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Exciting Earnings Per Event!

While groups of various sizes are encouraged to participate, an organization of at least ten to fifteen people can expect contributions to average between $450 to $1500 per event! Organizations can participate in as many events as necessary to meet their fundraising goals provided that they comply with our rules and standards.

Call today to score a big win for your fundraising program!

Participation in more events = More Fun = More $$$

Unique Opportunity...

Centerplate, the exclusive concessionaire for the Indianapolis Colts, wants to help you raise funds. Compared to traditional funding raising efforts, our program offers a unique opportunity for non-profit organizations. Have you ever felt that your current fundraising strategies require members to spend too many long hours planning, sorting, and performing post-drive tasks? With each fundraiser, it becomes more difficult to find people willing to extend the time and energy on these functions. When you encounter the amount of time spent, was your fundraising return satisfactory? Have you noticed that typical fundraisers depend heavily upon the generosity of friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers? To meet your fundraising goals, you must impose on these individuals to purchase candy, cookies, pizzas, pies, wrapping paper and so on. "Sure, I'll buy your candy...after all, you bought my raffle tickets last week..." Wouldn't fundraising be more "fun" if you did not have to rely on someone else's sense of obligation? Wouldn't you like to tell your members how they can raise more money without all the pre- and post-fundraising drudgery?

Volunteer Group Program

What It Takes To Staff A Concession Stand

To staff a concession stand at Lucas Oil Stadium, your group will need 2 individuals to be leaders for the group. In addition, the organization will be asked to provide 10-15 additional individuals (depending on the size of the event) to be cashiers and to assist with preparation in the assigned location. Group members can plan to spend approximately 6-8 hours at an event. Your members will work as a TEAM from the beginning to the end of the event. Training will be provided along with uniforms and assistance. Your group will be responsible for such duties as inventory control, stand preparation, cash handling, and basic cleaning. All individuals must be at least 16 years of age to participate.

Benefits, What Do We Offer

Our program offers you great alternatives. Our concessions are in high demand by guests enjoying events in Lucas Oil Stadium. Your Non-for-Profit group could be fundraising at exciting and "fun" sporting, concert, and entertainment events while being right in the middle of the action.

For our guests, purchasing refreshments and specialty merchandise is an integral part of the entertainment experience, rather than an obligation. In fact, you will no longer have to find prospective customers, they come right to you. Experience fundraising without the guilt. Not only are you raising money for your organization, but you are also working as a group to do so. Unlike other fundraisers, Centerplate offers better opportunities, greater earning potential, and an exciting and "fun" work environment.


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500 S Capitol Ave 

Indianapolis, IN 46225 

Phone: 317-262-3500 

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