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Ten Things With Matt Overton

OTAs and mini-camp are over and training camp in Anderson is just ahead. concludes spring and early-summer work by visiting with different players, seeing what is on their minds and what they might be doing until camp. Today – Matt Overton.





INDIANAPOLIS – Matt Overton is preparing for his third season with the Colts.  With training camp just ahead, catches up with Overton to see how his spring went, what he will do while away and other things that are on his mind.

What did you get accomplished this spring that you set out to do – This spring, with this being my second full off-season, I knew how to manage my time – things I wanted to exhaust energy in.  I did a lot of charity work.  I traveled a little bit.  I had time with family and friends.  In training, I didn't start as early as I did the year before.  I realized it's a long season, and I wanted to rest up after such a long season.  I wanted to make sure as I went into OTAs that I was healthy and ready to go.  Getting ready for the off-season program, which is really great here, was important.  I think managing my time was important, doing the things I needed to do to be prepared.  Working on technique and fundamentals is a big thing.  That was a key for me.


What motivation do you have now that is different than in past seasons** – I think as a team reaching the playoffs and going one step further this past season, the bar is set higher.  Our goal is to get to Arizona, hoist the Lombardi Trophy and be champions at the end of the year.  The mindset is a little different this year.  It's Andrew's (Luck) third year here.  A lot of the young guys are almost veterans.  They're still young guys, but it's almost a sense of confidence in the locker room.  The key veterans we have with Robert Mathis, Reggie Wayne and Adam Vinatieri is critical to have.  I think a lot of younger guys are maturing into those roles as far as being leaders.  There's a completely different mindset compared to the previous couple of years.  The bar has been set high, and we have very high expectations for the season.  It's important for us.

What song(s) and artist(s) will you listen to the most this summer – I'm a huge country music fan, so I'm at Klipsch (an Indianapolis-area concert venue) as much as I can for the country concerts.  That's my favorite thing.  I listen to a bunch of Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan.  Feel-good summer country music is my thing.  You name it, I love it all.  It's my favorite music.


What activities and travels will you have before training camp** – I'm going back home to Tracy, California and hosting my football camp that I do every year.  I give back to the community there.  I always have to pay my dues back in the hometown.  It's awesome there.  I'll see my family, definitely see some more country concerts out there before we report to Anderson.  It's relaxing before we hit the grind.

Which teammate do you expect to have a tremendous season in 2014 and why – I'm really excited to see Dwayne Allen back on the field.  He and I trained a little bit this off-season, and he's a good buddy of mine.  I'm really excited to see him back.  Dwayne had a great year his rookie season.  Unfortunately, he was on injured reserve last year.  He's in great shape.  I'm excited to see him play, and he's going to have a great year.  I'm also excited to see Ahmad Bradshaw play.  We got a small glimpse of what he can do.  I think everyone's excited to see Ahmad run the football this year.

What is your favorite road stadium to play in and why –Last year for me was San Francisco and Candlestick Park.  Growing up in the Bay Area and playing at Candlestick before they demolish it was pretty special to me.  I had my family there.  For it to be the last year they had football there and for me to get to play there was very special.  We got a big win, too, so that was awesome.  I love going to Tennessee.  New York is always fun, some of the bigger cities.  As long as it's not cold, it's all good.



What is the most fun thing about training camp –It's having all the guys together.  It's like that college dorm life experience.  It's a hustle, bustle, grind, a long three weeks of being at camp, but I think the guys we have and the camaraderie we build is cool.

Do you have a favorite quote?  If so, what is it and why does it mean something to you –Proverbs 16:9 is my favorite message for sure, 'The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.'  That's what I stand by.  It's like the theme of my career and the path I took to get here.  That's mine, for sure.

What is the greatest sporting event or individual performance outside the NFL that you saw in person – Sporting event-wise, the Indianapolis 500 is cool to go to, especially this year.  I got to do the pit experience and be around the drivers pre-race and post-race.  I got to see how their teams work, and it's cool to see other athletes in their professional environment.  It's interesting to see how they get themselves prepared to compete.  Everything there means something.  Tenths of a second are so critical in that sport.  To be at an event with a half-million people is cool.  The Indianapolis 500 is awesome – the fanfare, the effort that goes into it, how every decision is made, how a tenth of a second is important.  This past race was won by a fraction of a second.  It's one of my favorite events.

What was your favorite team growing up and why – The San Francisco 49ers.  I grew up with the dynasty, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Steve Young.  I grew up right at the peak when they were the best.  I just hated the Dallas Cowboys.  The 49ers faced the Cowboys in the NFC Championship game it seemed almost every year when I was a kid in the early 1990s.  I loved that dynasty.  It was my favorite team.  The coach was mainly George Siefert from what I remember, then it got into the years of Steve Mariucci.  The glory years I remember definitely were with Siefert.

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