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Follow Colts Cheerleader Ashley H. through her week in her cheer diary.


Monday January 25, 2010 - Hello Colts Fans!!  What a great way to start my week!  After our victory in the AFC Championship game lastnight, I have butterflies just thinking about the Colts in the Superbowl!! Today is my day to relax and accomplish my tasks for the day.  After I slept in, I woke up and made my sister and I a healthy breakfast.  I cleaned house and did my laundry throughout the day.  As a student, I had a lot of homework to finish so I popped in a movie and finished my homework.  I enjoyed some time with my two dogs, Brodie and Dallis before I worked out.  After my awesome workout, I enjoyed dinner with my wonderful family.  It is a night to relax and of course my sister and I engaged in a little Wii time!  I snuggled up in bed to watch some TV and drift off to sleep.  Goodnight!

Tuesday January 26, 2010 - Good morning!! I love having late classes this semester!  I am not good at waking up early!  I slept in until 9:30 this morning refreshed and ready to start my day!  After scrambled eggs and toast, I continued my homework and took a short quiz online.  Tuesday is class day!!  I ate my healthy lunch and packed my things that I will need for the day.  With my snack, practice clothes, poms, shoes, and my Colts practice bag, I headed downtown to IUPUI.  I start my first class in Physiology lab for nearly 2 hours.  After that, I headed directly to Physiology lecture until 5:45.  Rushing to my car, I changed my clothes and drove to the Colts Complex for practice.  It was an exciting practice as we prepared for our Superbowl attendance!  We finished our practice around 9:30 and I finally headed back home after a long, hard day.  I love talking to my family and telling them about my day!  After my snack I slipped into bed.  Sweet dreams Colts Fans!

Wednesday January 27, 2010 - I am excited to spend time with my mother today on my day off.  After we ate breakfast and had some "bonding time", I started my homework.  Online classes are nice for me because it saves me a trip to IUPUI.  I finished my work quite quickly and after lunch, I did my workout and showered.  Today is my friend's birthday so after dinner, my sister and I headed out to meet her!  It's always nice to get together with friends.  After a fun night, I arrived home somewhat exhausted!  I couldn't wait to hit my bed!!

Thursday January 28, 2010 - Here comes another long day!   My sister and I enjoyed breakfast and made time to play a little Wii.  I packed my bags and after lunch, I headed to visit my parents at work to pick up something I needed for class.  I headed to IUPUI and walked across campus in the freezing cold!!  Miami is sounding quite nice right now!  Lab was short and easy today and after getting out early, I headed to lecture.  I grabbed a quick snack and drove to the complex for practice.  The big game is getting closer and closer and we still have work to do.  Our trainer from Cardinal Fitness came to put us through an amazing workout.  Lunges, squats, sprints, and abs will definitely make me sore tomorrow!  After workout, we started rehearsing our dances for the last time at the Colts Complex for this season.  After getting all the Superbowl details and plans, I headed home very excited!!  Miami cannot come soon enough!  Snack and bedtime!  Tomorrow is Blue Friday at the mall and I can't wait to see all the excited fans for our Superbowl bound Colts!! Goodnight <3

Friday January 29, 2010 - As I was dreaming sweet, I heard my alarm go off and could not figure out what that noise was.  Yes, I did hit the snooze button.  I got up, extremely sore from our workout at practice; I showered, did hair and makeup, and grabbed breakfast before heading to Circle Centre mall.  Arriving around 11, I was excited to see all the blue fans waiting in line.  I enjoyed this appearance with my teammates Arbara, Megann, and Kristine.  I loved seeing the blue hair, blue faces, blue nails, and blue clothes around the mall.  After the appearance, Kristine and I ate lunch and decided to shop for our Superbowl trip!  I headed home late Friday afternoon to workout and get ready for a big evening.  My beautiful Tall Squad members are going to dinner to celebrate our upcoming Superbowl!  Sara F, Arbara, Kristine, Desiree, Sarah Y, Crystal and I ate dinner at Bravo.  Following our dinner, Kristine and I decided to enjoy some quality time chatting at Starbucks.  It was a relaxing and enjoyable evening with my wonderful teammates. 

Saturday January 30, 2010 - I love Saturday mornings with my family.  However, I have a lot to do before I headed south.  I enjoyed a wonderful pedicure at our sponsor Tylermason Salon.  I just love spa time!  Afterwards, my sister and I went to lunch and headed to Center Grove to watch our 10 year old cousin play basketball.  I loved spending time with my Aunt and Uncle and of course I loved watching basketball.  My sister and I headed home after tanning.  I showered and cooked dinner before getting ready to meet friends.  My sister and I picked up my two friends Brooke and Kristina to meet people downtown.  We caught up with many friends from our graduating class.  It was like a reunion!!  Snack and bedtime :)

Sunday January 31, 2010 - I LOVE SUNDAYS!  They are my family days.  I have so much to do before we leave for Miami!  After family breakfast, I did paperwork that must be turned in before my trip.  I cleaned my room and started going through all my clothes that I needed to pack.  I just love bringing out my summer clothes!  After I got a list together of the things I need, my sister Whitney and I went shopping!  We then met up with an old friend and her daughter for dinner.  After a long day of errands and work, I enjoyed watching the Probowl with my family!  I looked super hard for my wonderful Probowl teammate Holly!  Ending the night with wii, I finally slipped into bed to rest up for a busy Monday!  I hope you enjoyed spending the week with me.  I can't wait to see everyone in Miami!!!  Go Colts!! <3

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