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Will Charlie Whitehurst Be Asked (Again) To Lead A Team To The Playoffs?

Intro: In 2010, Charlie Whitehurst was asked to fill in for Matt Hasselbeck to get a team into the postseason. Will he be asked to do it again in 2015?


INDIANAPOLIS – What could occur for Charlie Whitehurst on Sunday is what crossed his mind when he got the news some five weeks ago.

Andrew Luck was hurt, and Whitehurst was heading to Indianapolis.

The Colts needed an insurance policy with their franchise quarterback sidelined for up to six weeks.

Whitehurst was here, just in case.

Just in case could be here on Sunday afternoon, in undoubtedly the Colts most important game of 2015.

For a career backup, Whitehurst has grown accustomed to preparing for such a scenario, even if no Colts fan was hoping to experience life sans Luck and (possibly) Hasselbeck.

"That's why I'm here," Whitehurst said after taking the first-team reps at Wednesday's practice.

"They needed a quarterback because there was a chance this could happen. Matt obviously did a great job and will probably do a great job if he's called upon this week, but I thought there was a chance, no doubt."

Part of the reason Whitehurst knew such an opportunity could arise is because he's been here before.

Season on the line? Hasselbeck banged up?

Whitehurst has answered that bell before.

In 2010, with the Seahawks, Whitehurst was called into duty Week 17 with Hasselbeck not able to start due to a Week 16 hip injury.

Seattle was playing St. Louis in a true NFC West Championship game. The winner of the regular season finale would punch their ticket to the postseason. The loser would start their offseason vacation.

Whitehurst, who was making his second career NFL start, led the Seahawks on an opening touchdown drive and an early lead. Seattle would never trail.

Finishing 22-of-36 for 192 yards (along with 30 rushing yards), Whitehurst avoided the critical mistakes (no turnovers) and led the Seahawks into the postseason in a 16-6 win.

Some five years later, Whitehurst could find himself in a very eerily situation.

For a guy that is in his seventh offensive system in 10 NFL seasons, the best advice he gives to backup quarterback is to try and simplify things.

Life for the 33-year-old Whitehurst is currently living out of an Indianapolis hotel with a suitcase of clothes and a briefcase for work---representing his essential needs for the past five weeks.

Rather simple with one mighty large game potentially looming on Sunday.

On Wednesday, the first-team reps were Whitehurst's.

If they are his again on Sunday, he's assured he will be ready.

"How I deal with it is you just do it," Whitehurst says of life as a backup quarterback. "You don't have a choice. You go do it.

"If you go out there and you play well and you win then, 'Hey you were part of something pretty cool.' So, that's how I approach it. I don't try to think about it too much. But we're professionals in here. When we're called upon, we perform. That's what we're supposed to do."

Wednesday afternoon practice getting ready for the Texans.

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