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Learn more about the daily life of a Colts' cheerleader in Megann H's diary!


Monday January 11, 2010 - Good morning Colts fans!  This morning my alarm went off at 7:30am. It is back to school after a nice long winter break! I go to school in Terre Haute and live with two of my best friends in a cute apartment.  I went to campus and had breakfast with one of my roommates before heading to class. I had class from 9am to 12pm, it is the first day of classes so it is syllabus day so class is really easy. After class, I went to our new student rec. center and worked out until about 1:30pm. After my nice, exhausting workout I went back to my apartment and then it was time to clean. I had to unpack and put away the Christmas decorations (I had gotten back to school on Sunday night so I didn't feel like doing all this then). Once the cleaning was done,  I decided that I was going to cook a nice dinner for the three of us that night. We ate dinner and then decided that we were going to have a movie night. Well now it is off to bed for a busy day tomorrow!!

Tuesday January 12, 2010 - Good morning!! This morning my alarm went off at 7am which felt way too early in my opinion.  I got up and got ready for a busy day. Once I was ready I cooked some eggs and toast for a quick breakfast then out the door to meet Holly B. at Starbucks to go to an Elementary School Show that we were doing that day in Terre Haute. Once we got to the school we met up with the other cheerleaders and Blue. The show was so much fun!  After the show we all grabbed a bit to eat and then off to the second show. I think the show  was even funnier the second time! We ended the show and it was off to Indy for practice. Practice was great! We learned the first part of our half-time show with Gretchen Wilson! Tonight's practice went a little longer the normal but we are all so excited that I know I didn't really mind. Tonight I am not driving all the way back to Terre Haute because I have an appointment in Indy tomorrow, so I am staying at my parents house in Fishers.  Well I'm off to bed! Good Night!!
Wednesday January 13, 2010 - This morning my alarm went off at 9am. I got to sleep in a little later today! After a quick breakfast I am off to the gym for a nice morning workout. It is a beautiful day today! It is really nice to see the sun and the blue sky.  After my workout, I decided to go to Sun Tan City and go tanning. With my workout and tanning done I went home and took my dog Sydney out to play Frisbee. She is the cutest dog ever and so smart! Once she was tuckered out I went to get ready for the rest of the day. Today I have a hair appointment at Tyler Mason. With a fresh new hair do I get on the road and head back to Terre Haute. On the way back I got a phone call from my roommate and she wants me to stop by her work and go to a late lunch with her. After our late lunch, I hang and talk to her for a little bit then go back to my apartment. Around 8pm I went to dinner with a friend at a great sushi place here in Terre Haute. We sat around and talked until 10:30pm. It was great! We said our good-byes and then I headed home.  I am going to watch a movie until I fall asleep. Night!!

Thursday January 14, 2010 - My alarm went off at 8am this morning and I hit the snooze button one too many times.  I made it out of bed by 8:30 and ate a quick breakfast and then off to class. Today I had a full day of classes starting at 9:30 and going until 2pm. Because I am in class all day and don't really get a break for lunch, I bring snacks with me. After class is done I stop back by my apartment change and grab my poms for practice. I leave for Indy around 3pm. It is a little early to be leaving for a 6pm practice but I wanted to go tanning one more time. I got to the complex for practice early and a few of us went over the routines that we learned on Tuesday. Today we learned the rest of our half time dance and heard what other music that is on the list to be played. I am so excited for this game and I hope that the fans are as pumped as we are! After practice, I drive back to Terre Haute and go right to bed. It was a long day and I am so tired.

Friday January 15, 2010 - I got to sleep in today! My alarm went off at 9:30 and I got up and did a quick clean of the apartment.  After I ate a quick breakfast I went to the Rec. center and did a workout. I really love my Fridays because it is usually very laid back and relaxing. Tonight is Holly's Pro-Bowl dinner and I have to get to Indy for that! Holly's dinner was AWESOME! Most of this year's squad was there and there were also cheerleaders from past years there as well. It was really great getting to meet some of the former girls and celebrate this great honor with Holly. After dinner I went to stay at my parents house because it is easier to stay there then driving  to Terre Haute and back the next day. Well it is time to get some rest for the big game tomorrow!

Saturday January 16, 2010 - Good Morning Colts Fans!! Today is GAME DAY!!! This morning I was so excited that I woke up before my alarm went off. I realized this morning that I forgot my black pants in Terre Haute so I had to run out and buy a new pair. I know that today I was not going to have much time to get ready so I did most of my getting ready before I left for the stadium. Once at the stadium we entered the locker room, unpacked, and got ready for a practice on the field. we practiced for about an hour and then we went back to the locker room for a quick lunch and to get as ready as possible because we had another practice. Our second practice was for half time with Gretchen Wilson. By the time we got done with that practice I only had about 20 minutes to get ready before I had to be in Hair and make-up. After I stopped into hair and make-up it was off to do autograph signing up on the main level. The atmosphere up there was amazing people were so excited and that got me even more excited!!  Even though this is my second year as a Colts Cheerleader, this is my first Playoff game! When we were done with autographs it was back to the locker room for some final touch ups before we take the field.  After the amazing win a bunch of us went out to grab some food and celebrate. I really can't wait for next week now!! It was a very long, and very tiring day so I am off to bed.

Sunday January 17, 2010 - So this morning I got to sleep until 10am!! I had no alarm to answer to so that was nice. I did a workout and then it was game time. It was a very relaxing day. I sat on the sofa and watched football all day it was great! I helped my mom clean a little and then I got ready for my squad dinner down town.  During out dinner we kept getting text updates on the game. Everyone in the restaurant looked at us as we all talked about the Jets winning. After dinner I was going to go back to Terre Haute and do some homework and have a movie night with a friend but that didn't happen. My cars Check Engine light came on and it was making a funny noise so I went back to my mom and dad's so that it could go in the shop on Monday.  That was my week, I hope that you all had a great week! I know I did!

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