Colts Players Share Past London Experiences

Intro: What is it like to play in London? The Colts have a couple of players who have experienced playing overseas.


INDIANAPOLIS – Playing some eight time zones away from what he was used to didn't seem to bother Frank Gore.

When the Colts head to London this season, Gore will bring the most experience of playing overseas.

In fact, of the 14 NFL games played in London, it's Gore who has the most rushing yards at Wembley Stadium. Gore has 189 yards and three touchdowns in two career games in London.

Gore's first trip to London came in 2010.

It didn't take long for Gore to feel comfortable.

"I saw people wearing my jersey and I was surprised by that," Gore says looking back on London.

"I don't know how they pick what team they want to cheer for but they are into it."

Colts players who have previously experienced Wembley Stadium have noticed some unique cheering from fans.

With futbol (soccer) the sport in Europe, fans watching American Football typically cheer quite loudly when it's time to punt on fourth down.

Former Colts quarterback Charlie Whitehurst recalled a crescendo of noise when he came out for pre-game warmups back in 2008.

Whitehurst was part of the second ever game overseas and fans were clearly eager to see any sort of action, even if it was an hour before kickoff.

In 2013, safety Winston Guy played in London for the Jaguars. A 40,000-person pep rally is something Guy will never forget.

"It felt like a Super Bowl," Guy said of London. "They didn't care who won. They were just excited.

"It's different, especially for guys that have never been across the world. Definitely a good week of experience."

Colts Players with London Experience

Darius Butler (2009, New England)

Frank Gore (2010 and 2013, San Francisco)

Winston Guy (2013, Jacksonville)

Kendall Langford (2012, St. Louis)

Jordan Todman (2013 and 2014, Jacksonville)

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