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Should The Colts Attempt More Two-Point Conversions In 2015?

Intro: How are the Colts planning to approach the new extra point rule for the 2015 season?





INDIANAPOLIS – The focus on two-point plays during practice usually comes on Friday's of game week.

Offensive coordinators delve into their extensive playbook and select their favorite play from inside the five-yard line.

In years past, this practice repetition would be repeated every Friday, until the two-point play would eventually be revealed to the entire nation, normally in a comeback attempt.

The NFL's attempt at making such plays more prevalent on Sunday's became official earlier this week.

In 2015, teams can now either attempt extra points from the 15-yard line (the equivalent of a 33-yard field goal), or go for two points from the two-yard line.

Chuck Pagano knew such a change was likely this season but that doesn't mean he's going to completely abandon his thinking on the extra point.

"It'll bring some strategy into play depending on where you're at," Pagano said. "Late in the year, you're on the road, bad weather, you might think about going for two rather than trying to kick a 33-yard extra point.

"Obviously, half the season we're going to be indoors and a little bit more than that with Houston, teams we play indoors. I don't worry about it. If you look at the statistics last year from a normal PAT spot it was 99 (percent conversion) and change, and I think in the preseason last year the numbers only dropped about four percent to about 95 something (when the extra point try was lengthened). The league's riddled with guys that can make 30, 33-yarders at a high rate."

The extra point will now be a 32- or 33-yard kick, depending on how a place-kicker lines up. Over the past 10 seasons, the conversion rate for kicks of that distance is 91.6 percent. That figure rose to 94.4 percent during the past three years and was 96.7 percent in 2014.

During the past two seasons, according to Pro Football Focus, NFL place-kickers converted 97.6 percent of all kicks between 30-35 yards when lined up in the middle of the field.

To put those figures in context, let's plug them into the 2014 season. At 97.6 percent accuracy, we would have seen 1,200 of 1,230 extra points converted. Instead of eight misses, there would have been 30.

Since 2012, the Colts have gone for two points 10 times, batting .500 in those attempts (5-for-10).

Andrew Luck figures there will undoubtedly be a time in 2015 (and possibly early 2016) where the Colts seriously entertain bypassing the 33-yard extra point.

"That's something worth talking about with all the coaches," Luck said earlier this week. "I'm sure Coach Pagano has already thought about it and the offensive staff and the defensive staff and how to approach things.

"There may be a little bit of re-calibration with how you view certain situations in the game, certainly. It should be a little interesting."

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