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Colts Mailbag

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Colts Wednesday Mailbag: What Does Johnathan Hankins Do For The Defense?

Intro: This Wednesday, mailbag readers inquire about still drafting an outside linebacker, playing time debate for Kamar Aiken and Phillip Dorsett, plus how the defensive line depth will be handled in 2017.


INDIANAPOLIS – Each week, readers of can submit their questions to have a chance of them being answered in our Wednesday or Saturday mailbag.

Here is the collection of Wednesday questions:

Justin R. (Haymarket, VA)

Hey Kevin, with all the new pieces on the defense, on paper it would appear that it should be better in general, with that being said how much will this help our offense going against them in practice? And how much will this help prepare the oline

Bowen: This probably is not something you immediately think of when assessing the offseason. If the defense can improve, it certainly will be better from a competition standpoint in practice. But remember that there's going to be those inevitable growing pains for the defense early on. With so many new faces on that side of the ball, practice for them is going to be all about cohesion and getting that group on the same page.

Julian C. (San Diego)

whats up kevin, im born an raised in san diego, and not a charger fan.. been a colts fan, and Notre dame fan all my life. why don't the colts get more Notre dame players? its right up the road? you see a lot of Stanford players but you would think players coming from Note dame would be a good fit? does it have to do something with the head coach brian Kelly? I think he is one the best coachs in college football ND has skill and talent. your thoughts..

Bowen: The Colts have one Notre Dame player on the roster (Matthias Farley). Sergio Brown was another recent Golden Domer who played for the Colts. I don't think Brian Kelly has anything to do with the lack of Notre Dame players on the roster. Just because the school is in the same state doesn't mean that NFL team is going to have a bunch of players from there. Notre Dame, as you know, is a major national brand. NFL teams scout the entire U.S. Everyone wants talent from ND, Stanford etc.

Benny F. (El Paso, TX)

With the new acquisition of Johnathan Hankins do you think that the colts are set at DT. Johnathan Hankins, David Parry, Hassan Ridgeway, and Al woods sound good enough for me. Your thoughts

Bowen: I think they are. Frankly, it's going to be a battle to make the team on the defensive line. Let's say the Colts keep six defensive linemen on the team. You've got Johnathan Hankins, Henry Anderson and Kendall Langford. Then you have Hassan Ridgeway. So, if you have two open spots, guys like David Parry, Al Woods, T.Y. McGill and Margus Hunt will be in heavy competition for those spots.

Isaiah D. (Portland)

Ive been reading things about an atmosphere change from Grigson to Ballard. How much of an impact do you think Ballards relational skills will have on W's this season? I feel like Grigson had more of a Belicheck, do whatever it takes to win, mentality. My favorite part of being a colts fan, especially since Chuck has come to the team, is that it is such a positive never give up environment. Do you think we can get back to our winning ways without losing that "Is it a sunny day outside? Then it's a good day" mentality that Chuck brings now that we have Ballard and him working in tandem?

Bowen: Correlating Chris Ballard's ability to relate to a variety of people directly to wins and losses is difficult. Ultimately, those skills should help build a better roster. Of course, that's going to take some time. With Chuck Pagano, he's even said that he must make some changes as a head coach. After five years, do some messages from Pagano (or how he presents those to his players) need to change? I don't know how much Ballard's personality is going to impact the team itself during the season. Pagano is the main voice when talking to players.

Silas M. (Shelbyville, IN)

I would really like to see R. Foster on the colts roster after the draft. If that does not happen and we end up taking a different position with our first pick. What are your thoughts on the probability of A. Morrison being a legit starting ILB for the Colts.

I thought he did ok, not great, in his first year. I recall Pagano being high on him and wonder if he fits into what Ballard has in mind.

I really hope that A Morrison and Maggit can become playmakers for our D. Your thoughts on Maggit's fist year and how you think he fits as well. 


Bowen: I wouldn't mind seeing a little more from Morrison. He's probably not a three-down linebacker at this level. However, I'm a fan of his presence and the way he plays the game. His physicality could really help on run downs and set a tone for the defense. With Maggitt, he should have a totally different feel to his body after rehabbing a hip injury last year. He's now a full year and a half removed from the season-ending hip injury he had at Tennessee. I want to see if a healthy Maggitt can get on the field and show the double-digit sack ability he had in the SEC.

