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Colts Wednesday Mailbag: Should The Colts Trade Back In The Draft?

Intro: This Wednesday, mailbag readers inquire about trading Vontae Davis, various Mock Drafts in 2017 and if Robert Turbin should return in 2017.


INDIANAPOLIS – Each week, readers of can submit their questions to have a chance of them being answered in our Wednesday or Saturday mailbag.

Here is the collection of Wednesday questions:

Patrick T. (Germany)

Hey Kevin,

What do you think: If we would want to draft down, until where do we need to drop, in order to receive an additional second round pick? Is that even possible, 10-15 spots down in round 1 for a 2nd rounder? Or is a third round pick more likely? I think I already asked a similar question last year….

And what do you think about drafting down in the first round this year? I know, you are generally a fan of down drafting (so am I), but what to you hold more valuable in 2017: One of the top pass rushers at 14/15 or getting one additional young, defensive body?

As much as I want a player like Barnett at 14/15 and a big CB in round two, the idea of getting CB, OLB and ILB in the first two rounds instead of the first three, is really intriguing to me.

As always: Thanks a lot!

Bowen: If you trade back a dozen picks in Round One, you should be getting a middle-to-late second rounder. That would be my guess. I'm okay with trading down. But I still think you jeopardize possibly squandering a real blue chip defender in doing that. You can still find quality throughout a draft, but the Colts really need a building piece for that defense.

Paul M. (Crossville, TN)

Any thoughts on Dan Feeney, the excellent RG from Indiana U? He could be another piece in building a topnotch O line and might be available in 2nd round. Possibility or too many other needs?

Bowen: Too many other needs. He should be a great decade-long player in the NFL. But the Colts have too many other needs to address in my mind.

James F. (Denver)

Hey Kevin,

As always thanks for answering everyone's questions.

The first thing I have to say is not really a question but a statement. I am glad we cut Jackson, although he was a great player in his time, he is pretty slow for an ILB in today's game. That might be my opinion, but that leads me to my first question. Is there talk... or hope... hopefully... to add more speed to our defense? I imagine the age of many of our defenders play a role in the lack of speed, but that needs to be addressed and quickly.

I am also curious what OL you think we might have a shot to pick up in the later rounds of the draft, assuming we use at least a 5/6 on another versatile lineman.

As much as I like Vontae Davis, I think his best days are behind him. If the Colts were to consider trading him to possibly grab an extra draft pick, what round do you think we could get? Alternatively, do you think that would put us in position to pick up an elite young corner?

I imagine many will/have scoffed at what I had to say this week, but I am okay with that. I do not get paid to manage an NFL team, just to sit here and talk to clients all night and read everything posted on

My last comment is that our offensive lineman have a bright future, and I am excited as hell to watch them this year! I hope they fix the quality of our young lineman's skills in the next Madden hah!

Bowen: 1. I think speed has to be an asset explored in improving the defense. I'm not sure if Chris Ballard has directly said that, but he knows what has to be done. 2. For offensive line, the round range right around 5-to-6 is my thinking. Find another Joe Haeg and that should be enough. 3. We had a couple of Davis/trade questions this week. Maybe a third-round pick. You gave up a for a second rounder for him, so I'm thinking a handful of years later you have to be realistic in thinking a third-round pick would be best case scenario. But you can't trade Vontae Davis. Where would you turn to for a No. 1 cornerback?

Jeffrey K. (Colquitt, GA)

Hey Kevin I been seeing a lot of drafts with us taking RB Dalvin Cook in the 1st round don't get wrong I wouldn't mind about having him he's explosive but if we do that we really need to trade down in the other rounds to acquire more defensive players what are the chances of that happening? I know it may seem like we have an easy schedule next season but it's not NFC WEST & AFC NORTH plus with our division improving its not that easy all those teams have good RB's & TE's and those 2 positions have been killing us the past few years because our LB's can't cover them what are the chances we have a complete overhaul at LB? Even with up and coming LB's like Edwin Jackson & Antonio Morrison we still need to improve what do you think about us drafting Raekwon McMillan or Jared Davis in the 2nd/3rd Round and maybe pick up Zach Brown or Malcolm Smith in free agency those are instant upgrades and I know our GM loves fast LB's and Coach Pagono loves Florida guys so what are the chances of that happening?

