movie theater to see Valentines Day.  It was a good way to get us ready for the holiday.  It was a pretty good movie.  I was exhausted after the movie, so I went home and got in the bed.  Goodnight.

Saturday, February 13th - Good Morning.  No sleeping in on Saturdays for me.  Travasha and I teach Hip Hop at Jordan Dance Academy at Butler University on Saturday mornings.  We woke up, got ready and headed off to work.  Class was fun today; the students always make it fun for us.  We missed them since we canceled class last week because of the Super Bowl.  After work, I came home and got some studying done.  I needed a break so I watched an old 1940's musical called "Hi-de-do" starring Cab Calloway.  I love musicals and old movies so it was a great combination.  LeAndra came home with a bunch of flowers for her family and it got me excited for Valentines Day, even though I don't have a Valentine.  Tomorrow I will embrace all the love in the air. (lol)  After stopping by the grocery store to pick up and few things with LeAndra, I came home and finally cleaned my room.  I packed up all of my Colts Cheerleading uniforms in my Colts suitcase.  It was bitter sweet.  I still can't believe the season is over.  The rest of the night, I watched TV with my friend Jemeila, and then I went to sleep.

Sunday, February 14th - HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY.  I finally got to sleep in today.  Except for all the Happy Valentines Day texts, I think I slept pretty well.  Once I finally woke up, I did some laundry and watched TV.  Then my dresser broke.  Something is always going wrong.  But its ok, I fixed it.  I'm like a handy woman.  I met my friends Sandyhai, Toni and Brooke at Champs and we ate dinner.  We stayed there to watch the NBA All-Star Game and like always had some great conversation.  I went home and watched the rest of the game.  Since I'm from New York, of course I was rooting for the East.  The last 40 seconds of the game was really intense, but we still won. :) Overall this was a great day and a great week.  Next week, I start back working out and eating healthy to get ready for auditions in April for next season. I know next season will be as great as and even better than this one was.  I'm so grateful that I was a part of the team this year.  It was a wonderful rookie season.  Go Colts!!!

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