Stephen G. (Las Vegas)

Kevin thanks for everything you do for the Colts and especially us fans. My friends and their teams definitely don't provide the insight information as you do for the Colts, and if so they just haven't found it. However I have a few questions about the Colts.

  1. How do the signing of Hankins change the approach to the draft for the Colts? 2. We've seen the Colts going after Top DTs, is this just Chris Ballard adding competition or Do the Colts know David Parry won't be available for the season with his off field issues? 3. Chris Ballard was involved in the drafting of Marcus Peters, any chance we see Chris pull the trigger on a red flag player in his first draft as Colts GM?

Thanks for everything Kevin

Bowen: No problem at all Stephen. Happy to do it. 1. It should eliminate any lingering need for a defensive tackle in the draft. Hankins is a 25-year-old player on a three-year contract. You can build around him in the interior. 2. If the Colts knew Parry was going to be gone, I'm not sure why he would still be on the roster. The Colts like Parry and what he's given them the last two years. But they've longed for an upgrade at that position and Hankins has a much more natural nose tackle build. For now, I expect Parry to compete for some playing time, while the legal process plays out. 3. I do not think for a second Ballard is going to ignore a character-risk player. He's obviously going to do his research to make sure the fit is there. But I don't think he will be turning his head away from those sorts of players just because it's his first draft.

James C. (Northwest, England)

Hi Kevin hope you're okay.
My question is about a player nobody seems to be talking about with the Colts but I think he's perfect for us. It's Jarrad Davis the linebacker out of Florida. For me watching his film he is Reuben Foster just without the off field concerns. Why isn't he being talked about at the 15th pick? He is a leader and a hard hitter that is really tough and it's something we need on defense so if Foster isn't there or Ballard isn't high on Foster why not take Davis? Thanks for your time dude

Bowen: Is 15 too early for Davis? I haven't seen really any Mock Drafts that have him going that high. It seems like the Colts could wait and try to get Davis in the second round. And with Foster, he doesn't really deserve the label of "off-field concerns." One minor incident at the Combine shouldn't drop him too much. That's my opinion, of course. After listening to what happened with Foster at the Combine, it's nothing too serious to really question his character.

Eric J. (Bellevue, WA)

Hey first time posting as a colt fan since 2003. I've always loved reading these mail responses by the way thank you for that. I have a question/statement. I feel the mock drafts I've seen are really stirring a different direction than I would have expected. We'vd got a solid defensive line now, signed a few good outside linebackers, yet I'm seeing edge rusher as a first round pick. I think it's a clear choice to go with (best case scenario) ILB Rueben Foster, a position of dire need and would work perfectly for someone who can be a leader and a real playmaker. If unavailable I would definitely look at a corner, hopefully one of the top three still available. Then third I'd go with a game changer or play maker at running back. We couldn't pass up on someone like Dalvin Cook or Fournette. No way. Gore at 34, with a backup of just Turbin who's never produced as a full time running back, it just makes the most sense to go with a day one starter and have gore alternate. No offense to gore but we need speed and play making and gore is more of just a good vision running back. What do you think? I understand we need to get to the quarterback better but the free agent moves seem like solid options and drafting a rusher later on could provide better value and be able to learn and rotate in with the new members. Thoughts???

Bowen: Eric, it's been a while. Good to have you back after more than a decade. What you are missing right now at outside linebacker is a pure pass rusher, who also is young and under contract for at least four years. To find such a prospect, you turn to the draft. Jabaal Sheard and John Simon have some great traits. But they don't fit the pure pass rusher mold. To acquire those unique characteristics, the draft has to be explored. Look at free agency this year. The top pass rushers never hit the open market. Melvin Ingram and Nick Perry, for example, were retained by the teams that drafted them. That's why you cannot ignore outside linebacker if the right rusher is there when the Colts get on the clock.

Hugh C. (Spring Branch, TX)

I'm assuming the blue chip Rush DEs and corners will be gone by 15. I agree with you and think we need to come away with a RB in this draft. I really like Joe Mixon. His size, speed, pass protection and reception ability make him that rare three down back. I don't see him lasting until the mid second round. But I wouldn't mind seeing us trade back to later in the first and still snag him. Do you think the Colts are one of the teams that are interested in him or does his off field problem from years ago make him a no go for the Colts?

