Sunday 10/4/09 - It's GAME DAY!! YAY!! Time to rise and shine!! I woke up this morning at 5:30am to get ready and get to LOS by 6:30am! We have to be on the field, stretched and ready to practice 6 hours prior to game time!


Sunday 10/4/09 - It's GAME DAY!! YAY!! Time to rise and shine!! I woke up this morning at 5:30am to get ready and get to LOS by 6:30am! We have to be on the field, stretched and ready to practice 6 hours prior to game time! We stretched in the locker room and then moved to the field to practice all of our game day material! After about an hour we headed back to the locker room for breakfast! We ate, talked, slept and relaxed for a little while and then most of us started getting ready for hair and makeup and our appearances! Each squad or group of girls has a different schedule for the morning as far as when they get their hair and makeup touched-up and when they head to their appearance, so everyone is usually doing things at different times! I went to Tyler Mason first, and then headed upstairs to sign autographs in the stadium! I was especially excited today because I got to see several people that I knew!! After our appearance, we went back to the locker room and made some finishing touches before game time! :) The game was SO exciting today!!! It's such a great feeling to get another win! After the game, I joined my family in the Blue Crew lot for a little post-game tailgating! I am fortunate enough to have a lot of my family drive very far to attend every game, so it's great to be able to hang out with all of them afterwards!! My best friend and her husband were also tailgating with my family, so it was great to see them too! We all split ways afterwards, but my parents decided to stay us for the night to spend some time together! They have been gone on an extra long vacation, so we really missed them! We spent the entire rest of the night watching lots of football! Whew! What a long and fun-filled day!!! Good night!!

Monday 10/5/09 - I woke up at 8:30am this morning to get ready for a day of house hunting with my parents! I am off work today, and it felt great to sleep in a little! When you see what time I get up the rest of the week, you will see what I mean by 8:30am being "sleeping in!" My parents and I started with a yummy breakfast and then headed off to look at some houses for sale around Indianapolis! It was a GREAT day and we all had a lot of fun looking at different neighborhoods! It was so nice to get to spend the whole day together! When we finished up, it was really fun getting to show my husband what we had seen! He is still in school, so he wasn't able to go with us! That's about all I did today, but it was exhausting!! Nighty night!

Tuesday 10/6/09 - My alarm clock started screaming at me at 5:30am this morning! It was already morning and time to get ready for work! I'm pretty sure that I hit the snooze about 5 times!! I finally got out of bed and made it to our morning work huddle at 6:45am! We see our first patients at 7am on Tuesdays! By the way, I am a Dental Hygienist at Indy Smiles for Dr. Llewellyn and Dr. Christina! I was definitely still recovering from Sunday because it was really hard to get moving today! I even wore the wrong color of scrubs after weeks of having a color schedule for each day! I had NO IDEA that I had put on lavender instead of black, even after being in a team meeting with everyone else wearing black! Five in the morning is too early to pick out colors! Haha After a long day at work, I drove all the way back home to let our two Yorkies out and then drove back to the west side of town to the Curtain Call dance studio. Holly led us in Zumba for about an hour and then we started practice! We reviewed some routines and learned a new one as well! We've got a really fun half-time show in the making and I'm really excited about it! We are also almost an entire game ahead of schedule which feels GREAT!! We took some time at the end of practice to talk about our thoughts on the previous game – where we felt we excelled or needed some work, likes, dislikes, etc. We didn't really do this last year, but I LOVE that we do this year because I feel like we really help each other with all of the comments and suggestions from everyone! We get lots of different perspectives from each other and our coaches. We finished right on time and then I headed back home for the night! Whew! I spent as much time as I could with my husband and dogs but before we knew it, it was time for bed! Good night!

Wednesday 10/7/09 - I woke up today at 6:30am! I don't see my first patient until 8am, so I get to sleep in an hour more on Wednesdays and I love it! Today was a great day at work as usual! I really love my job because everything changes every hour and I get to see and talk with so many people during my day! After work, my husband and I met with our realtor, Susan, and looked at a few houses that we had picked out! We had narrowed the previous search down to about 4 different houses, so I really wanted to show Baron and take another look for myself! We had a great time! It's so much fun looking at houses!! I love it! We had a bit of a late dinner after the house search and watched a little TV to relax! We kept switching back and forth between the Indiana Fever playing in the Finals and "Dancing with the Stars" (which is one of my favs)!!! Well, that's about it for today…. Talk to you tomorrow! Night!