Thanks for your time Kevin have a great day

Bowen: We get into the Cook question below. I'm intrigued by your ideas at linebacker. I could really see either free agency or the draft being used to upgrade the personnel in the middle of the defense. There are pros to either of those routes being taken. Chris Ballard says he's really looking for three-down inside linebackers. That's hard to find, but the Colts are clearly going to target that.

Aditya D. (Bettendorf, IA)

So, there is website call Fanspeak where you can run mock drafts. I was bored (don't ask) and so I began doing a mock draft. So I chose the Colts, obviously, and began drafting. My needs in order of importance were DE, OLB, DT, RB, CB, G, T, and S. Each player had a projected draft pick number next to them. I picked by assigning a number to the each of the needs, 1, 2, and so forth respectively, with S being 9. Then I added the projected pick number of the player to the number of that position. I ignored any player whose position was not on the needs list. The lowest number was the one I picked. I ended up with:
Dalvin Cook: 10 (7th ranked on draft board)
Leonard Fournette: 3 (11th)
Derek Barnett: 3 (16th)
Teez Tabor: 2 (8th)
Solomon Thomas: 1 (13th)
Jamal Adams: 1 (4th)

I have 1 bigger question and 2 sub-questions
1) Do you think that this could be close to the chance that the Colts pick each of these players in the first round? About a 50% chance the choose Cook, etc.
2) What do you think about Cook being higher on the draft board than Fournette?
3) Why do you think that more teams chose Fournette over Cook in the mock draft even though he was ranked lower?

Bowen: I. I'm a little confused by how the numbers work. I don't think there's a 50 percent chance the Colts draft Dalvin Cook. That's incredibly high for one player. I guess if Cook was on the board when the Colts were picking, then the number would be a little higher, but still that seems high in my eyes. 2. I think teams love the different ways Dalvin Cook can impact a game. His receiving ability is something scouts seem to adore. 3. Maybe he's a safer pick? That could be my only guess. Possibly scouts see Fournette with a much lower floor.

Mario M. (West New York, NJ)

Kevin, Thank you very much for all your wonderful insight and for making yourself so accessible for us "ColtBlooded" fans to be able to chime in on our beloved boys. Love your work! I know you like the notion of a pass rusher and I'm all for defense in our 1st rd pick. I see these mock drafts and see us "supposed" to be taking Cook with our 1st pick. I would hate to pass up on this kid. I think he's amazing and I think he would be the "Cook and Luck" to our "Edge and Manning". That being said, don't get me wrong, I would live with that pick, happily! But given the depth this year at RB I would be a little more content with CB Jones out of Washington or more so with Ryan Anderson out of Bama. I like Tim Will but Anderson reminds me of Brackett. Call me crazy but I'll take someone with that chip on his shoulder after the National Championship game loss, that will rep the horseshoe with pride over a player with a little more talent. Gimme another Anderson on the squad! Guarantee, he'll be in the running for defensive rookie of the year! Your thoughts? Thank you kindly for any and all attention this question gets. All the best. Go COLTS!!!

Bowen: Thanks for following along, Mario. So, we have the same thinking draft wise. Now, I haven't really seen any Mock Drafts with Anderson going that high. Draft value must be taken into account when wanting to select guys. With Anderson, you could probably be more patient in nabbing him.

Stan C. (Minneapolis)

Hey, Kevin! Thanks as always for all your hard work. I have a bit of an in-depth FA question loaded in the chamber, but I figure I'll wait til we see who receives early franchise tags beginning on Wednesday. Kansas City, in particular, will be interesting, given the high cost of retaining both Dontari Poe and Eric Berry, combined with the connection to new GM Chris Ballard. In the meantime, here's another draft question/scenario:

Let's assume that Solomon Thomas, Derek Barnett, and Reuben Foster are all gone by the time the Colts pick. Tim Williams is a hard read, in part due to off-field concerns that we can't evaluate from the outside. I think he will be impossible for the public to figure out, and his evaluation will largely depend on Ballard's impressions of his character and his non-pass rush skillset. For the sake of this scenario, let's say Williams is not under consideration in the first round either.

With Thomas, Barnett, Foster, and Williams off the board, the Colts' position becomes more complicated. What would you do in that scenario? Target one of the cornerbacks, as probably 3 or 4 of the top 5 will be available (say, Quincy Wilson or Marshon Lattimore)? Reach a bit on a defensive playmaker at a position of need while losing a bit of draft value (like Zach Cunningham or Takk McKinley)? Decide that Dalvin Cook, while not filling the biggest need, represents the greatest BPA value? Something else entirely? Would love to get your thoughts on a difficult but plausible situation we could see on draft day. Thank you for your insight!

