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Follow Colts Cheerleader Alison M. through her week...


Monday: Good morning Colts fans! My alarm went off at 7:30am and after hitting snooze way too many times, I rolled out of bed to start my day.  I am an instructional assistant for kindergarten so I have had the past two weeks off for Christmas break so it was a little tough getting out of bed.  I got really excited knowing I was going to see all the kindergarteners today though.   As soon as they arrived I was greeted with, "Look at my new shoes/shirt/pants/coat!"…you get the idea.  We had so much to do today that the day just flew by and when the bell rang at 3:45pm I was off to Cardinal Fitness for a good workout with one of the trainers.  I decided to run a few errands but what a horrible evening to do that…it was soooooo cold! I was so happy to get home. I had dinner, poked around on the Internet, and then decided to do some organizing.  Over the break my husband, Trey, and I got a hankering to organize our whole house so I continued on that path.   I then made a cup of hot tea and headed upstairs to fall asleep watching some So You Think You Can Dance reruns.

Tuesday: The alarm went off and I (once again) pushed the snooze button a couple of times and finally made myself get out of bed at 7:45am.  I got ready and made sure to pack my bag for the long day ahead of me.  We have practice on Tuesday nights so I don't go home after work.  My workday once again flew by and before I knew it I was on my way to meet our pro bowl cheerleader, Holly, at Cardinal Fitness for an intense workout with Enrique, our personal trainer.  We then headed to practice a little early so that we could go over some routines before practice actually started.  We have been off for two weeks so we had to dig deep to remember those routines. :) We cleaned some routines and learned a really fun hip-hop dance for our upcoming playoff game.  We finished up with a quick meeting regarding the playoff game and upcoming appearances.  I was home by 10:00pm, had some dinner, watched TV with Trey, and then it was off to bed!

Wednesday: I got up at 7:30am, got dressed, ate breakfast, and headed to work by 8:30.  Today one of the students told me that she is so smart and I asked her how she knew that and she responded with, "Because my brain knows everything!" You really just needed to see her face when she said that.  We started separating the kids into different stations and of course the light bright station was the most sought after.  :) After work I drove to Cardinal Fitness to get a good workout in before going home.  Trey and I grabbed some dinner and went grocery shopping.  I decided to soak in a hot bath to rest my achy muscles then ended my night with the People's Choice Awards.

Thursday: I was very excited when the alarm clock went off this morning because I just knew that school would be cancelled or at least on a delay.  I felt like a kid again waiting to see my school's name on the bottom of the news but I wasn't so lucky today.  They must not close schools around here very often. Heck, where I 'm from schools were closed if we just thought we were going to get snow. I quickly got ready so that I could leave earlier than normal but the commute was so bad that I still ended up being 20 minutes late.  I helped out a lot today in the classroom so the teacher could work on report cards but I always like playing teacher (that is why I am going back to school so I can be a real one!)  I usually run errands to kill time before practice but today I decided to treat myself to a silky soles pedicure from Tyler Mason Salon & Spa.  Our practice got cancelled tonight because of the weather so I was able to go home and rest my newly silky smooth feet!

Friday: I must admit that it was pretty nice getting a phone call from the principal saying that we were on a 2-hour delay today.  I got to sleep in longer than normal then got ready and headed into work.  Since the delay the AM kindergarten class got to eat sack lunches (they don't normally eat lunch at school) and they were so excited! After cleaning up peanut butter and jelly from everyone's hands they packed up and got onto the bus. The buses dropped off the PM class at this time too.

The delay made the day so short and before I knew it I was stuffing report cards in folders and putting the kids on the buses.  I met Trey after work because we were going to Louisville to celebrate one of our friend's engagement.  We had to make a stop at the Greenwood Cardinal Fitness for my fitness evaluation.   A few times throughout the season they ask us to come in so they can see our progress. We have to do as many push-ups and sit ups as we can and run 2 miles as fast as we can.  I was so glad to get it over with and find out that my body fat percentage had dropped three more percent!  We headed to Louisville and had dinner at an Irish pub while waiting for the newly engaged couple to arrive. Our friend Seth planned to have friends and family awaiting their arrival while Adrienne knew nothing about it.  She was so surprised and we had a great night celebrating with them right after the proposal. We stayed all night with one of my best friends, Rachel and her husband Chris. We knew we were going to get to hang out for a little while tomorrow but we were so excited to see each other we stayed up talking until 2:00am! I crashed as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Saturday: We slept in until around 10am and then played hours of Wii in the basement.  We all got ready to have lunch at a new Japanese steakhouse before we headed back to Indy. What a delicious meal but boy were we stuffed on the trip back! I fell asleep for a little while (as usual on trips) while Trey drove us to Erica (one of the cheerleaders) and her husband Baron's new house. They invited friends over to watch the playoff games and it was so much fun to hang out with everyone outside of practices. Most of us had gotten our fitness evaluation done so it was fun to share our relief!  What great news it was to find out that Peyton Manning won MVP of the league for a fourth time! It's things like this that make me feel so blessed to be apart of the Indianapolis Colts! Many of us then left and went to Broad Ripple to celebrate Desiree's (another cheerleader) birthday.  I posted some pictures from our fun evening. And of course it was another late night for us so we were so excited to see our own bed.

Sunday: Since we had such a busy weekend we slept so late today. I am embarrassed to even say what time so we will just say that instead of morning it was more like afternoon when we rolled our of bed.  We cleaned up our house, did some laundry, and had a few friends over to watch the games.  My friend Kate missed practice last Tuesday so she came over to learn the routines that she missed.  Tessa and I helped her review and then we all indulged in some delicious pizza and salad from our favorite pizza place…Bazbeaux. It was exciting to find out that we will be playing the Ravens. I know it is going to be a tough game but I really think the Colts can pull it off.  We recently bought the movie The Hangover so we all watched it before everyone left.  I got my things ready for another work week starting tomorrow and then headed to bed.  Thanks so much for spending your week with me. I hope that you had a great time and learned a little more about me. Go Colts!

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