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What a night last night! Yep, I was so tired last night trying to stay up to watch the game and fell ASLEEP. I watched most of it but had to catch the highlights this morning to see how the game ended.


Monday 9/21/09 - Today I could hardly get up out of bed to go to work today, but I did.  I have been so exhausted!!!  As soon as I saw my 2nd graders the day looked a bit easier and knowing that I have two prep periods on Mondays.  My energy level also kicked up because I was so excited about the game tonight; Colts vs. Dolphins!!!  The media was having a blast with this game.  Of course it's Monday Night Football but the Colts are back in Miami.  Hopefully it doesn't rain this time.  I was on the squad when we went for Super Bowl XLI.  The only day it rained was game day but it was worth every raindrop!

Tuesday 9/22/09 - What a night last night!  Yep, I was so tired last night trying to stay up to watch the game and fell ASLEEP.  I watched most of it but had to catch the highlights this morning to see how the game ended.  All I can say is AMAZING!  This team is great at what they do.  Work today went fine.  But one of my contacts did tear this morning.  I found a back one!  Then, I had practice.  We were productive today and got a lot of work done.  We work really hard to look good for game days.  Keep up the good work ladies! 

Wednesday 9/23/09 - Well it's Hump Day but not for me.  I will be working for the rest of the week plus this weekend!  It's crazy how busy we can become.  My students help relieve some of the stress with some of their funny little comments that makes me laugh.  I can't remember anything from today but I am quite sure I had a laugh.  Well off to grade papers so that I don't get behind on grading.

Thursday 9/24/09 - My students had an ok day today.  They don't have school tomorrow because all of our staff has to go to a Professional Development Conference for teachers in Columbus, Ohio all day tomorrow and Saturday.  Yes, I said Saturday!  But if it will help me become better at what I do for students then I should be ok, it's just going to be a looooong weekend and I have a Jr. Cheer practice Sunday.  It's all about time management ?!  Practice today was smothering hot and humid.  It was very hard to breathe but we all managed to get through it.  But the most disgusting thing happened today.  As our trainer was working us out we were on push ups.  As I hit the field to get in position I noticed that my finger was wet!  My finger was in spit and turf!!!!  So disgusting!  Thanks alot fellas!  Luckily my finger didn't fall off so I was ok, lol. 

Friday 9/25/09 - Well we left very early this morning to drive to the conference.  It was from 10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.  That's a long time to listen to people talk.  I enjoyed the keynote speakers though.  I walked away with some good tools to use in my classroom.  Well we are about to go to dinner then I am going to try to relax a bit before going to bed to go back to the conference at 9 a.m.

Saturday 9/26/09 - So I am finally back at home after our conference.  It is now about 6:30 p.m.  Nice to know that my other contact tore this morning.  So mad!  In order for me to get new contacts I have to get a whole new eye exam! ?  I will try to go in the morning before Jr. Cheer.  Well, I am going to try to do my lesson plans for next week but more than likely I will relax and probably fall asleep!  We'll see.

Sunday 9/27/09 - Well didn't make it to the eye doctor this morning…because they didn't open until 12!  I wouldn't have had time to go then go to Jr. Cheer practice at 1:30.  So I will have to go tomorrow after work.  But as I was looking through the channels this morning I saw a program that was about the Egyptians and this episode was on The Pyramids!  I was so excited to watch it and learn more about them.  I was fortunate enough to represent the Colts this past spring on a Mediterranean Tour!  Our first stop was to Cairo, Egypt.  Can you guess where we went?  Yep, to The Pyramids!!!!  It was probably one of my best days in life ever!  I don't think I would have had any other opportunity to see these amazing structures let alone this part of the world!  So I was really into this show.  I then had practice for Jr. Cheer.  It was a good practice for the girls.  I really enjoyed how one of my girls loves The Jonas Brothers.  So when the song came on she was a performer telling me that she loves them.  She was really rockin' out and that wasn't even the song her group was dancing to.  Gotta love kids!  Well off to watch some more football and get some work done before the Colts come on!  I will be up to watch the whole game this time; I will be out in public.  Hopefully, I won't fall asleep, lol!

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