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Monday July 13 - Today I decided to do a few things to get ready for our photo shoot! We aren't sure yet when we will have it but it could be this week.


Monday July 13 - Today I decided to do a few things to get ready for our photo shoot! We aren't sure yet when we will have it but it could be this week. I slept in a little bit and then went to the gym to work out. I try to do as much cardio and abs as possible with some weights mixed in. I then went to the tanning bed because I've been too busy to lay out this summer :( and got a yummy acai berry smoothie with fat burner and whey protein. They are the best! Tonight I have to work  from 5pm- 1am so that's my day.

Tuesday July 14 - After working so late last night I decided I once again could sleep in :) I like to find any excuse to nap, because I'm always so busy and usually can't.  I just ran some errands today and met with my advisor to double check my class schedule for the fall. I can't believe summer is going by so quickly! After that I went for a run and got ready for practice. Practice was at the dance studio tonight and it was a great practice. We have been working so hard with all of our routines that Theresa decided we would do a Zumba workout for 1 hour with Holly (she's an instructor in her spare time) and then we did some team building games. I am back home now about to shower and get some rest. Have a good night guys!

Wednesday July 15 - I was thinking we would maybe hear about our photo shoot today but still no word so I'm going to just keep getting things ready. I met a friend for lunch and then we went to get our nails done. I always feel put together with clean French tip nails. I went to the gym to keep getting photo shoot ready and sweat a lot today! I guess that's always a good sign that you are working hard, right? I went tanning and then had to close again at work. 1am gets to be kind of late so I'm going to get some rest and hopefully have a fun day tomorrow.

Thursday July 16 - We found out that our photo shoot is going to be next Tuesday and Wednesday so I am trying to eat well and get ready for great pictures! This season fitness has been a big priority for all of us so most of us have been eating very healthy and keeping up with a great work-out routine. For the photo shoot many of us try to cut even more by zoning our workouts to problem areas and limiting even more foods just for the few days before. Practice tonight was at the indoor practice field. We are starting a boot camp next week with Cardinal fitness trainers every Thursday so tonight the guys came in to introduce themselves and give us an introduction to what we will be doing. I am really excited for boot camp because it will be a hard, but fun was to get fit as a team.

Friday July 17 - The Cardinal Fitness trainers have set up fitness testing times for this weekend for us to go test our current fitness levels. I have to go Sunday, so today I decided to practice the fitness test at my gym here at Ball State. I ran for 2 miles, and did as many push-ups and sit-ups as I could. Wow that was rough! I hope it will help me for Sunday. Tonight I have to work but I don't have to close for once so maybe I will get to do something fun after work with some friends.

Saturday July 18 - I worked the lunch shift today and then got ready to hang out with some girls on the squad. A bunch of us got together for a game night and we made healthy snacks to help our photo shoot diets :) Ali made a yummy veggie and cream cheese pizza type dish that was my favorite. We had a lot of fun getting to know some of the rookie girls tonight and I spent the night with Tessa, Josie, and Kristine so Tess and I can go together to our fitness test tomorrow.

Sunday July 19 - Well today was the fitness test day for me. Tessa and I did really well in some areas and found out we could improve in others. The cool thing about this test is we can only get better from here. I am really excited to train with the trainers from Cardinal Fitness. They have some great methods and ideas to get us girls looking healthy and sexy on the field this season!

*I hope you guys have enjoyed my week. It can be pretty busy being a Colts cheerleader but I wouldn't trade it for the world! See you at Lucas Oil! GO COLTS!!!

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