Bowen: Let's first start by saying, this wouldn't be ideal for the Colts. But you never know with the draft, so let's take a closer look. I think corner would be my route to go down. Trading back is always something that creeps into my mind, but a cornerback that match ups the draft value is something the Colts could really use. Remember, Vonate Davis is entering a contract year in 2017. What does the future look like at corner? That's anyone's guess. If the dominoes fell in this way, scoop up a top-end cornerback.

Kenneth B. (Indianapolis)

Hey Kevin thanks for answering our questions, and by the way this is my first time wrighting. My question is do you think the answer for RB could already be on the roster with Robert Turbin. I like what I saw from him last year, and I think he could be more useful with the more reps he gets.

Bowen: We had a couple of Turbin questions this week. Check back with later today for the free agent watch on Robert Turbin. I answer a lot of what you're asking there. In short, I think Turbin is very deserving of another contract, but when I think of the future at running back, I tend to slide more towards a rookie draft pick. Turbin will turn 28 years old this year.

Alvaro F. (San Diego)

Hey Kevin, thanks for what you do for us fans. I had a draft question (....duh). I just wanted to go over some players in the first couple rounds (because honestly, most people don't pay attention after day 1)


The smartest thing to do here would be to take a pass-rusher, thats why I narrowed it down to two of what I think are top 10 material that will/may slide. Derek Barnett and Solomon Thomas. They are both outstanding prospects, but if I had to choose one, it would definitely be Solomon (sadly, most people have him going between 8-13)


Well, it a new day, but I expect Ballard to have it go the same way Day 1 went....with defense. For this round I have the 3 time DPOY's smaller brother T.J Watt (hopefully he doesn't rise because of his last name) and the other prospect would be Jordan Lewis.


This round actually holds the offensive player, and one of my personal favorites....Samaje "The Tank" Perine. Amazing overall and we would highly benefit from his trucking and agility. The other is also a running back, Alvin Kamara.

Thank you for your time, and please tell me who you would pick in each round.

Bowen: Alvaro, I could get behind this start to a draft. Maybe a cornerback would be more of a definite in my eyes, and you have that option in Round Two. I would follow a very similar path with positions in my draft.

Ken B. (New Castle, IN)

First time writer long time fan. My question is do you think that the linebacker core should be one of the main things we should address as well as the secondary on defense it seems like we are not to bad up front there is some good pieces along the Dline

Bowen: Yes. Yes. And, yes. If I had to prioritize the defensive position groups to address, it would go: linebacker, secondary (mainly cornerback) and then defensive line.

John S. (Bellevue, NE)

I've seen alot of mock drafts saying we take Dalvin Cook in the first round. I say we take a defensive player what do you think?

Bowen: I'm with you, John. Practice patience in finding another running back.

Steve J. (West Babylon, NY)

hey kevin. ive been a colt fan since the 1960s.yes I saw the colts lose to the browns in the championship game. we have seen the formula to win the super bowl. defense,defense,ie giants.the front 7 is the way to go in the draft and with free agents. do you agree that you can win with a ok offense? just remember peytons last super bowl win.

Bowen: I don't think there's an exact blueprint that should definitely be followed. But a trend of Super Bowl teams has seen stronger defenses leading to runs in the playoffs. You need complementary football to go on any playoff run. I do think the Colts have a good enough offense to make one of those runs. It's the defense that must show improvement.

Rod L. (Marion, IN)

Will they go after a RB or a LB in the first round?

Bowen: I say linebacker.

Ronald H. (Las Vegas)

Hey Kevin I was wondering do you think with Ballard's connection to the Chiefs could we see a Frank Gore and Jamaal Charles duo in the back field next year if Charles is released by the Chiefs. Also do you think signing Matt Kalil and TJ Lang would be a good idea to make our line stronger while Le'Raven Clark and Joe Haeg learn for a couple of years 

Bowen: You're getting way ahead of yourself. The Colts need to get YOUNGER at running back and Charles' injury situation is a little worrisome. As far as the offensive line, let those young guys develop in a starting role. Game reps on the offensive line are so vital for growth. That would cost a good amount for either of those two guys coming over.

Ryan B. (North-West, England)

Hi Kevin,

I appreciate the time it takes for you to write these twice a week to give Colts fans worldwide some information shared with such a knowledgeable source. Thanks!