Thursday 10/8/09 - Wake up time at 7:30am today! We do not start seeing patients until 9am on Thursdays, but we stay a little later in the evening! It was a normal busy day at work! Since our office is open later on Thursdays, it tends to get a little crazy! ? Everyone, except for me, works until 6pm on Thursdays, but I have to be finished 30 minutes early in order to get to practice on time! My office is awesome for working with my Colts schedule! I was able to get to practice by 6pm today to go over the routines from Tuesday with a few of my teammates! We started our "Boot camp" with Cardinal Fitness right at 6:30pm and as always they really kicked our butts! We warmed up with a lap around the practice field and then started with the weights and cardio! We always finish the work-out with some sort-of relay race, which is always fun! This time we had one girl who sprinted down the field first and last in line, another who had to spin around a golf club 15 times with her head and then sprint, one who had to lead a blindfolded girl running down the field and back and then two girls doing a three-legged run! Tessa D and I were the ones who did the three-legged run and it was so funny!! Our squad didn't win, but we still had a fun time! We got a few minutes to break and get some water and then it was time to dance! It was a nice and easy practice because we didn't have to learn any new material! We did a lot of reviewing today, including some routines that we learned a long time ago! We also got some much needed "squad time," which is where we break up into our four smaller squads and work individually on anything we need to! We finished right on time again and everyone headed home! A few of us had to go after practice though and pick up some posters for our upcoming appearances! Hope to see some of you at them! When I got home, I spent some time with my husband and the dogs and then went to bed! I know, I know… I didn't watch Grey's Anatomy tonight! I'm still living in the ice ages and don't have a DVR yet, so I couldn't record it and it was almost over by the time I got home! :) Good night!

Friday 10/9/09 - Rise and shine at 5:30am! Friday is another early morning for us at Indy Smiles! ? We started with a morning huddle at 6:45am and then I saw my first patient at 7am! My patients are always a pleasure and usually keep my day very interesting and exciting!! We only see patients until noon on Fridays, but typically have some sort of team meeting in the afternoon. We weren't supposed to have a meeting today, so I scheduled a time with Enrique at Cardinal Fitness, but we had a "pop-up" meeting that ran a little longer than expected and forced me to cancel my workout time! Sorry, Enrique! :) After the meeting, I had to make a quick run to the mall to pick up my niece's birthday present and then met my husband back home to head to Bedford for the weekend! We are both from Bedford originally, and were staying the weekend down there for our niece's birthday and to visit with our families! Little Madalyn Re is turning 4 years old on Sunday! We had a nice home cooked dinner with my parents and spent the night talking and watching the final Indiana Fever game! I accidentally fell asleep during the game because I was SO tired! We went to bed after the game and we had a good night's sleep in my old bedroom! It's a great feeling to be home!

Saturday 10/10/09 - I didn't have any plans for today (which is an amazing feeling), but I still woke up at 8am! I took the dogs out and enjoyed a beautiful crisp country morning! My parents were already awake, so we hung out in the kitchen for a while just chatting about lots of things! I tried to go back to bed for a little while, but that didn't turn out well so I just stayed up! As soon as my husband woke up, we headed into town to visit his family. His sister, husband and kids all came over and we went to Appleacres (a local apple orchard) to pick out some pumpkins! Neither Baron nor I had been to Appleacres since we were little, so we decided to ride along! When we got back to his parents house, the kids started carving their pumpkins! They were quite creative! Afterwards we got a quick dinner and went to see "Couples Retreat" with his parents! Baron and I saw one of our old classmates from high school when we walked in the theatre! It's always nice to see old friends! And just FYI, I loved the movie, but it was definitely a chick flick! :) We got back to the house, changed into our pajamas and watched a little football! Once again, I fell asleep on the couch! I lasted a little longer than Friday night though at least! :) In my defense, I needed my sleep for Sunday! It's going to be a fun-filled day with a birthday celebration, family dinner and lots of football!! GO COLTS!!

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