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Meet Cortney: Cheerleader of the Week

Hey, Colts Nation! I am very excited to be your Colts Cheerleader of the Week, especially since we are preparing to take on the Patriots!


This is my second season as a Sweetheart of the Horseshoe and I am loving every single second of it! Originally from Crown Point, Indiana, I moved to Indy to pursue my Colts Cheer dreams and I feel so blessed to have been chosen as a rookie back in 2012. I spent the following two years off the field working full time, but am happy to say I'm back again this season as a cheer veteran! I've already had many wonderful experiences as a cheerleader this year, including amazing community appearances, traveling to Cancun for our 2015-2016 swim calendar photo shoot, visiting some of our dedicated military personnel in Honduras, and so many other life changing opportunities. Along the way, I have made incredible friends who I know will be in my life forever. I am so blessed to have become a part of this amazing sisterhood - I don't know what I'd do without my teammates!

I feel God has blessed me with this amazing opportunity and for that I am incredibly thankful! I want to thank my amazing parents and my brother who have supported and encouraged me every step of the way, and send a big "THANKS" out to all of my friends who have pushed me toward my goals since the day I decided to audition. I am also very grateful for the Colts organization - my life will be forever changed because of the opportunities they have given me. I am thankful for my teammates, our coach, and our trainer for making this such a special experience from practices through game days. Being on this team is a dream come true! Colts Nation, you are without a doubt the best fans in the NFL! I love performing on the field of Lucas Oil because of the amazing energy YOU bring to each and every Colts game and event. Thank you and GO COLTS!

*You've been a vegetarian for eight years. What made you want to stop eating meat and what food do you miss most?     *
My mom has been a vegetarian my entire life, so as I got older, I began thinking more and more about why she would make that big of a commitment. Personally, it isn't that I dislike the taste of meat, I just don't like the idea of eating something that had a life when there are other options available. I don't miss any specific type of meat, but sometimes it would be so much easier to eat a meal without making modifications or special requests, ESPECIALLY if I'm with someone who offers to prepare a meal. I hate feeling picky, but I just can't bring myself to eat meat.

This past weekend you celebrated a birthday. How did you spend it?
My birthday weekend was so great! My boyfriend and I spent the day at the mall where he bought me a new dress and treated me to pizza at Napolese. It was so good! My parents and little brother had sent down a bunch of gift cards, so I enjoyed a great day of shopping! (Thanks, family!) Later on Friday night, I had dinner with 20 great friends at Colts Grille. We all continued celebrating for the rest of the weekend. I appreciate everyone who wished me a happy birthday and helped me celebrate! I had such a great time!

You were a part of the 1st place bowling team for the Colts Cheerleaders Bowling Tournament. Do you bowl or do any other activities outside of dancing?
I was lucky to be placed on a VERY talented bowling team for the tournament! I do like to bowl occasionally, but other activities I enjoy outside of work and cheer include working out with my cheer sisters or my boyfriend, and spending quality time with the important people in my life (& my amazing dog!)

Tell us about your friend Baron!
Baron is my AMAZING Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mastiff mix who I adopted on June 28, 2014 at one of the Indy Mega Adoption Events. He spent a lot of his life in the shelter before I adopted him, but despite that, he is still the sweetest, most loving dog I have ever met. He has such a great personality and because of that, he has shown me and many others that pit bull breeds are amazing dogs. I am so proud to call him my best friend and I am extremely blessed to have found him. He shows me constant, unconditional love and adopting him was the best decision I've ever made.

What is your favorite part of game day?
Game days are such a cool experience! Personally, my favorite part of game day is the tunnel right before the game. When the players run through the tunnel and onto the field, the excitement of Colts Nation is unreal! The unity between every Colts fan in the stadium is so powerful, and that intense energy coming from all sides of the field reminds me that we have the best fans and organization in the league. Being a part of the tunnel is a huge reminder of how blessed I am to be on the field, and the energy and excitement shared by everyone in Lucas Oil gets me ready to cheer my hardest at every game. There is NOTHING like a Colts game day!

Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader: Cortney

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