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Colts Launch DeskSite Application

Intro: The Colts and DeskSite have partnered up to give “super fans” a better experience in consuming content. What does downloading DeskSite do for Colts fans?


INDIANAPOLIS – Chuck Pagano's post game locker room speeches have become a must watch for Colts fans.

Whether it's the inspiration Pagano showed after the Miami game in 2012, or the joy of defeating Denver last season, the raw emotion seen in these videos cannot be scripted.

Now, Colts fans will have easier access to watching these iconic videos.

The Colts and DeskSite have partnered together to allow fans to consume all Colts videos, when and where they want, without any buffering issues.

"DeskSite is essentially designed to operate as a DVR for the Internet," Megan Bennett, DeskSite Marketing Director, says.

"By downloading the Colts DeskSite, fans will receive audio and visual notifications whenever new video becomes available to that DeskSite. The app not only serves as a video delivery platform but it also serves as a one-stop shop for all things Colts."[


With a major NFL event now taking place every month and breaking news seemingly occurring at all hours, DeskSite is here to inform fans when fresh Colts content is available.

Fans are able to create their own HD video library within DeskSite to personalize which video channels they want to view.

Life as a Colts fan is extremely entertaining with news breaking at every hour.

Take a look back to last year when a trade for Trent Richardson broke around 5:00 p.m. EST.

Or the news of Dwayne Allen being placed on injured reserve around 12:00 p.m. EST.

Or the Hakeem Nicks signing coming late on a Friday night.

Now, no matter the hour, Colts fans will have the ability to receive that video news instantly by downloading DeskSite.

"It's really a Colts branded web browser," Bennett says.

"It directly links you back to the Colts Facebook, the Colts Twitter, the Colts website, to get the latest update on Colts news. It's literally all things Colts, all the time."

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