Bowen: When Chris Ballard was asked about Joe Mixon a few weeks ago he said the Colts hadn't looked into the Oklahoma running back too much. Who knows if that was a smokescreen or not. Purely my guess, but I don't think the Colts will be drafting Mixon. That's my hunch. And trading into the first to get Mixon would be a big mistake, in my mind.

Joseph B. (Kokomo, IN)

Hey Kevin

Thanks for answering all the questions you get every week it helps me get MY FIXINGS ...My question is about Johnathan Hankins pick up ...with his signing does it take the pressing need to go defensive line in the first round ....I would love for them to go corner in the first round but to see them grab Cam Robinson or Forest Lamp might be just as beneficial b4 Hankins pickup I thought there was no way they go offense in the first round but now with the Hankins pickup do u think that means there leaning toward Oline in the first round?

Bowen: No, I do not think that. To me, selecting the best player at outside linebacker or cornerback is the way to go in Round One. I'm not an offensive line fan to start the draft.

Landen S. (Washington)

What will Hassan ridgeways role become in the coming years? Could he become a full time starter or just stay as a rotational player like TY Mcgill

Bowen: I see Hassan Ridgeway as probably the team's top defensive line reserve in 2017. If healthy, Kendall Langford and Henry Anderson are starters for this team. Ridgeway could see plenty of playing time if he is first DL body off the bench. You have so much rotation up front and Ridgeway is going to factor into the playing time.

Marco M. (Mexico City)

Hello Kevin!
With Simon, Sheard, Hankins, and Mingo, do you thing that the Colts have already a good defense? What do they need?

Bowen: They have an improving defense. The certainly still need a cornerback, and probably two of those. They could still use additional depth at linebacker as well. It's been a productive free agency for the defensive side of the ball. The draft needs to churn out more talent for Ted Monachino's unit.

Rob L. (Sioux City, IA)

When a GM sees that a guy like Swoope has great potential, why not offer him a decent contract now instead of waiting for him to have a breakout year and pay much more?

Bowen: Well, devil's advocate would say, what if Swoope doesn't reach that potential? The Colts are not in serious cap jeopardy to where they should be worried about such a problem (a good problem at that). Swoope still is so young in his football experience. He must prove himself in a more expanded role, with growing blocking responsibilities, before the Colts throw a bigger pay day his way.

Anthony T. (Philadelphia)

Hey Kevin, first I wanted to thank you for answering my couple of questions on Saturday's mailbag. 

Last time I asked 3 questions about the draft so I'll change it up this time. 

My question is what do you think of our new GM. After all free agency should be done for the colts. So between all the interviews and all that he's done this offseason and all he plans to do with our organization, what's your take on Chris Ballard?

Personally, I loved what he's done with our defense and even the few additions on offense weren't bad. I like his mindset and if he proves to be able to draft correctly, I think Jim Irsay hit a home run in making him GM. Thanks Kevin, have a wonderful day.

Bowen: He's very impressive. The thing I notice from Ballard is his poise and the vibe you get from him is that nothing will be done in a rash way. He's not going to make impulse decisions. The vast, vast majority of deals in free agency were short-term contracts with money frontloaded. He wanted to add competition through prove-it deals, knowing the draft is where the true roster building should come from.

Dan A. (Indiana)

Hi Kevin! 
I know I'm not an expert on an expert on football rosters but I do watch a lot of football and follow the rosters closely. There is no sugar coating it, the cornerback position looks horrible. I know you are in favor of replacing Robert Mathis but I don't believe it's the biggest need on the defense right now, especially since the Colts have loaded up on that position in free agency. Let's see what those guys are capable of on this team before we dismiss them. Saying that, with the 15th selection I'm going to say the Colts select Gareon Conley (Ohio State). Marlon Humphrey (Alabama) and Marshon Lattimore (Ohio State) maybe if one of them are still available. If the Colts trade down, Chidobe Awuzie (Colorado) is a name that mock drafts seem to like. You can still get your edge rusher in the later rounds.

