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What Pre-Game Rituals Do The Colts Practice?

Intro: We are just a little more than five weeks away from the Colts kicking off the 2014 preseason. When game day does roll around, what pre-game rituals are must-dos for Colts players?





INDIANAPOLIS – With the NFL season fast approaching, fans will undoubtedly hear the phrase "creatures of habit" on several occasions.

Week-after-week, players are used to a specific schedule that rarely differs over the course of a 16-game regular season.

No time is that more true than on Sunday mornings.

Most fans first glimpse of their team comes during pre-game warmups but what occurs before the build up at stadiums all across the United States?

Here's a look at nine different Colts talking about what happens each week in the hours before kickoff:

Ahmad Bradshawis a veteran of the NFL but when it comes to pre-game rituals, he isn't one that is too strict on a plan.

"I study, get my mind right for the other team, listen to music, hot tub to prepare for the game.

"I love this game. I love football and I have kids to provide for. That's the biggest motivation of ever."

Josh Chapman has a few must-dos on game day to get his mind right before heading into the trenches.

"Early morning, I listen to my gospel music. I'm a strong believer in God.

"Later on, I kind of get my old school music going. I'm an old school guy. I love Frankie Beverly and Mase. Then after that I listen to a lot of rap. That gets me going and after that I have to text my mom. She talks a lot of smack to me and she gives me a little pep talk (smiles). After that, it's ready to go."

Vontae Davislistens to a variety of Pandora stations on game day and that music occurs right after some scripture.

"I say the Psalms 23, Lord is My Shepherd. I say that twice before he goes out."

Ricky Jean Francoisis all business once he arrives to the stadium on a game day but that comes after some very important phone calls.

"I've got to call my mom, dad and both my brothers before the game. I've got to hear them. If I don't hear them, we are calling the whole damn city.

"When you get a chance you better relish the moment, see what they're doing, just talk to them for a few seconds. Just hearing their voices is soothing and at the end of the day, you know who you are doing this for. You know what the bigger picture is. I'm doing this for my family."

Jerrell Freeman'sgo-to tune before each game is "Standing Ovation" by Young Jeezy. When it comes to home games, Freeman has a certain spot he has to make before arriving to Lucas Oil Stadium.

"I always goes to Ted's, because I have to get some trout and asparagus before every game and also drink 20 ounces of pickle juice."

Khaled Holmeswill be making a new CD in the coming weeks. Last year, it was Tupac that had Holmes' attention before heading downtown.

"I listen to the same CD on the way from the hotel to the stadium. Once I get to the locker room, I don't listen to music anymore. I kind of decompress and focus without music."

Delano Howellisn't too specific when it comes to pre-game rituals and you can guarantee he's arriving on the first team bus.

"I pray. Then I make sure that I get there early so I'm not rushed. If I have to give any treatment, I don't want to have wait in line for taping. I have to get all that stuff over and done with. The one thing I can't do is show up right before the game.

"I'm definitely in a serious mode. I'm kind of locked in. Game day, the whole day, I'm locked in."

Robert Mathisisn't really sure where or when exactly his pre-game meal came from. However, it won't be changing anytime soon.

"One pancake, eggs, turkey sausage and orange juice. I can't deviate from it. Cannot."

Erik Waldenhears that alarm come on game day and knows where his first instinct takes him.

"I read a scripture every Sunday, early in the morning as soon as I wake up just to be calm out there."

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