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Lucas Oil Stadium is now accepting card and mobile payment only for Colts home games.


Why did you decide to go cashless?

The cashless model allows for less contact and a safer environment between staff members and fans. Going cashless will also help create quicker transaction times, lower wait times and allows our stadium to operate more efficiently, making the fan experience even better than before.

Is Lucas Oil Stadium completely cashless?

Yes, Lucas Oil Stadium will be completely cashless for all Colts home games during the 2020 season. This includes all retails outlets, concession stands, the Colts Pro Shop and bars inside of the stadium. The 50/50 program will also only accept debit cards during the season.

Where are the cash-to-card kiosks located?

There are two cash-to-card kiosks located outside the Colts Pro Shop at Section 105 and Section 129/132.

Will the 50/50 Raffle take cash?

No, the 50/50 Raffle will only accept debit card for the season.

If I only have cash, can I still make purchases?

Yes, there will be two cash-to-card kiosks located in Sections 116 and 543 that will allow you to convert your cash into a pre-paid debit card with no transaction fee that can be used inside and outside of the stadium.

Are refunds available if you don't use all the money?

There are no refunds but the cards can be used anywhere inside and outside of the stadium where debit cards are accepted.

What if the balance on the card is incorrect?

All card balance disputes should be handled with the card issuing company, Ready Credit, however we will have Guest Relations staff able to help as needed.

Are mobile payment options available?

Yes, mobile/digital payment options will be available throughout Lucas Oil Stadium. The stadium currently accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay as mobile payment options.

Is there a transaction fee associated with loading cash onto the card?

No, there are transaction fees associated with the pre-paid debit card. For example, if you insert $20 into the kiosk, you will receive $20 on the card.

What size of bills can I load onto the card?

The kiosks can accept bills ranging from $1 - $100 however the first bill loaded must be larger than $5.

Do I need to give any personal information when receiving a card?

You will have the option to provide a ZIP associated with the card that may be required at outside restaurants and retailers for fraud prevention.

Where can I use the card?

The pre-paid debit cards can be used anywhere throughout Lucas Oil Stadium and any place where VISA is accepted outside the stadium.

How do I check the balance on my card?

You will be able to check the balance on your card by calling the Ready Credit customer service line at 1-866-345-2315.

What do I do if a card does not come out?

If you insert cash into the machine and you do not receive a card, the kiosk will issue a failed transaction receipt. You can take this receipt to a Guest Services location and they will be able to assist you further.

Who do I talk to for help?

If you are having issues with your card, you can contact the Ready Credit customer service line at 1-866-345-2315.

Only Have Cash?

Please see below for cash-to-card kiosks located in Sections 116 and 543 that will allow fans to exchange their cash for pre-paid debit cards. Cards can be used inside and outside of the stadium. Our 50/50 Raffle will only be accepting debit cardsthis season.