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Meet Natalie: Cheerleader of the Week

Hey, Colts Nation! My name is Natalie, and I’m super excited to be the first Cheerleader of the Week this season!





This is my eighth season as a Colts Cheerleader, and I've been blessed with many amazing experiences that I will never ever forget. In 2009, I traveled around the Mediterranean on a military tour, visiting and performing for our troops and their families. In 2010, I was able to make the trip to Miami with my team to cheer on our Colts during Super Bowl XLIV and then to London in 2011 to perform during their annual Super Bowl 'Super Bash' viewing party. Also, this past season, I was able to be a part of another military tour and travel to Puerto Rico and Curacao. I'm honored to say I was our team's 2015 Pro Bowl Cheerleader as well, and I'm super excited to be a squad captain this season! I can hardly wait for football season to start! We have all been practicing and working hard this summer, and I know we're all ready to step out on that field, come August!

I would like to thank my family for supporting me these past eight years and my amazing fiancé for being my #1 fan and attending every game! I also want to thank the Colts organization for allowing me to be a part of this team for all these years, and I want to thank you, Colts Nation, for being the absolute best fans in the NFL; you all are great! Lastly, I want to thank all of my Colts Cheer sisters for being the best teammates I could ever ask for. I am truly honored to be on this team with each and every one of you!**

How do you plan on spending the 4th of July?**

As of right now, I don't have any set plans for 4th of July, but my fiancé and I do have our last family, couples wedding shower on the 3rd that we are looking forward to! Whatever I end up doing on the 4th, I'm sure it will be a great combination of friends, family, fun times and fireworks!

You just returned from Riviera Maya, Mexico earlier this month after shooting the Colts Cheer 2015-2016 Swimsuit Calendar. What was your favorite part of the trip?

It was such an amazing trip and Riviera Maya was absolutely beautiful! I loved being able to hang out with my teammates in a fun new environment. My favorite part would probably have to be the day we spent at Xcaret Park! I loved the underwater river excursion we did while we were there!What do you look forward to most this football season?

I just really am looking forward to being back in Lucas Oil Stadium and performing on the field! I love getting to see and interact with all of our amazing fans. Football season brings such an upbeat excitement that everyone gets to be a part of!You were the Colts representative as the 2015 Pro Bowl Cheerleader. What was your greatest memory from that experience?

The whole trip was such an exciting and fun experience, but my favorite part would have been the Pro Bowl game itself! It was just so fun to experience a whole new and different kind of game day. There was such supportive fan base, everyone was cheering for everyone no matter who they were or what team they were on. Everyone was just excited to be there to have a fun game day experience!Being a makeup artist, what are your top beauty must-haves?

I actually have a lot of beauty must-haves, but some of my top ones would be first off, my skincare items, I use the same products every single day and can't go anywhere without them. Also, I would definitely have to say my face primer, concealer and mascara; those are some things I just could not live without!As a makeup artist, what is a simple trick you have for everyone at home to improve their look, as they get ready in the morning?

Well, many tips come to mind, but I will say great skin starts with great skincare. If you aren't on a skincare routine, you definitely want to get on one. As far as a makeup tip, primer makes a world of difference in how your makeup will look and how long it will last throughout the day as well.

Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader: Natalie

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