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Jaguars-Colts Game Report

Jaguars-Colts Game Report





Colts 30, Jacksonville 10


After a KO return to the 17, MJD ran for three yards to start the drive.  Henne hit Lewis on a TE screen that Lewis took for 36 yards to the Colts' 44.  Henne and Sanders hit for four yards, then Todman ran right for no gain.  Henne and Sanders were incomplete to bring up fourth down at the Colts' 40.  Henne hit MJD for the first down to the Colts' 31.  Henne hit Sanders for two yards, then hit Taylor for short yards.  On third-and-seven, Henne hit Danny Noble for short yardage to bring up fourth-and-six.  Henne missed to Noble in the end zone and the Colts took over.

Matt Hasselbeck in game and hits Da'Rick Rogers for first down, and Jax was penalized for personal foul, moving the ball to the 39.  Indianapolis was able to move to the 21-yard line and Adam Vinatieri ended the possession with a 39-yard field goal.  Colts 30, Jacksonville 3.

Henne was sacked by Freeman to bring up a third-and-12.  Henne hit Taylor for 11 yards on an out route.  MJD converted the fourth down with a three-yard bullrush.  Mathis sacked Henne on first down for nine yards, then Henne and Sanders missed.  On third-and-19, Henne and Sanders picked up 10 yards to force a punt.  Anger punted to the Colts' 21, after the Jaguars were hit for obstructing a fair catch, the Colts started at their 36.


Henne and Lamaar Thomas missed on a first-down pass, then hit a slant route for 18 yards.  MJD ran for four yards to end the quarter.

Brown ran off the left side for two yards to start the drive.  Brown hit the middle for six yards to bring up third-and-short.  Luck hit Whalen for a first down to the Jax 47.  Brown ran off the right side for one yard and gained one yard again on second down.  On third-and-eight, Havili caught a Luck pass for three yards to bring up a punt.  McAfee booted the kick to the Jax 11.

Brown had a 16-yard reception on first down.  MJD ran left for one yard.  Henne and Brown clicked again for 17 yards to the Colts' 46.  Henne and Sanders missed on a short backfield pass on first down.  MJD was halted for one yard to bring up a third-and-nine, then he caught a Henne pass to bring up a fourth-and-one.  From the gun, Henne overthrew Sanders in the left flat.  Indianapolis took over on downs.

Richardson ran for one yard on first down, then hit for five yards on second down.  On third-and-four, Richardson was swarmed under on a shotgun rush to bring up fourth down.  McAfee punted for a touchback, 65 yards.

Tickets distributed 66,008.

After a touchback, MJD ran for three yards around the right side.  Henne was incomplete on second down.  On third-and-seven from the gun, Henne was incomplete.  Anger punted 49 yards to the Colts' 28.

After a touchback, Brown was caught for a one-yard loss.  Luck hit Jack Doyle for short yardage, bringing up a third-and nine.  After Jax was offsides, Luck hit Hilton on a short slant route, and Hilton took the pass 41 yards.  Brown ran for seven yards to the Jax 26.  Under center, Luck gave to Brown for no gain.  Luck from the gun hit Hilton for 19 yards.  Luck then hit Whalen for seven yards and the score.  Colts 27, Jacksonville 3.


Luck hit Brown on first down, but the play lost seven yards back to the Colts' 46.  Luck hit Hilton for 12 yards to the 34, then hit LaVon Brazill for a first down to the Jax 23.  Luck was incomplete to Fleener on first down with nine seconds left.  From the fun, Luck hit Stanley Havili to the Jacksonville eight, and Vinatieri ended the half with a 26-yard field goal.  Vinatieri now has 2,002 points, tying George Blanda for 7th-most.  Colts 20, Jacksonville 3.

Bjoern Werner is questionable to return with an ankle injury.

Henne hit Taylor for six yards to start the drive.  Henne missed to Lewis in tight coverage from Josh Gordy.  Henne hit Taylor for a first down to the 40.  Henne missed a short pass to the left sideline at the two-minute warning.  MJD caught a slant pass for seven yards to bring up a third-and-three.  Henne from the gun hit Lewis on a swing route for the first down.  Jax took its second timeout after the eight-yard gain to the 45.  MJD took a screen pass 14 yards to the 31, and Jax took its last timeout.  Antoine Bethea picked off Henne's deep pass, returning it 46 yards to the Jax 39.

Luck missed Hilton on a slant to start the drive.  Luck off a faked reverse hit Richardson for six yards to bring up a third-and-four.  Luck was sacked on third down, the Colts' first three-and-out.  McAfee punted to the Jax 23, 44 yards.

Henne hit Harbor for three yards to start the drive.  Henne hit Mike Brown and with yards after the catch, it was a 10-yard gain and a first down.  Henne was incomplete deep on the left sideline on first down.  Jax was hit for intentional grounding.  On second-and-20, Henne had to dump the pass to bring up third-and-20.  Henne hit Sanders short and Butler bottled up the completion after four yards.  Anger punted to the Colts' 35, 49 yards.