Bowen: I have really no problem with cornerback being the choice at No. 15. Earlier in the mailbag, I explained why I still believe the outside linebacker position should not be ignored. I completely understand why you have cornerback in the No. 1 slot. I probably have it 1A.

Doug H. (West Milford, NJ)

I read on Stampede Blue that the Colts will not be receiving any compensatory draft picks Thanks again for all your responses. I liked Takk before and like him even more after i read about his life and his resiliency to keep his and his grandmothers dream alive to play in the nfl. Im hoping for a speedy recovery for him and just wanted to see what you thought about him at 15, if Foster or Barnett are off the board. Hes a blue collar hard working high motor guy who i think would fit perfect. Thank you again for all your work you do for the fans and have a happy easter

Bowen: Doug, hope you had a nice Easter, too. The Mock Draft talk around McKinley is building and building. That's for sure. We will see if No. 15 is the spot for the UCLA pass rusher.

Jeff L. (Ellicott City, MD)

Hi Kevin. You've been very consistent in your view that the Colts should draft EDGE & CB in the first two rounds. Recent mock drafts have shown Reuben Foster potentially falling to the Colts' pick and in one of your recent mailbag answers you said you would take him. I agree and think he could be a huge difference maker for the Colts. With Foster taking that #1 pick, how would you handle the EDGE and CB needs? Do you stay with thr current slots and take best available at those positions, or do you think about trading up maybe from your 3rd round slot to a higher 3 or late 2 so you can get an impact guy at both of the high need positions? Thanks.

Bowen: This is a good question. It's hard to answer until the prospects start flying off the board come draft time. It would be hard to wait until the middle of Round Three for a cornerback or an outside linebacker but that might just have to happen. I'd probably rather wait on OLB, than CB because of the importance in needs.

Rodney A. (Baltimore)

I saw a CBS mock draft that has the Colts getting Reuben Foster in the first round and Tim Williams in the second which is ideal. Would the Colts draft both if presented with that scenario.

Second question: What do you know about T.J. Logan of North Carolina? He's the fastest rb in the draft. What round will he get drafted?

Bowen: 1. Without knowing what other prospects are available at the time, I think these selections would make sense. I'd be a little worried about passing on a cornerback for two straight rounds though. 2. It seems like Logan has a chance to be a later-round selection in 2017. I do not know a whole lot about him. I do think the Colts should have interest in the speedier backs in this year's deep ball carrier group.

Grant L. (Jasper, IN)

Hi Kevin. Thanks as always for answering everyone's questions. My question involves free agent defensive end Dwight Feeney. Do you see a potential reunion. For the past few years he's been a free agent, signed a cheap contract at the beginning of the season, and then gone on to prove why he is still a quality player. I don't see why we should pass up on a quality player such as Freeney especially given his history in Indy and the colts screaming need for defensive players. So what is your opinion on this. Thank you.

Bowen: Another Dwight Freeney question slides into this week's Wednesday mailbag. I get the reasoning for such a question, but this isn't the sort of path Chris Ballard has followed at all this offseason. He's parted ways with so many older free agents. In my mind, drafting a young situational pass rusher and letting him grow into an every down player would make the most sense in finding a player to fill that specific role.

Rico W. (Tulsa)

Kevin, Do the Colts pick S.Perine out of Oklahoma, if he is available? He is a Gamer and a durable back!


Bowen: I've always been a fan of watching Perine run. He could be a good fit in the middle-ish rounds for sure.

Ben D. (Voorhees, NJ)

Hello Kevin,

I followed this offseason tightly and can honestly say for the first time in a while, I'm excited with what the Colts did in Free Agency. That said, I have a couple questions which are a bit scattered. Your insight would be much appreciated!

1) Based on my own opinion, I think Ballard very well may be the "best GM of the century". I was wondering if the locker room and Colts Staff share the same sentiments, especially after FA?

2) Dorsett has been disappointing, especially as a first rounder. Do you think Kamar Aiken's arrival will spark some life into Dorsett through healthy competition? Who wins out?

3) I understand the Colts have tons of defensive needs. I know that the "best player availible" strategy is typical, but where do you think the Colts begin drafting based on need over best player available?

4) Where do we see our first offensive player drafted? Which position? On a related note, any strong need for a fresh back-up QB?

