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Sunday 10/04/2009 - GAME DAY today - GO COLTS!! I woke up at 5:30 this morning so that I could be ready and at the stadium by 6:30...


Monday 9/28/2009 - First of all, GO COLTS! I'm so excited that they won last night. I have a really good feeling about this season!! This morning I woke up bright and early for class starting at 8:00. I had lectures all morning and then this afternoon I had a patient (I am a dental hygiene student at IUSD downtown). My patient was my old roommate so it was fun to be able to catch up with her as I cleaned her teeth!  After school, I got together with my friends in my class to work on a group project for a couple of hours and then went to Cardinal Fitness to end my day with an excruciating workout with one of our trainers – I'm going to be sore tomorrow!

Tuesday 9/29/2009 - I was right; I could barely get up out of bed this morning – SO sore!  I had 8:00 class again today until 9:00 and then I had a rotation in the periodontal surgery department at school. I was able to assist the graduate student in surgery and help her take x-rays which was really cool; it was definitely nice to see a side of dentistry that I've never seen before, aside from the incisions (yikes)! After surgery, I had lunch with my friends from school and then had my dental materials lab where I got to place fillings in fake teeth (is it weird that I find that really exciting?!).  After lab I had to rush home and get changed and ready for practice. We had practice at our studio tonight and started off with some Zumba to get us ready. Then we went over stuff for the next game and cleaned our pre-game routine. After practice, I went home, showered, and went straight to bed. Long, long day!

Wednesday 9/30/2009 - I got up for my 8:00 class again today (starting to notice a pattern here?) and then had a patient at 9:00. The appointment was a little rough because our internet went down and we weren't able to use our online charting program. It was kind of funny to see everyone going crazy when we lost internet connection – no one knew what to do! It's insane how much we rely on computers these days. After my patient, I had class again until 3:30 and then I had the evening off finally! Wednesdays are usually my nights to catch up on laundry, cleaning, etc. I also got a much-needed spray tan at Sun Tan City and went to dinner with my roommate/best friend since we NEVER get to see each other with our crazy schedules (she is a PaceMate!). After dinner, I was able to just sit on my couch, watch some TV, and RELAX!!

Thursday 10/01/2009 - It's OCTOBER! I love fall & this cool weather – perfect football season! Thursday is usually my busiest day of the week. When my alarm went off this morning, I accidentally hit the off button instead of snooze and woke up an hour later than I wanted to. What a great start to my crazy day! I ended up getting to school at the very last minute possible only to find out that my patient for that morning cancelled and I didn't even need to be there! But I stayed anyway to get other things finished since I had already rushed getting there. I had another patient in the afternoon and then I left from school and went straight to practice at the complex. We didn't have our weekly "boot camp" tonight at practice, though, so that was kind of nice! We just went through all of our game day routines and started learning our next halftime show (which I am SO excited about – it's a surprise!!). After practice, I went home and showered and went to bed. Busy, busy, busy!

Friday 10/02/2009 - T.G.I.F. This week has been crazy! My only patient for today cancelled so I didn't even have to go into school! That was a nice break. I was able to run errands and start getting things together for the game this weekend (squad gifts, tanning, last minute uniform pieces, etc.)  After my errands, I took a quick nap and then packed my bags for the night – I drove to Muncie to visit some girls on the squad who go to Ball State. We went to dinner and had a fun girl's night!! There's nothing like ending a long crazy week laughing and chit-chatting with your best friends!

Saturday 10/03/2009 - I had to get up at 7:00 this morning to leave Muncie because I had an appointment at Tyler Mason (official sponsor of the Colts) to get highlights before our game tomorrow. This blonde hair is hard to keep up with! I always enjoy getting my hair done though – even though I get the same thing done every time, I just feel like a new woman when I leave – haha!  After my highlights, I met with our trainer at Cardinal Fitness for another workout. He took it easier on me today since we have a game tomorrow. Then, I went home and packed my bag for the game and just watched movies and relaxed the rest of the day and night. I went to bed at 10:00 tonight – 5:30 a.m. will roll around really soon!

Sunday 10/04/2009 - GAME DAY today – GO COLTS!! I woke up at 5:30 this morning so that I could be ready and at the stadium by 6:30. We practiced from 7:00-8:00 on the field and then had a couple hours before we had to start getting ready. I got my hair and make-up done and then did an appearance in the FanZone with the Jr. Cheerleaders – they crack me up, it's so cute to watch them dance and get so excited about the Colts!  After 6 hours of waiting, getting ready, practicing, and appearances, it was finally game time! We had a successful pre-game performance and the Colts did awesome! 4-0 after today (I TOLD you I had a good feeling!!). After the game, I came home and got stuff ready for school tomorrow and prepared myself for another busy, non-stop week ahead. GO COLTS!!!! :)

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