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When It Comes To 40-Year Old Quarterbacks, Is Matt Hasselbeck The Exception?

Intro: In 2015, backup quarterbacks, not named Matt Hasselbeck, are 4-18 as starters around the NFL. Will Hasselbeck continue his strong play?


INDIANAPOLIS – An early bye-week meal in downtown Carmel for Dwayne Allen changed rather quickly on Tuesday afternoon.

The alert on his phone gave Allen news he never saw coming.

"I'm sitting here feeling good, we've got some momentum going, and then…BOOM, Andrew Luck out two-to-six weeks," Allen said Tuesday night on the Dwayne Allen Show.

"I was just scratching my head like, 'Man, that should have came up in the team meeting (Monday), if anyone had any idea about it.' So, evidently, it was something that came up (Tuesday)."

The ramifications of Tuesday's news on Luck have brought Matt Hasselbeck back under center for the immediate future.

Knowing that Hasselbeck led the Colts to a pair of wins (and no turnovers in 143 snaps) earlier this season has Allen a bit reassured.

"It's unfortunate, but the thing about this team is we have shown so much resiliency throughout the year already, overcoming so many adversities," Allen said on Tuesday night.

"We have a more than capable guy in Matt Hasselbeck to fill the role for however long Andrew's out."

For the 40-year old Hasselbeck, starting under center at his age just doesn't happen often in the NFL.

Since 2000, quarterbacks at least 40 years old have started multiple games in a season on just nine different occasions.

Brett Favre in 2009 and Hasselbeck in 2015 are the only ones with records above .500.

When Hasselbeck returns from the bye week on Monday, his third start of 2015 will come against Atlanta (6-3) and new head coach Dan Quinn.

From 2009-2010, Quinn was Seattle's assistant head coach when Hasselbeck was the Seahawks starter.

Hasselbeck's 2-0 record as a starter this season is remarkable on several levels.

Taking Hasselbeck out of the equation, backups in the NFL are just 4-18 when starting this season.

Yes, Hasselbeck's two wins came against teams with a combined five wins in 2015, but he also did it at a far, far cry from being 100 percent.

He's recovered now and the Colts are going to need Hasselbeck to continue to excel in protecting the football and distributing the ball quickly to maintain their claim atop the AFC South.

"It's definitely been a trying season for everyone involved in the organization," Allen said on Tuesday night. "It just speaks from the top/down to the type of men that we have a part of this organization to weather all the different adversities that have been thrown at us and to come out still in the division and putting ourselves in a position to make the playoffs and make a run.

"Time and time again we've been able to step up, get back on track and win football games. I have no doubt that's what we are going to continue to do."


Year Starts Comp % Yards TDs/INTs Rating Record
Brett Favre 2009 16 68.3% 4,202 33/7 107.2 12-4
Vinnny Testaverde 2004 15 60.0% 3,532 17/20 76.4 5-10
Brett Favre 2010 13 60.6% 2,509 11/19 69.9 5-8
Doug Flutie 2003 5 54.5% 1,097 9/4 82.8 2-3
Vinny Testaverde 2003 7 62.1% 1,385 7/2 90.6 2-5
Vinny Testaverde 2007 6 54.7% 952 5/6 65.8 2-4
Matt Hasselbeck 2015 2 63.2% 495 3/0 95.0 2-0
Brad Johnson 2008 3 52.6% 427 2/5 50.5 1-2
Vinny Testaverde 2005 4 56.6% 777 1/6 59.4 1-3

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