5) Sorry to have asked so much so far, I promise, this is my last question...for now :). It appears that a lot of the CBs that could go R1 and R2 are bunched together skill wise, who do you think stands out, or more importantly, who could slide and is worth the wait? 

Thanks again, Kevin. Go Colts and Happy Holidays!

Bowen: 1. Not even three months onto the job, Chris Ballard is already receiving "GM of the century" tags. I think Ballard did a very solid job with his first free agency. But it's way too early to start accurately putting that label on him. I know Jim Irsay thinks very, very highly of him, as he should. Players rarely comment on a GM and it probably depends on if you still have your job or not, whether you like the man constructor of the roster 2. I see these two involved in specific packages on offense. Aiken is more of your power receiver, bringing a physical presence. Dorsett is the guy to stretch the field and stress opposing safeties. 3. Ballard has made it clear that best player available will be the approach. Good news is that a defensive heavy draft talent wise should be good for the Colts, given what that side of the ball still needs. 4. Let's go with a fourth-round running back or tight end. I don't think a strong-need is there for a fresh backup. Scott Tolzien and/or Stephen Morris are more than capable. 5. The Ohio State cornerbacks are very intriguing to me. If one of them is there at No. 15, it's going to be hard to say no.

Luke R. (Rochester, NY)

Hey Kevin,
A few more draft questions.

  1. What do you think of edge rusher Joe Mathis? I consider him to be a great sleeper in the 3-4th round.
  2. Would it be smart to pass up some of the elite defensive guys early and go after Christian McCaffery? I consider him to be the best dual threat back in the class, and there is no one else in the class as good as he is in running and receiving.
  3. Are you keeping up on the NHL playoffs? If so, who do you have winning the Stanley Cup?
  4. Finally, what is your estimate of the defensive rankings next year (1-32)?

Bowen: 1. Think he could be a fit. However, I'm not sure if the Colts can wait that long on taking an edge rusher in the draft. 2. I don't believe so. The Colts have very little young defensive talent to build around on the defensive side of the ball. That must change. You can wait on a running back. 3. I'm a Capitols guy. I went to high school with defenseman John Carlson, so that's where my rooting interest lies for Lord Stanley. 4. I assume you are asking where the Colts will finish? I've got the Colts in 18th spot for the defensive rankings.

Seth S. (Portland, IN)

Hey Kevin,

I have seen a lot of questions about running backs lately in the mail bag and was wondering about Donnel Pumphrey. Is he someone the Colts would look at in the 4th or 5th rounds? I know there are concerns about his size but his is very quick and shifty. Thanks for answering all of our questions. I love reading them.

Bowen: The little I saw of Pumphrey last year, I liked what he showed. That kid is quick. The Colts might want a more complete back if they are looking to the future after Frank Gore. But Pumphrey has some unique speed.

Stan C. (Minneapolis)

Hey, Kevin! Thanks as always for all your hard work! With the signing of Johnathan Hankins, I think the Colts are done with major FA signings. As a longtime proponent of getting a true NT to anchor the 3-4, I'm ecstatic. It's this signing in particular that prompted this question:

Who do you think will benefit most by the Colts' FA class? I tend to think the biggest benefactors will be high-upside defensive linemen who could thrive next to Hank, particularly with rotational snaps. Henry Anderson, T.Y. McGill, and Hassan Ridgeway could all thrive on the line this year. Who are your picks for most improved players based on FA alone?

Bowen: Another great question, Stan. You make strong cases for some of the defensive lineman and I agree with those names. Honestly, I think those are the main ones. Several of the other free agents are more individual impact guys. If the outside linebacker/pass rush play improves, it's going to help a guy like Vontae Davis out a whole bunch. But that might be asking too much of that position group with Jabaal Sheard and John Simon leading the way off the edge.

Zack B. (Indianapolis)

Hey Kevin, I read your mailbags often, but i havent wrote in for a long time. I have a couple questions. 
1. What are your thoughts of the Colts going with Foster at 15? what are the chances?
2. What position or player do you think the colts should draft round 2? 
My 3rd and final question is do you see Alvin Kamara falling into round 3? If so, do you think the Colts will jump on him?

I'd love for you to answer these questions thanks for Everything Kevin!