I have a couple of questions about the upcoming draft and free agency that nobody seems to be discussing...

Firstly, I am against the idea of picking up a RB in the draft, simply because while Andrew Luck does need more targets, that defence is too hard to ignore. While trading up for another 3rd/4th rounder would solve this problem, I have talked with a few people whether trying to sign Eddie Lacy would be a good idea, if the Packers decide against bringing him back. While some may argue he is too injury-plauged, I think that Lacy would be an effective RB, short-term, at least until that defence is solid enough to take a RB.

After watching some footage (I'm not as big on NCAA as some are), I have wanted Tim Williams at edge rusher for a while. After hearing about his National Championship quietness, I wanted to know your opinion on picking him, should he be available when the Colts select. (This depends on Solomon Thomas still being on the board, in which case, pick Thomas.)

Finally, as a UK fan, it is usually quite difficult to find decent quality mercy, but after reading 'Road To The Super Bowl' from that historic season in 07, I wanted to know if there us any Colts books you could recommend?

Go Colts!


Bowen: 1. I hear what you're saying about running back, but a draft pick gives you a guy with 3-to-4 years less tear on the body than Eddie Lacy. That's a big thing when looking at running back longevity. I'm standing firm on my ground of taking a running back in the draft. 2. The recent mocks I've seen don't have Williams going as high as the top half of Round One. The Colts are going to have to do their homework in seeing if Williams' performance in the National Title game was just a fluke. 3. I can't say I've read too many Colts specific books. I know Mike Chappell and Philip B. Wilson have each written their own book. I highly suggest looking into either of those. 

Marissa M. (Tampa, FL)

Hi Kevin!

A quick question- as I was a huge fan of Allen Robinson coming out of penn state, in just as big of a fan of Chris Godwin at PSU... He is not a big name but if the colts could snag him in the middle rounds, would you consider that a steal. I know everyone says we are set at WR, but moncrief and especially Dorsett have their problems- injuries being a big one. What's your thought on Godwin ? 

Bowen: Do those guys really have injury problems? I think it's too early to associate the injury label to either of those guys. I just don't believe you have enough resources to spend a middle-round pick on a receiver. You need a large majority of these 2017 picks to come in and play from Day One. I don't see where a receiver would.

Alec G. (Bakersfield, CA)

Hey Kevin
I'm a big fan

I have a question what are the chances of the colts looking at Kareem hunt as a potential running back in the third round of the draft ?  

Bowen: I could see it. That round territory kind of fits the idea I have in looking for a future running back. At 225 pounds, Hunt looks to have the physical size teams would be looking for in a lead back.

Laurence F. (Bedford, TX)

Hi Kevin, you get a lot of compliments your hard work, and rightfully so, I too really appreciate for what you do for us fans. I have to admit when your predecessor left {can't remember his name)I though the mail bag would go down hill.But you came in and kept it at a high level. Now my question. It sounds that Chris likes a 4-3 defense better than the 3-4. Do you think he will insist that Chuck use the 4-3? 

Bowen: I appreciate the kind words, Laurence. I'm not sure where you are getting the "Chris Ballard likes the 4-3 better." The Chiefs ran a 3-4 defense. I'm under the impression the Colts will stick with the 3-4 here in 2017.

DaQuan K. (Jeffersonville, IN)

Hey Kevin, 
I'm really liking our New GM's attitude as he's walking in. My question is: Do you think we'll go after a Free agent like Safety Eric Berry, With Chris Ballard's ties to KC ? Maybe a few other big names to help try to build or focus more towards drafting ? Also these are Gore's last years as he moves up the rushing list, do you think in one offseason we can turn it around to become legit contenders once again ? #Rideordie #COLTSNATION

Bowen: 1. I'm not as sold on Berry coming to Indy as other fans. Kansas City has to want him back. Plus, safety isn't the most pressing need for the Colts. 2. I think the Colts, with improvements on defense, can get back to being a playoff team. The AFC does have some impressive teams with New England, Pittsburgh and Kansas City. The Colts are not at that level right now. But if the right offseason leads to a big jump in defensive play, the Colts can get back to being a double-digit win team.

Timothy G. (Oxford, MA)

Alright so what's the likely hood that the colts decide to move geathers to lb and draft another top end safety or even pick up let's say berry as a free agent? I know geathers recovery will play a factor but are the odds likely? 

Bowen: Check out this article for more on that. I think the odds are less than 50 percent Geathers becomes an every-down linebacker. But I still believe he can be used more in the front seven and closer to the line of scrimmage on passing downs.

