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Andrew Luck 'Completely Engaged' In New Colts Offense

Indianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich said it’s been “fun” installing the team’s new offense with Andrew Luck and tweaking things here and there to make it fit better for the veteran quarterback.


INDIANAPOLIS — Frank Reich and Nick Sirianni's new offense for the Indianapolis Colts isn't a one-way street.

In fact, as they get deeper and deeper into the installation — getting into the nitty-gritty with their third down, red zone and other key packages — the Colts' new head coach and offensive coordinator are more than willing to give and take, particularly as it pertains to what works best for the man under center.

So while that man, Andrew Luck, continues to work his way back into more of a full-time role on the field this offseason, he's been doing everything he can to make sure that this new Indy offense is running full-steam by the time the regular season rolls around.

"It's great. He's completely engaged," Reich said of Luck on Saturday. "It's obviously fun to work with a guy who has his football IQ were we can go back and forth on the offense and the system. We are putting our system in and it's a system that we brought here, but getting a lot of feedback from him – little tweaks to it and things that he likes."

Luck, who is working his way back after missing the entire 2017 season due to shoulder surgery, is still yet to throw a regulation NFL football, Reich said Saturday. But, by all accounts, the quarterback and the team are still confident he'll be full-go by the start of training camp.

So, for now, Luck is limited to mostly footwork drills and mental reps on the field, as the rest of his teammates wrap up Phase 2 of the offseason workout program and start to head into OTAs, where the little tweaks and adjustments to the new offense will continue.

"I really enjoy that side of it," Reich said. "I mean that might be five or 10 percent of it – tweaking the system or calling it something different that just connects to him better or sounds better – but I really think that's the art of it. Just connecting with him on that level and then everything from the physical standpoint of what he's doing off the field is going exceedingly well."

That feedback, Reich said, is "really important" because it not only allows the coaches and the quarterback to work on getting on the same page, but it can help make for better outcomes when there are various breakdowns throughout each game.

"In my mind there is always about five plays a game where there are certain guys like Andrew, like a Peyton Manning, like a Carson Wentz, or like a Philip Rivers, who when they have this mental and this high football intelligence, they can do things on the field that not everybody else can do and make a decision and it's the right decision, and then have the physical ability and skill to finish the play and really make a difference in the game," Reich said. "So everybody has got to take ownership of the offense and the defense and so on and so forth, but the quarterback is first and foremost on that list."

The Colts on Monday started their third and final week of Phase 2 of the offseason workout program, and kick off Phase 3, or OTAs, next Tuesday at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center.

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