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Colts Mailbag

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Colts Mailbag - March 19, 2014 (Part Three)

This week, mailbag readers ask or talk about the difference between power and zone blocking, if Reggie Wayne is threatened by some signings, the additions of Hakeem Nicks, D’Qwell Jackson and if there are plans at safety, if Alex Mack still is an option, Daniel Adongo’s progress, the return of Ahmad Bradshaw, why so much money has been spent on the defensive line the last two seasons, how Griff Whalen fits and Trent Richardson. This is part three of three. Check for the first two installments of this week’s mailbag.





INDIANAPOLIS – Readers of may submit questions during the week and have a chance to have them answered during the middle of each week.  **Submit your question here.**

Here are responses to some of the questions received recently.  We thank you for your interest in the Colts.  Please make an effort to be concise when submitting a question.

ERIC L. (from Fort Wayne, IN) There seems to be a big black hole when it comes to hearing about Andrew Luck during the off season, with the exception of the occasional snap shot.  What is the guy up to, how is he relaxing, how is he preparing, what does he think of the free agency at this point

A:  Players are told at the end of the year to get away and enjoy themselves.   We want them to re-charge batteries and come back strongly in April.  Andrew does that, and we'll have updates on him when the off-season program gets into gear soon.  Guys' time is their own, and I'm sure you understand.  How/if he chooses to share his information this time of year is up to him, and I bet he is pretty excited about our acquisitions.  Thanks for asking, and you'll have to wait a little while longer.  Let him enjoy some time away from the glare. 

TIM E. (from Terre Haute, IN) Is Da'Rick Rogers going to be implemented more into the offense because I see potential with his size?

A:  We saw an interesting talent in him last year and gave Da'Rick a chance early in the year.  He came in, worked hard and did nothing to dispel any notions we had of him.  Like a couple of other young receivers (see answer below as well), he needs to keep working hard and listening to his coaches.  How well he does that could have a direct impact on making the team. 


ENRIQUE H. (from Bakersfield, CA) How come when analysts mention our WRs that LaVon Brazill and Da'Rick Rogers are the future stars and not Griff Whalen?  Does that mean Griff wasn't performing well when he was given the chance?**

A:  We view Griff as a very talented player, and he made the most of every opportunity last year.  He, Da'Rick and LaVon all are young and have an opportunity to work and grow.  It will be a tight unit to make.  Like I've always said, don't put too much worry into outside observations.  There is a lot of external chatter, but what truly matters is what our coaches and personnel people think and how hard players listen and practice.  Griff listens and works to put himself in the best position.  He'll take his swings when competition starts, just like he always has.


BILL N. (from Hickory, NC) What will the offensive line need in order to protect Andrew Luck?  Obviously the interior was our weak link.  It was scary watching from week-to-week the last two seasons.  Where is the help coming?**

A:  The addition of Phil Costa is what we have at the moment.  I think we are talented beyond what we're credited for and if there is a need for more adjustments, we'll make any move that makes sense.  Andrew himself has said that a portion of the pressure was on him, and you will see his maturation process continue.  It's already outstanding.

GEORGE K. (from Saddle River, NJ) I'm excited about the possibility of acquiring Hakeem Nicks, but the middle of the O-line must be fixed.  Ryan has done well on the defensive side, but the center of the line is critical.  Costa is not the answer, but he is versatile.  I am hoping we can still make the play for Mack because that is what is going to get us to the next level.

A:  Thanks again for writing.  It will be interesting to see what Costa will provide.  I'd rather wait to see what he can do that worry about other things.  I know we thought there was a need there, otherwise Ryan wouldn't have acted.  Getting Donald Thomas back will be a plus, and I think we have components on hand that make us better than people think.  Alex Mack would be an expensive proposition.  We've spent a great deal so far in free agency.  I'd never say never to anything, and I know fans like you see what we've attacked to keep the team strong and pointed toward the future.

STEPHEN B. (from Massachusetts) Is Trent Richardson going to step up this year or be a bust?

A:  That's a rough word to use on a professional athlete, but pro athletes play in a tough line of business.  I firmly believe you will see a different player this year in Trent.  I've said it before, and following him through off-season work will be interesting.  I hope you stay on his bandwagon.  I don't think there will be any who are disappointed. 