Bowen: 1. I love it. I'd say the chances are just below 30-40 percent. I find it hard to believe Foster is really going to drop until 15 overall. 2. Let's go outside linebacker in Round One and cornerback in Round Two. 3. From the Mock Drafts I've seen, Kamara isn't lasting until Round Three.

Thomas G. (Tucson, AZ)

Hey kB how are you doing today? My question is first round of the draft. Let's say teams make a run out inside and outside linebackers. And our pick comes up. What do you think about Gareon Conley from Ohio State I think he can be our courner peace across from Davis. But if Ruben Foster falls to our pick. Should we take him and pass on CB until the 2nd round? What's your thoights KB? Thank you for your mailbag every week. Have a good day.

Bowen: I'm great, Thomas. Thanks for sending in a question. I'd be just fine with a cornerback like Conley for the Colts. If it's Conley or Foster, that's a tough one for me. I'd probably give cornerback the slight edge, but that's a really small edge. I'd be honestly okay with either selection in that scenario.

Devin C. (Edgerton, OH)

Hey Kevin,

I really enjoy reading your mailbag and this is my first time submitting a question so here it goes...I know you said you think we should look for a rookie running back in this year's draft in the middle rounds, which I agree with. So I'm curious as to which of those mid round guys you like the best. Guys like Mixon, Foreman, Kamara, etc. ??

Thanks for your time!

Bowen: When I've been asked about a specific running back for the Colts in the draft, I keep on coming back to the speed component for the ball carrier position. That attribute is probably lacking when you compare the Colts' running backs to the rest of the NFL. You find me a guy with that skillset and I think the rookie could come in and make a pretty early impact in offering something unique to the current offensive makeup.

Alex C. (Brighton, England)

Unfortunately i was in Arizona when the Colts played in London. We hear lots of positive noise about the NFL having a team in London, but what do the Colts really think of the idea. Personally i have supported the Colts since i saw them at Candlestick park in the 80s and i would not support a London team over the Colts. A new stadium with a proper NFL surface and facilities is being built in Tottenham so the facilities would be in place but i feel having individual games rather than a team is a better solution. I'm sure Germany could support a few games too. To my mind the only way this can work is by extending the season if the NFL really wants to spread internationally. What do you honestly think?

Bowen: First, I loved my time over in London. The NFL experience over there was awesome. I just think the logistics of having a team in London is too difficult for a permanent team. The competitive advantage (or disadvantage) for a team in London is immense. Where do tryout guys come from early in the week? How does a playoff game work if Seattle is a Wild Card team playing over in London on a short week? Will free agents be willing to visit over in London? How will the schedule work for teams following games in London? To me there's just so many questions to answer. I think the NFL could play 4-to-8 games over there each season where you can rotate teams enough to where it makes sense and you aren't taxing teams too much from a travel standpoint.

Jesse G. (Largo, FL)

Hi Kevin, here is my mock draft for the Colts based on position. What do you think?
1. Edge Rusher
2. CB
3. RB
4. CB
4. DL
4. TE
5. OL

Bowen: Where do I sign up? I like the lay out of this mock.

Chris M. (Sioux Falls, SD)

One questions before the draft. If Sidney Jones is available in the 3rd, would you take him?. I know Chris Ballard is a new gm n wants to show what he can do. But we've wasted higher picks on terrible players. Werner, dorsett, n Richardson trade. Take a risk if he is actually the best corner in this draft before his injury. Thanks

Bowen: We've had this question a few times in the past few weeks. I'm not a fan of it. The Colts need instant impact contributors from their rookies. Spending a third-round pick on Jones would not allow for that. An Achilles' injury scares me for a cornerback. His medical re-check is going to be huge in seeing where Jones will be selected.

Kevin H. (Peoria, IL)

Hello Kevin,

Based off of many mock drafts, It seems like the three most popular picks for the Colts in round 1 are Reuben Foster, Takkarist McKinley, and Haason Reddick. All three have their strengths. My question to you is, if all three are available, who should the Colts take? Out of the three, McKinley would be my first choice, since he fills a need at what is in my opinion the most important position on our defense. Foster is probably the best player of the three, but part of me wonders if his talent is overinflated from being on a talented Alabama Defense. Reddick might be the most physically gifted prospect in the draft, but can he use that gift to develop into a more refined athlete? Thanks!

