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Sunday, November 8th - I arrived in the locker room at 6.30 am, I lead a quick group-stretch, then on to the field for practice. We had a 2-hour practice this morning.


Monday, November 2 - Good Morning! It's 5.30am, time to get up for work! As you'll read in my bio this week, I'm extremely busy.  I have 4 different jobs that I juggle throughout the day/week.  Good luck, trying to keep up with my schedule. Lol!  During the day, I manage my husband's medical practice, own a bar/restaurant, fitness instructor (Zumba) and of course, I am a Colts Cheerleader.

I typically go into the office for a few hours in the morning before I teach my first class of Zumba, however, this morning when I woke up I had terrible lower back pain from dancing yesteday at the game. Instead of going to work, I went to see my good friends May and Yvette at Ultimate Health & Fitness, which is a Pilates based Physical Therapy facility. (I also teach Zumba with them too!) The treated my back with ultrasound therapy, biofreeze and reformer Pilates to help with my pain. I have swollen SI joints and inflammation in my lower back…ouch! It felt so much better after treatment.  I'm supposed to take it easy for a few days and come back for more treatment tomorrow and Wednesday.

It was a busy day at the office today. As you can imagine with all the flu and H1N1, our phones have been ringing nonstop. I caught up on some much-needed work that I have been putting off. My husband is out of the office this week on vacation, so our wonderful Physician Assistant, Ken Massey, is seeing all the patients this week.  After the office closed, time for my second job - ZUMBA!  I drove up to my hometown of Clinton to instruct for 2 hours.  After class, I came back to the office to tie up a few loose ends and got home at 10pm. I played with my two dogs; Raisin and Reecie (Chinese Shar-Pei's, the dogs with all the wrinkles) took a shower and finally went to bed sometime around midnight.

Tuesday, November 3rd - Wow, quick night of sleep, my alarm went off at 5.30 am.  After a stop by Starbucks (Quad Grande Americano and one Splenda) I arrived to the office at 7am, then went in for personal training on the Pilates reformer with Yvette for some much needed stretching on my back. I didn't have time for treatment on my back today because I had too much to do! After my Pilates session, it was time to teach Zumba with May and Ron.  Our Zumba class was rockin', we always have a blast!  After class, I headed home to grab my clothes for cheer practice.  I came up to Indy early today for a meeting then headed to Greenwood to workout at Cardinal Fitness with my personal trainer, Enrique.  As you'll read in my blog this week, I LOVE working out. Most people find that a bit strange but for me, it's a passion, the more challenging the workout the better! After 40 minutes of training, Enrique and I sat down to discuss some ideas we would like to incorporate with the cheerleaders and their workouts. I'm the team's Fitness Captain, so Enrique and I like to think about fun and challenging ways to make our fitness program exciting and fresh for the girls!  It's 5.30pm, time to head to practice to teach Zumba to the girls. I typically teach Zumba for 1 hour on Tuesdays, however today is an exception since we have so much material to cover for the game on Sunday. We quickly ran through our routines then Shonica began teaching us our lyrical dance for our Veteran's Day halftime routine.  Exhausted from practice, it's time to drive home (I live in Terre Haute). I jumped into my car and listened to a few of my favorite artists, Mat Kearney and Paolo Nutini….great music! I arrived home at 10.30 pm, gave some love to my big sweeties, Raisin and Reecie, and off to bed at midnight…big day tomorrow

Wednesday, November 4th - Back to work at 7am this morning! At 10.45am, I left the office to go teach Zumba. I was able to have Yvette treat my back during my lunch hour. More ultrasound, biofreeze and an intense massage.  It's really sore today but I'm hoping it will get back to feeling better before the game on Sunday! After my treatment, back to work to finish seeing patients. I left work a little early today b/c we have a big event tonight at my bar, Mulligan's Sports Bar! National country recording artist, TelluRide, is performing this evening. (They also performed the National Anthem last year at Lucas Oil!) We are so excited to have them at Mulligan's. They just had two of their singles hit the top 40 (Pencil Marks and Stay) and have been nominated for 2 Grammy's. My best friend, Seazun, is going to go to the concert with me, we love going to concerts! She and I went out to dinner to our favorite sushi restaurant, Sushi Umi. When we arrived to the concert, the venue was packed. Thank goodness for VIP treatment this evening, one of the perks when you own the bar. Lol! We had a table reserved for us right up front by the band. TelluRide performed two acoustic versions of their songs before the concert began. Their voices are absolutely incredible; we couldn't wait for the concert to begin! Seazun and I met the guys in the band – Adam, Jimmy, Brian, Ryan and their manager Jeff. What nice guys (and handsome)! At 9pm, the concert began, it was packed, standing room only! If you ever have the opportunity to see them live in concert, I would strongly recommend it, they are sensational! ( After another late night, I turned in at 1am. Good night!