Matthew V. (Zionsville, IN)

It doesn't take a keen eye to recognize that our tackling technique leaves a lot to be desired. Too many times our defenders duck their head (trying to make a big hit) and end up whiffing or applying a glancing blow and looking rather foolish. I am certain they have been taught to keep their head up so they can respond and wrap up the runner. Who do you think is the cause and cure for this ailment?

Bowen: Whether when the Colts had their major tackling issues earlier this season, it was certainly a combination of things. Personnel and technique are probably the two biggest culprits. Improving earlier in the season in tackling has to be an off-season focus for this staff. Revamping the personnel should also improve things, too.

Anthony B. (Fairland, IN)

Hey Kevin, three part question.

  1. With DQ gone, we have freed up some cap space, Ballard's comments indicated that he believes keeping our guys is a big part of building a locker room. Do you think we will see a contract for Doyle any time soon (before free agency begins)? I would like to see swope get one but Doyle is a clutch receiver and has preformed consistently every chance he gets.
  1. I know Ballard said you can't buy a locker room, but this year's free agent class has some stars(Poe, Ingram, specifically). Also, we have plenty of cap space. Do you think these guys might be the exception to the rule?
  1. I still see writers and analysist say the colts need to draft a O line, I believe the line really stepped up towards the end of the season with haeg and Clark in there. We have some young talent and a good line coach, and now we have depth with our previous starters. Do you think our line (a year older) can protect luck and improve the run game.

Thanks* *

Bowen: 1. Re-signing guys usually occur in the days leading up to free agency. These conversations often pick up at the Combine (February 28-March 6, with free agency starting on March 9). Doyle has to be the strongest of the re-sign candidates for the Colts. Yes, Chris Ballard will have a pretty clean slate in looking at these unrestricted free agents. But Doyle's steadiness can't be overlooked. 2. I think when he said "you can't buy a locker room" it was a two-way street. Yes, one part is not spending crazy in free agency. But the other is how you build camaraderie. I don't think Ballard is going to totally ignore free agency when you have such a big overhaul needed on defense. 3. I'm a fan of keeping the offensive line status quo and focusing those resources elsewhere, particularly on defense.

Howard W. (Raleigh, NC)

Who would you draft first Bowen? My logic would be a ILB like Foster as well. I think if Cooks is available, but Foster still their I'll go with Rueben Foster. It's a possibility Stanford running back McCaffrey will fall in second round. When a ILB that could be very good for 8 to 10 years plus you got to take him. Colts should go ILB first their are plenty of talented pass rushers in the draft. Colts should draft one that suits their 3-4 defense the best.* *

Bowen: I still lean more towards an edge rusher, because finding those pressure guys in latter rounds is rare. Reuben Foster would be a more than fine alternative, and fill a need. I understand your thought process though. It's compelling. But I just think you are a in a dire need of pass rushing help, more so than an inside linebacker.

Dylan M. (Marshall, IL)

I know you have been getting a lot of mock drafts so I figured I'd add my own to the mix.

Rd 1 - Derek Barnett -DE
I've pretty much decided that Barnett would be the best for Indy right now with the first pick his number of tackles went down from his junior to senior years, but sacks and QB hits went up. He's ready to be a good pass rusher.

Rd 2 - Ryan Anderson-OLB
This is a hopeful pick, some people think he will go in the first round, and it seems like his stock is still rising, but if he falls to round 2, getting Barnett and Anderson would jump up the pass rush substantially.

Rd 3 - Damontae Kazee -CB
This is earlier than a lot of people see him going, but I think it is the best spot to fill our CB need.

Rd 4 - Marquel Lee-ILB
Filling the spot from Jackson getting released last week is a big priority for the Colts now, and I think this pick is a good place to do it.

Rd. 5 - Donnel Pumphrey-RB
He's a small back, but he's explosive, the aging Gore is still considered a power straight forward back mix that in with the finesse and speed of pumphrey will produce a different dynamic the defenses will have to prepare for.

Rd. 6 - Tedric Thompson-SS
Our 5th defensive pick of the draft, Tedric would finish out the beginning of the defensive rebuild at every level.

Comp pick - Honestly I don't know much about when we will get the extra pick, but I think whenever it comes OL is the way to go.
Conor McDermott if we get it in round 4 or maybe 5.
Justin Senior if it's in round 6 or 7.

