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Season ticket member Amber Grasso gifts blanket for Tylan Jones and baby born at Lucas Oil Stadium

Grasso gave Jones the blanket during the Colts Week 8 game against the New Orleans Saints.

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When nine-month-pregnant Tylan Jones came to Lucas Oil Stadium on October 22, she was just looking to support her cousin David Bell, an Indianapolis native who plays wide receiver for the visiting Cleveland Browns.

Instead, she went into labor during the game and ended up giving birth to a beautiful baby girl she named Kimmarie, her third child.

"I wasn't planning on having her there, but it was a crazy moment and a great experience," Jones said. "It's been a great experience with all the people that I've met since having her there and all the congratulations and all the things that I've received and all the people that just want to do something for her. So, it's really been a blessing."

The following week, Tylan, Kimmarie and the rest of the Jones family returned to the stadium where in front of over 60,000 fans, they were gifted a year-supply of diapers courtesy of the Colts.

However, the gifts did not end there. Longtime season ticket member Amber Grasso gifted Kimmarie a pink blanket, which she gave Tylan during last Sunday's game against the New Orleans Saints.


It was a happy accident that Grasso had a blanket for Kimmarie in the first place. During Colts games, she usually brings a crotchet hook and yarn so that she can crotchet when there are breaks in the action. That was what she was doing when the security guard in her section mentioned the birth of Kimmarie to her.

"He came up to me and said, 'Hey, did you hear that we had a baby born in the stadium today?' and I go, 'No.' He said, 'Yeah, you think you could whip her up one of those blankets for her pretty quick?' and I said, 'Well, sure.'" Grasso said. "So, [the next] Sunday at the game I found him and said, 'I have the blanket that you asked me to make.' and he said, 'I was kidding.'"

Crocheting for others is nothing new for Grasso. She's knitted scarves for fellow season ticket members who sit near her in section 222.

Though the sentiment was a total surprise for Jones, she said she appreciated the gesture.

"It was really random. They had called me like, 'We have somebody that made a blanket for the baby.' So, it wasn't like I was expecting it or anything," Jones said. "So, I'm just blessed to be able to receive something from someone else just for having a baby at the stadium. So, [I'm] just happy that people are happy that we made history in a good way."

While there probably won't be another baby born at Lucas Oil Stadium or at least not anytime soon, Grasso said she has them covered too.

"The security guard joked with me and asked if I would make a blanket for the next baby born at the stadium," Grasso said. "I told him, 'I sure would.'"

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