Aubrayo Franklin is questionable to return with knee injury. 

LaVon Brazill returned the kickoff to the Colts' 12.  Hilton caught a WR screen pass for two yards.  Brown was stacked up for two yards on an inside handoff.  On third-and-six, Luck hit Hilton for the first down at the 25.  Richardson ran right for two yards.  From the gun, Luck hit Whalen for nine yards and a first down at the 36.  Luck from the gun hit Brown for short yardage.  On second-and-eight, Luck hit Brown again, and Brown converted the short toss into a nine-yard gain and a first down.  From his 47, Brown hit for two yards on a delayed draw.  Luck missed Saunders while rolling left to bring up third-and-eight.  Luck scrambled for six yards.  Pat McAfee punted out of bounds at the Jax nine, 38 yards.

MJD gained three yards to the 45 to set up a third-and-seven.  From the gun, Henne hit MJD downfield for 13 yards.  Henne hit Taylor for eight yards.  Todman worked off right tackle for three yards and a first down.  From the 21, Bjoern Werner batted down a pass.  MJD got short yardage up the middle, with LaRon Landry on the stop.  Henne from the gun missed to Ace Sanders with tight coverage from Darius Butler.  Josh Scobee hit a 37-yard field goal to end the drive.  Colts 17, Jacksonville 3.

Vontae Davis is questionable to return with a groin injury suffered in the first quarter.


Starting on the 40 after an out-of-bounds KO, MJD ran for four yards.  Henne hit Clay Harbor for eight yards to the Colts' 48, Jax's first penetration.  Henne missed to Marcedes Lewis on a slant route to end the quarter.

From the 22, Luck missed Hilton deep after Luck escaped pressure. From the gun, Luck hit Griff Whalen on a quick screen for nine yards.  From a jumbo look, Richardson picked up two yards.  Luck from the gun hit Richardson just past the scrimmage line, gaining 11 yards.  Luck from the gun hit Hilton on a deep out route for 37 yards.  Luck then was incomplete, and Richardson ran for nine yards.  Luck kept for a first down to the seven.  Richardson ran for three yards to the four.  From the gun, Luck threw for Hilton into double coverage and was incomplete.  On third-and-goal from the four, Luck threw the ball away while scrambling.  Adam Vinatieri hit a 23-yard field goal to end the drive.  Colts 17, Jacksonville 0.

After a touchback, MJD ran for three yards off the right side.  MJD then ran up the middle for six yards.  On third-and-one, Henne was stopped short on a sneak.  Anger punted to the Colts' 22, 49 yards.

Luck hit Hilton for five yards to start the drive.  From the gun, Luck hit Fleener on the left hash on a slant for 25 yards.  From the Jax 24, Luck hit Wes Saunders for 18 yards to the six.   Luck scrambled but could not hit Hilton in the end zone.  Hilton caught a WR screen and reached the two-yard line.  On third-and-goal, Luck overthrew Fleener on a fade route.  On four-and-goal, Trent Richardson went in for the score off left tackle in a jumbo package.  Colts 14, Jacksonville 0.

After a Jordan Todman return to the 21, Henne missed to Todman on a crossing route.  From the gun, Henne had his pass batted by Freeman.  Robert Mathis sacked Henne on third down and after a Bryan Anger punt, the Colts start at their 46.

From the Jax 42, Luck from the gun gave to Donald Brown for seven yards.  Going up-tempo, Luck and Coby Fleener missed on a deep post route when the ball was dislodged inside the five.  On third-and-three, from the gun Jax jumped offsides.  With a first down at the 30, Luck hit T.Y. Hilton for 11 yards on a crossing route to the 19. Brown gained three yards off right tackle from the gun on first down.  Luck and Griff Whalen missed on an end-zone slant route again when coverage dislodged the ball.  On third-and-seven, Luck hit Hilton for a first down, eight yards.  Up tempo again, Luck hit Hilton on a crossing route to the one.  On a quick snap, Brown dived in for the score.  Eight plays, 42 yards, mostly up tempo.  Colts 7, Jacksonville 0.

Starting at the 20 after a touchback, Chad Henne hit Kerry Taylor for 15 yards and a first down.  From the gun, Maurice Jones-Drew (MJD) got one yard on a draw play, then went off tackle for five yards before fumbling.  Darius Butler recovered at the Colts' 42.  Jerrell Freeman forced the fumble.

Jacksonville won the coin toss and elected to receive.


The roof and window are closed in Lucas Oil Stadium


S-Sergio Brown

CB-Sheldon Price

LB-Daniel Adongo

OG-Mike McGlynn

OG-Joe Reitz

DE-Cory Redding

DT-Ricky Jean Francois


Ricardo Mathews at DT Cory Redding

Fili Moala at DT for Ricky Jean Francois

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