Bowen: Boy, this is a tough one. I honestly think you can make pretty compelling cases for all three guys. You pretty much began some of the reasoning on why each prospect would make sense, while also pointing out the cons for each. If you are going to put me on the spot and pick one, I'd go with Reddick. Why? Probably just with the injury concerns on Foster/McKinley. The Colts have to hit on this first-round pick. So if you put those three in front of me, I'd give the slimmest of edges to Reddick.

Jacob B. (Connersville, IN)

Hey Kevin, I have a few questions for you. First of all let's say you're the GM what players would you pick in the first three rounds? Also who's your favorite pass rusher in this draft? What do you think about Derek Barnett? I personally am not a big fan of him I think a lot of his sacks came from busted plays and QBs holding on to the ball too long. I think he's more of an Erik Walden than a consistent 10 sack guy. To me he's just not exspolsive enough. I think in a pass rusher you need a guy with speed preferably a guy that runs a 4.5-4.69 forty range. The more I look at the draft I think the first round will either be Reuben foster if available, or trade down and get a pass rusher, or a cornerback

Bowen: 1. I'd go edge rusher, cornerback, and either cornerback/inside linebacker in Round Three. 2. Myles Garrett. 3. I understand the comparison for Barrett. He certainly doesn't have elite Combine-like numbers. But that production in the SEC is what I keep on coming back to. His consistency was really impressive to me as well.

Matt H. (Metea, IN)

Greetings Kevin, Love the Mailbag, I love to see all the Colts Nation fans submit ideas. I have a few questions. 1) I know the Colts hired a new wide recievers coach in Sanjay Lal, do you believe at anytime, that Reggie Wayne was considered for the position? 2)Any chance that Robert Mathis is going to be back for training camp as an advisor/coach? 3) Mr. Irsay has been real quiet this off season, is he in good health? I understand his unfortunate past with his hips, he seems to be very uncomfortable but looking healthier than ever. 4) Can you give us an update on what Bob Sanders is up to these days, he is one of my favorite Colts players of all time, The Hitman, as a second round pick, do you see a safety in the draft that compares to Bob's ability to throw it down? And hopefully stay healthy, unlike Bob could. Last question, with the camp being pulled out of Anderson, to the Complex on 56th Street, there is limited space available for diehards like myself to go watch the practices. What do the Colts have planned to make it more fan friendly and if the camp is going to be held there for a few years, Mr. Irsay loves fan involvement, do you foresee an expansion to make the camp for accessible for the fans? Thanks for answering!

Bowen: 1. Maybe, but has Reggie Wayne expressed any desire to get into coaching right now? Last time I spoke with Wayne he seemed to be enjoying life as a dad---something he hasn't truly been able to embrace with his NFL-life. 2. This is interesting and something I haven't thought about too much. Teams do have coaching interns during Training Camp. Mathis has made it clear that he would love to stay involved and of course still lives in Indianapolis. I'm going to do some digging on this one and see if Mathis might be around more in the offseason. Mathis was present last week at the team's Local Pro Day. 3. I saw Jim Irsay out at the League Meetings in March and he seemed to be doing great. I know he just got back from Dan Rooney's funeral on Tuesday. Hopefully, we will see and hear from Irsay during his annual draft press conference that he usually does on the final day of the draft. 4. Here’s the latest on Bob Sanders from when we caught up with him at last year's Hall of Fame induction. 5. The Colts will have a couple of open practices for camp. I assume they will be at local high schools/colleges or even Lucas Oil. The dates and times for those are yet to be determined. I'm not sure what the future holds for camp, but I would guess these open practices will garner a bunch of fans. Hopefully at least one falls on a weekend, if the schedule allows for that.

Carl T. (Phoenix)

Hi Kevin, I am a long time colt fan since 1984. Thank you for the mail bag. I read it every time it comes out. Do you see the Colts taking a RB in the first, if Mcafree, or Cook is there at 15? Both are playmakers, and would help this team. I'm curious to know what your thoughts are on those players.
Thank you.

Bowen: Carl, I do not see a running back in Round One. I'm a fan of waiting on a running back, especially in a year with so much quality at that position. Take a stud defender early on, and then find the future for Frank Gore after a couple of rounds.

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