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Dean Biasucci played 10 of his 11 NFL seasons with the Colts, appearing in 155 of his 163 career games wearing a horseshoe on his helmet. From 1984, 86-94, he hit 176-of-250 field goals and 255-of-261 extra points to total 783 career points. The former leading scorer in club history is thriving in North Carolina.

INDIANAPOLIS – Kicker Dean Biasucci enjoyed many Sunday afternoons in the Hoosier Dome and for the last two years of his Indianapolis career, he toiled in the RCA Dome.

Biasucci was a part of successes the Colts enjoyed.  This Sunday, Biasucci will be making his first-ever appearance at Lucas Oil Stadium when he watches Super Bowl XLVI between New England and the New York Giants.

He is looking forward to seeing the Colts' new home, even though it will be themed for a different event.

"I haven't been in Lucas Oil Stadium yet.  I'm excited to see it," said Biasucci.  "I wish my first game there would be to watch the Colts play.  Unfortunately, that's not going to be the case."

Biasucci spent 10 successful seasons in Indianapolis before a career took him to the west coast.

"I spent nine years in California pursing an acting career," said Biasucci.  "In those nine years, I had a small role in Jerry Maguire and I got to know Cameron Crowe.  He was doing some research with Leigh Steinberg (Biasucci's agent) for the film.  What a fantastic person he (Crowe) is.  He offered me part in the movie and took care of me on the set.  What a fantastic person Crowe is.

"I did bit parts in E.R. and The West Wing and about 10 or 11 movies you never heard of.  They never made it to the big screen.  One was with Brooke Shields, the others probably went to the Sci-Fi Channel.  There were no major motion pictures (laughs)."

Though Biasucci pokes fun at his post-playing career, he poked a few footballs where they needed to go.  Biasucci played 1984, 86-94 with the Colts, hitting 70.4% of his field goals (176-250) and 97.7% of his extra points (255-261) of his extra points to end his career as the franchise's leading scorer with 783 points.  Biasucci eclipsed Lenny Moore's previous club mark of 678, but his total later was exceeded by Mike Vanderjagt (995).  Biasucci earned Pro Bowl honors after the 1987 season.

Biasucci, 49, currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and is involved in building apartments.  A former college teammate went into the construction business when Biasucci navigated to football.  They have teamed together in multi-unit construction projects.

"My business associate started building duplexes and triplexes and after 25 years, he owns about 1,000 units and is creating apartment communities, something like 10 buildings with 24 units per building, clubhouses, pools, everything.  I am in the middle of developing two of those communities where he and I are partners.  It's very exciting.  I get to be creative.  I am out there with the construction staff.  I can make changes in the designs.  I am involved in the landscaping, marketing, the website design, all things I am enjoying."

Biasucci has daughters aged 18 and 16 who are into arts and a son, aged 15, who is into sports.

"The kids have gotten me into art – drawing, painting," said Biasucci.  "I am dabbling in those sorts of things.  I do a little bit of writing.  I've done acting and acting in the theater.  I did that in Indianapolis when I was there.  I did a play here maybe three years ago.  It was a good experience, and I think I will venture back into it once the construction business slows down.  It's an outlet to spend time with my kids."

With family and business matters keeping him busy, Biasucci catches Colts games whenever he can.  He remains a staunch fan of his former team.

"I make it a point to watch every game, but I can't," said Biasucci.  "I'm a huge fan.  It's the only team I care about.  If the Colts aren't playing, I have to flip a coin to see where I am invested emotionally.  There's no second, as far as my rooting interests.

"The Colts management, from Jim Irsay on down, always has made Colts players feel like a part of the family.  I've always felt that way.  It has been fun to watch the team play the way it has played, seeing the players like Peyton Manning out there.  It's been great to see the playoff games and the Super Bowls.  When I was there, we went to one playoff game in 10 years.  I can't imagine going to the playoffs every year, and I know no one took it for granted.  It's exciting to watch."

Biasucci will be in attendance when Indianapolis becomes the 14th site to host a Super Bowl this coming Sunday.

"I'm thrilled Indianapolis is hosting a Super Bowl," said Biasucci.  "I think it's fantastic for the fans, the city and the team." 

Biasucci says he does not maintain close contact with many former teammates but when he does cross paths, visits come easily.  When it comes to Colts fans, Biasucci has very vivid memories.

"The fans were great to me," said Biasucci.  "I always considered myself an average guy and player who did his thing.  The fans treated me well.  We weren't always successful and I didn't make every kick, but the fans were great.  The fans in Indianapolis are great fans.  I know players always appreciated their support."

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