Thursday, November 5th - I wanted to sleep in this morning, but my dog, Raisin, had other plans for me… 6.00am, he was ready to play. He brought me one of his favorite toys, his stuffed football. We played fetch for a while then it was time to get ready for work. I went by Starbucks to get my usual, then off to teach Zumba. Tonight I have cheer practice, which typically begins with Enrique leading us through an intense group workout. Needing extra time to prepare for our game this weekend, we were unable to have our cheerleader bootcamp workout. I still wanted to workout today so I met Enrique before practice for a one-on-one workout. Today we did my favorite workout, boxing! Boxing is such a great total body workout not to mention you get to take out all your day's (or week) frustrations. :) lol! (I love boxing so much that I have my own boxing gloves and punching bag!) Practice began a half hour early this evening so we could have our final costume fittings for our halftime show. After a great practice, we finished around 9.15pm. I put in my new cd from last night's concert for the drive home, Four Squares Miles by TelluRide. A great CD! Since I drive so much, I'm constantly listening to music on my drive to and from Indy.

Friday, November 6th - TGIF! For some reason I never have any problems getting up on Friday mornings. I made a quick stop by Starbucks then off to teach Zumba! More treatment for my back today too, thanks May! After Zumba, I headed into the office. Today is Colts Friday at our office. We all wear our blue and white to work. Our patients enjoy seeing everyone in their Colts clothing when they come in for their doctor appointments. After work, a quick trip home to check on my dogs, change clothes, then back to the studio this evening at 6pm for more Zumba. Tonight we have a meeting to prepare for our "Zumbathon" tomorrow. What's a Zumbathon? Three hours of non-stop dancing! All the proceeds raised tomorrow will benefit the flood and typhoon victims of the Philippines. My very best friends, May, Miseal, Ron and Yvette are from the Philippines. They have family members that were affected by this disaster. I feel so grateful that I am able to help them with such an important fundraiser. We made our final preparations for the fundraiser and I finally made it home at 11.30pm. After a long week, I decided I needed to take a mini vacation. I booked a trip to NYC to visit my friend, Alayna (former Colts Cheerleader). My flight is booked and I'm ready to hit the Big Apple in a couple of weeks! Yay!

Saturday, November 6th - I slept in today until 7.30am but since today is the Zumbathon, I needed to get going! I still had to pack my game day suitcase too because after I finish with the Zumbathon, I'm heading straight to Indy to spend the night.  We had our final rehearsal this morning at 11am, then we went straight to the event. After the Zumbathon, I went to Indianapolis to spend the night. Our call time is on Sunday is at 6.30am I arrived to the hotel around 7pm, grabbed some dinner and relaxed in my room the rest of the evening. If I were at home, I would be waking up a 3.45 but since I'm staying downtown by the stadium, I won't need to get up until 6am, extra sleep for me! Before I turned in for the night, I watched MMA World Championship fights  - Jake Shields vs  Jason "Mayham" Miller (middle weights) and Fedor Emelianenko and Brett Rogers fight for the  heavy weight world championship.

Sunday, November 8th - My wake up call came at 5.30am. It was so nice to be able to wake up and look out my hotel window and see the stadium, thus avoiding the nearly 90 minute drive in from Terre Haute.  I arrived in the locker room at 6.30 am, I lead a quick group-stretch, then on to the field for practice. We had a 2-hour practice this morning. We ran through our game day material first. Then, the men and women of the military joined us to practice the Veteran's Day Halftime Show Tribute.  After practice, we ate a super quick breakfast then started getting ready for our appearance. My squad, aka "The Diva's", went to sign autographs today. After our appearance, it was time for the game.  Everything went smoothly for the game, our fans got to see us for the first time this year in our chaps for the 2nd half of the game! 

After the game, Sarah Y, Crystal T., Monica S, and I headed to dinner at our favorite restaurant, Harry and Izzy's . It's become a home game tradition for us. One of our good friends (and our #1 security guard) Corey, accompanied us.  He is always with us- such a comfort! I had shrimp cocktail (watch out for the cocktail sauce, HOT!) and Ahi Tuna. It was amazing, as always. We received the VIP treatment when Chef Pete brought us out the most amazing dessert ever – Pumpkin Spice Cake. Do yourself a favor, go to Harry & Izzy's and order this dessert, you won't be disappointed!

After a long day, I headed back home to Terre Haute, listening to a few of my other favorite artisits: Carolina Liar, Rob Thomas, and The Airborne Toxic Event. I'm exhausted, but the next long week starts tomorrow!

Thanks for spending some time and reading about my week. Go COLTS!

Take care,
Holly B.

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