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Saturday, July 4th - Now that my apartment hunting with LeAndra and Arbara is finally over (YAY!), I thought that I could relax and enjoy some appearances with the fans!


Saturday, July 4th - Now that my apartment hunting with LeAndra and Arbara is finally over (YAY!), I thought that I could relax and enjoy some appearances with the fans!  I was a little saddened today because my appearance was cancelled because of the rain. (Boo rain!) Crystal and I were going to be able to ride in a parade and meet some Colts fans, but it's ok. I'll have many opportunities this season. 

Sunday, July 5th – After church, I ate left over barbecue and went to see My Sister's Keeper with a friend. That movie made me cry like eight times! I practiced all of the dances that we know for Colts, because we just had the past week off, and I do not want to be behind when practice starts Tuesday. I already forgot a little of one dance so at least now I have time to fix it.

Monday, July 6th – Today nothing much was planned so I just woke up when I wanted to and made breakfast. I headed to the colts complex to grab some autographs for tomorrows appearance, and then headed to work. Fun stuff. Finally I ate dinner, and saw Ice Age the movie. It was hilarious.

Tuesday, July 7th – Phew! I had an extremely busy day today. I woke up at 11:00am and got ready for my first appearance of the day. After I finished applying my lashes and put the finishing touch of my make-up on I headed out with Josie to our appearance at Woodland Bowl. It was so fun that we stayed a little longer than expected. After that, I had one hour to go home, change, and get to the colts pavilion for my Jr. Cheer appearance. This appearance overflowed into our practice time, so right after we were finished fitting the last Jr. Cheerleader, we started with practice. Man how I love my abs workouts! After practice I came home, and now I am tuckered out from this busy day so good night!

Wednesday, July 8th – Today I practiced the two new sideline vamps and one dance that we learned yesterday.

Thursday, July 9th – When I walked into the pavilion there they were waiting for us – CHAPS! Lol. It was that time of year again, and we had to get fitted for our chaps and jeans.  They are a little difficult to dance in but you fans love them so we just work it out!

Saturday, July 11th – Today I had a physical assessment test. We had to get this test done so that our personal trainers know how and what we each need to work on. My abs, arms, and legs hurt! I also hung out with some girls on the squad – a little bonding time. Yay!

Sunday, July 12th – Today was a mandatory practice day. We came and learned part of our first pregame dance, a few sideline vamps, and much more.  We finished everything ahead of time so we got to leave early!

That's my week! I hope you enjoyed it! :)

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