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Andrew Luck Organizes Gatherings With Offensive Line This Offseason

Intro: While the Colts wait for Andrew Luck to get back on the field this offseason, the franchise quarterback has been busy getting together with the offensive linemen away from the gridiron.


INDIANAPOLIS – For the first time in his NFL career, Andrew Luck isn't busy organizing things on the practice field.

Instead, the organizational side of Luck has had to come off the field.

Dinners with the offensive line? Yep.

How about bigger outings? Yep, those too.

Earlier this offseason, Luck put together a lake house trip for the offensive line and quarterback.

Ask Anthony Castonzo about it and the left tackle's eyes light up.

"It was fun," Castonzo says. "Just a guys' thing at a lake. The amount of meat that we ate on the first night when we got there was unreal. It was a well-oiled machine. We had guys down cooking turkey and burgers. We had another grill of brats and sausages. We had people inside making beans, people inside setting the table. We had people delegating. Everybody came together and it was an awesome meal."

"Kind of a team building. We played games. It was definitely a fun weekend."

How the offensive line has gone about their business here in 2017 has been noticed by the likes of Chris Ballard and Luck.

When Luck was in the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center just past sunrise earlier this year for rehab, he would not be alone for long.

There was the O-line coming in to train together.

Luck and the offensive line. You don't often enter the lunchroom without seeing one without the other.

"We spend way too much time together," a laughing Castonzo says. "Andrew has done a good job of doing some quarterback/offensive line outings, just kind of getting together, doing a bunch of different stuff."

Why the connection between the quarterback and those charged with protecting him?

Castonzo sums it up in a way that only a member inside of this relationship can describe.

"We are a bunch of weirdos," Castonzo says. "We have a lot of quirks and we kind of understand each other because we all have different quirks. I think that's why Andrew kind of fits into our group, because he has his own quirks. Not saying he's a weirdo. He's got his own quirks, but you know what (I mean).

"We understand each other. It's a different group."

Topics with the group can spiral in several different directions, but the quarterback has an itch right now that isn't being scratched.

Luck needs his football fix.

"He wants to be out there real bad," Castonzo says. "Trust me, whenever we all get together, he wants to do nothing but talk about football and talk about different things we've got going down."

How upright the offensive line keeps Luck in 2017 is once again atop the priority list for the Colts.

The trench guys and Luck might not be working together on the field right now, but the time spent is still happening.

That's great for this fall, although there's one group of people a little left out.

"I think our girlfriends are feeling neglected," the 28-year-old left tackle says.*

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