Please share your opinions on this, and also if you think 5 defensive picks is what Indy needs this year.

Thanks for doing the mailbag I really enjoy reading. 

Bowen: I'm a fan of this for sure. You really take care of major defensive needs, while still finding a running back to work behind Frank Gore. You mention the compensatory pick and that's something the Colts should find out about in the next month.  

Caio P. (Joao Pessoa, Brazil)

Hey Kevin, first of all thanks for choose my question and thanks for all the hard work on this mailbag. I'm a big Brazilian Fan!

Here come my questions.

1) I know you dont't want to predict a player or anything else about draft cause we all know its hard to do it with all those trades possibilites adn speculations and off course there is so much time till there but, can you tell us at least your Top3 or Top5 pass-rushers or D-Lines we can possibly see falling for us on the board when we hit the clock? Saw the colts getting lot of differents players in all those mock drafts that I cant figure out who we can grabe.

2) We have some money to spand at free-agent so IF you was our GM/Coach, would you go for any of those OLB/LB (if yes, who in particular?) or should we target another position and build our LB corps in draft?

Thanks again man* *

Bowen: 1. I'd say some combination of Derek Barnett, Solomon Thomas and Reuben Foster would quench my thirst in Round One. Obviously, Foster isn't an edge guy, but finding a centerpiece at inside linebacker shouldn't be ignored. 2. Yes, I would for sure keep an eye on that free agent class off the edge. A lot will depend on what you do with Erik Walden. Melvin Ingram from the Chargers has been a popular name with past first-round talent. I think in free agency you have the room to find two starters, so another position could certainly be used (maybe defensive line, cornerback?).

Michael L. (Greenwood, IN)

I keep this short my question is with Phillip dorsett not being trustworthy enough I would cut him and sign victor Cruz to a two year contract I was thinking how Andrew luck would be so happy with new toys your thoughts thanks. 

Bowen: This will not happen and it should not happen. Victor Cruz has battled serious injuries and is turning 31 years old later this year. Phillip Dorsett is definitely entering a critical year, but is still playing on his rookie contract. This would not be smart.

Josh W. (Marion, IN)

I've enjoyed reading your mailbag and have had a few of my questions answered by you in the past. My question is about the Colts training camp. Why was the decision made to once again leave Anderson? I've enjoyed watching practice there for both of their stints in Anderson. It's something I will miss during the summer. Is there any idea where they will hold this year's camp?

Bowen: The Colts haven't come out and said why they won't be returning to Anderson. Reports indicate the Colts are exploring other areas (Depauw University in Greencastle has been reported). If the Colts held it at their own facility, I'd assume they would still have some open practices to fans. Nowadays, the popular trend around the NFL is to keep camp at your own facility. We will see if that's the next step for the Colts after so many years in Terre Haute or Anderson.

Alex M. (Louisville)

With the need on defense and Running back, do we trade to get Myles Garrett? Great pass rusher. Or do we sit where we are and take Fournette, maybe the next Adrian Peterson.. Jabrill Peppers, a versatile defender(LB, S, Special Teams) or Reuben Foster, hard hitting linebacker. I feel our O-Line is going to be solid. They were better as the season went on. Thanks again Kevin

Bowen: These draft picks are so valuable for the Colts that I think it's going to be very, very hard to trade up. I say you stay around your area, get a linebacker/cornerback, and worry about a running back later in the draft.

Dayton W. (Kentucky)

Some say Jamal adams is going to be the next big name at that position. How do you feel about him and if the colts should take him. I still feel we need a 3 down running back to take over for Gore like Fournette. Or we get a pass rusher like Derek Barnett? 

Bowen: From the early mocks I've seen, Adams isn't going to be there when the Colts pick. He seems to be squarely in the top 10. If Adams is there, he would be hard to pass up, even it means you have to shift some bodies around in the secondary. I don't view safety anywhere near as big of a need as outside linebacker. That's my top priority.

Michael C. (Indiana)

This may seem weird but I believe if we can pull the right strings we could be a much much better team. 

I think we should trade for mychal kendricks and sign Zach brown so we have good starters at ilb while we sign Ingram and draft a pass rusher first round and draft two others for depth. We would be set at linebacker which would help our secondary. 
What are your thoughts on this happening?* *

Bowen: This isn't going to happen. I'm not sure what picks you would be giving up for these guys, but you're going to have to relinquish some draft value for those guys. Plus, are these respective guys even on the trade market?

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