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The Best (and Worst) of Dorm Life at #ColtsCamp

Some enjoy it. Others tolerate it, as grown men once again packed the dorms of Anderson University.

ANDERSON, IN --- There's nothing quite like 90 grown men that moonlight as professional football players living together in a college dormitory. Some enjoy it. Others tolerate it (usually a direct correlation to the age of the player), but all understand the philosophy behind it.

The 2015 Colts have returned to Anderson University for training camp, ready for some team bonding in a building full of 216 square foot rooms, a space about the size of some of these professionals' closets.

"Just building that camaraderie, being around the guys almost 24/7," said cornerback Darius Butler, now in his 7th NFL season, when asked about the best part of dorm life. "Almost that college atmosphere again, it puts you back in that grind mode."

"I lived in a dorm once before," joked wide receiver Andre Johnson, who spent his Texans training camps at the team's facility and in his own bed at night. "Just have to get back used to it."

Don't tell safety Mike Adams that though, as he enters his 12th season as an NFL safety. "I guess the best part is when it's over," Adams said, in one of his patented just kidding (but seriously) responses.  

Of course, even for those that enjoy it, some sacrifices must be made.

"The worst part? Probably the communal bathrooms," quarterback Andrew Luck replied matter-of-factly. His punter agrees.

"The worst part is the public restrooms," said Pat McAfee. "It's 2 AM. You wake up, right? You gotta go to the bathroom. You bump into (defensive lineman) Montori Hughes, who's like a huge human and (nose tackle) Josh Chapman. I'm like I can barely open my eyes. That's the worst part."

"Sometimes people don't want to go to sleep," said second-year wide receiver Donte Moncrief. Veteran safety Mike Adams agrees with Moncrief. "Sleeping. I think that's the hardest part."

An indication of the most popular response to what you can't come to camp without.

"I make sure I bring a comfortable pillow and a comfortable blanket," said kicker Adam Vinatieri, the oldest player in the NFL, now in his 20th season and 10th Colts training camp (no suite upgrades were available with Vinatieri's Dorm Rewards Card).

"Gotta have my boom box for my room. I gotta go to sleep listening to slow music," said Moncrief. "It eases my mind before I go to bed."

A good night's rest tops the list of personal needs during this two-week collegiate escapade, but for Adams, cleanliness is next to godliness, especially in a small room where young strangers spent time before him.

"I just brought a whole lot of Lysol."  

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