TOM A. (from Orlando, FL) Thanks again for hosting a great mailbag.  Your candor is so refreshing amongst all of the 'vanilla' sources out there.  My question concerns Reggie Wayne.  I expect to see him rebound well this year, but probably not post anywhere near prime-Reggie numbers.  Even so, I see his value to this team as a leader and certainly as an incredibly gifted, if even a step slower, wide receiver.  Do you think the Colts will look to keep him aboard with possibly a new deal that could be full of incentives?  Reggie has really endeared himself to me not only with his talent, but his willingness to walk the walk and to show a level of class that isn't often seen in professional sports.  I am and always will be Colts Blue and True, but I really hope they are able to find a way for this fine man to finish his career with the same team that drafted him.

A:  Thanks for the compliments for Reggie and me.  I cannot agree with you more on Reggie.  There is not one bit of him uncommitted to the cause 100 percent.  He's always been that way, and I hope this glorious career winds up terrifically for him and the Colts.  No one could be more deserving (and there are a small few who are just as deserving).  I can assure you from the inside, the perception you have of Reggie meets reality.  He is one of the most significant players ever to wear the 'Shoe.  Thanks for saying I'm not vanilla.  Others might argue that, but I try to portray everything I can and do so honestly.

KYLE B. (from Franklin, IN) I know the Colts are trying to perfect the defense by re-signing Davis.  Are the Colts going to get another CB?

A:  I think we have what we need in Greg Toler, and we have others around who can help play the roles in the secondary.  I don't think you'll see anything in free agency, but the draft could provide a chance.

JOE M. (from Stockton) Why haven't the Colts signed Jared Allen yet?  Do you think it is likely that they will?

A:  It's not my money, but we have spent a great deal, and quite effectively, so far in free agency.  I'm not sure he would be a financial fit for us.  If you're a fan of him specifically, you'll probably see him elsewhere.  If you follow us, I hope you like what we've done to improve our club.

STEVEN L. (from Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio) I don't get to stay as up-to-date as I would like because I'm in the military.  Greg Toler, any news on this guy – health, starting caliber, ready to play next season?  We lost Antoine Bethea, so the only safety that is of starting caliber in my eyes is LaRon Landry.  Do you think it would be possible to move Toler to safety and put Darius Butler and Vontae Davis as the CBs?  I always get asked if I am upset or not that Peyton left and my answer is yes, but I'm a Colts fan through-and-through.  My last question is about Andrew Luck.  Has he gotten rid of that flip phone yet?

A:  First of all, thank you for your service.  We are fans of all service people.  We hope they get to follow their teams and hope if we aren't their favorite team already that we can be.  Greg Toler is recovering well and indications on all players who were hurt last year have them being ready this year.  Greg is a talented corner, and having him opposite Vontae is our best bet.  Trust me.  I can understand your feelings about Peyton.  You are entitled to how you feel, and we're thankful that your dedication to the team is firm.  As for Andrew, I have heard of no phone update.  It's worked well for him for a long time.  Thank you again for your service to our nation.  It's impossible to describe our gratitude in words.

ROY H. (from Columbus, OH) Do you think the Colts can gain respect for minor positions by officially designating Sergio Brown as a gunner and Justin Hickman as an up back on the roster?  These positions deserve some credit, and these two Colts have shown why.

A:  I don't know that listing them as such would bring a large degree of attention, but I do know they are selfless performers who something every day during the season to help the team and themselves.  Thanks for mentioning two guys who rarely get attention.  You doing so is nice, and I'm sure they appreciate it.  They are respected internally for what they do for us.

MIKE L. (from London, England) We're visiting Indianapolis from April 4-28.  Are there any Colts games or practices that we could see during this time?

A:  I hope your visit to Indianapolis is great, but I am sorry to let you know we do not have anything available for spectators as it relates to practices.  What you may want to do is have a tour of Lucas Oil Stadium.  There are regularly-scheduled tour times and days.  Visit:  Hope you have a safe trip in and a great time.  I think you'll have a great time in our city.

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