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Colts Submit 3 Proposals for NFL Annual Meeting

Going for three in the preseason, changes to coaches' challenges, and allowing roofs to be opened in the middle of the game are what Indianapolis is bringing to the table in Arizona next week.

INDIANAPOLIS --- The NFL will hold its Annual Meeting Monday through Wednesday in Phoenix, Arizona. Ahead of that, the league held a conference call Wednesday to go over the agenda, and the Colts have submitted two playing rule proposals and one resolution for the Annual Meeting.

In all there are 23 playing rule proposals this year (18 submitted by teams, 5 submitted by the Competition Committee), 4 bylaw proposals, and one resolution (the one submitted by the Colts).

Some of these will be voted on at the Annual Meeting. Others will be tabled, as happens every year when the owners, head coaches, and general managers assemble, but these are the two playing rule proposals and resolution the Colts have submitted for next week:


Playing Rule Proposal No. 7: Coaches' Challenges that aren't successful won't cost a team a timeout. Teams will still only get two challenges though and a third if the first two are successful. Also, the addition of the following play situation to the Replay System under Reviewable Plays: fouls against players in a defenseless posture.

Explanation: There are two parts to this. The Colts are proposing that if a head coach challenges a play and is wrong, it shouldn't cost his team a timeout. Secondly, only the position of the ball with respect to a first down and whether more than 11 players were on the field at the snap are currently reviewable plays. The Colts are proposing fouls against players in a defenseless posture also be added (for example, hits to the neck or head of defenseless receivers). The reason submitted for this is it "permits the Instant Replay system to correct an officiating error when a foul is erroneously called against a defenseless player."


Playing Rule Proposal No. 15: For 2015 preseason games, teams can attempt a bonus field goal try from 50 yards worth 1 point after a successful 2-point conversion.

Explanation: This is a proposed experiment for the preseason that would allow teams to score a maximum of 9 points, not 8, for a touchdown. Teams could either kick the usual extra point for 7 points, but if they go for 2 and get it, a bonus 50-yard field goal attempt would follow for another 1 point. This would make a 9-point deficit still a one-possession game and a 17 or 18 point deficit only a two-possession game. Rams Head Coach and Competition Committee member Jeff Fisher said during the NFL Annual Meeting conference call Wednesday that this is the first time he can remember a proposal for a "significant change in our scoring". For the preseason, why not? It's only the preseason.


Resolution G-1: "For one year only, amend the NFL's Retractable Roof Policy to read (new language underlined):

"...If the roof is in the closed position for the first half of the game, the home club may

elect to open the roof for the second half of the game, provided that such election

takes place no later than 90 minutes before kickoff, the "NFL Retractable Roof

Halftime Election Form" is properly submitted at that 90 minute meeting to the

opposing club and the NFL Football Operations department, and the weather

parameters set forth in the Election Form are satisfied when five minutes remain in

the second quarter. This option utilizing the form will not apply to retractable walls."

Explanation: Essentially, this policy would allow Lucas Oil Stadium and other NFL venues with retractable roofs to open the roof at halftime if weather improves enough over the course of pre-game and the first half. During the NFL Annual Meeting Conference Call Monday, it was said the goal of this resolution was to "enhance fan experience". It makes sense. If teams can close the roof in the middle of a game due to inclement weather, why can't they also open it if weather improves? Right now, teams can't do that. The resolution also outlines procedures and conditions required in order to open the roof at halftime.


Colts Media Reporter Steve Andress and Beat Writer Kevin Bowen will be in Phoenix with coverage of the NFL Annual Meeting to see what happens with these three Colts proposals and the rest that are submitted from around the league.

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