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The topic of foot speed came up today at Colts training camp between wide receivers T.Y. Hilton and Donnie Avery. When asked the speedier of the two, veteran Reggie Wayne had other thoughts, and he likes the talent Indianapolis has in camp among the receivers.





ANDERSON –Near the end of his media availability in training camp today, Reggie Wayne was asked which receiver was faster – T.Y. Hilton or Donnie Avery.

Those surrounding Wayne waited to listen to his answer as if it were coming from E.F. Hutton.

"I don't know.  We might have to set that up.  You know what?  I wouldn't take either one of them," said Wayne.  "I'd take LaVon (Brazill).  I'd take number 15 (Brazill).  We have some burners.  We need to put a scratch runner in there.  Just make sure I'm at the finish line, not in there (the race)." 

Competition of this nature is not likely to be held at any time soon, but Wayne's point was that there are some players with considerable foot speed on the Colts' roster.  He believes that is a departure from recent years.

"We have some burners.  That's something we really haven't had in the past," said Wayne.  "We've had one here, two there, but we have quite a few of them right now.  It's good to see those guys actually go out there and run.  It kind of makes me want to pick my feet up a little bit. 

"It makes it all fun.  It makes it cool.  We're all trying to see who's the Mike Wallace (Pittsburgh receiver under Bruce Arians) of this offense.  Guys are out there just acting like they're in the Olympics.  They're running as fast as the can.  That's what it's all about."

The topic turned to the direction of size, and Wayne agreed with the good-natured barb that some of the players were not as tall as the "lanky" Wayne.

 "They are all smurfs (smiles).  I thought once they put their pads on they'd get bigger, but they're still smurfs, no matter how you look at it," said Wayne.  "Normally, smurfs when they get the ball they're dangerous with it.   Hopefully, that's the case here."

By any measure, Wayne is a senior member of the team.  He does find that teammates seek his advice from time to time.

"I do notice (young guys watch him).  After every route, a lot of times they ask me what my thinking was," said Wayne.  "I guess that comes with it (the territory).  We have some young guys in the receiving room who want to learn.  That's good.  Guys take good notes, heavy notes.  I'm a big note-taker so whenever I see them taking notes, I know they want to get better."

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