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Meet Audrey: Cheerleader of the Week

Hello Colts Fans! I’m super excited to finish the season off strong by being the final Cheerleader of the Week.


Hello Colts Fans! I'm super excited to finish the season off strong by being the final Cheerleader of the Week.

I cannot believe that my Rookie season as a Colts Cheerleader has come to an end. It has been one of the most amazing years of my life. I never thought that one day I would be a NFL cheerleader. I first fell in love with dance at the age of 3 when my mom put me in my first dance class. From teaching, to performing, to choreographing, dance has always been a big part of my life. It's still hard for me to believe how blessed I was this past year to continue my love of dancing by being a Colts Cheerleader.

Thank you to everyone who made my Rookie season as a Colts Cheerleader a truly unforgettable one. Thank you to my wonderful teammates, never before have I a met a group of women as inspirational, compassionate, and kind as all of you. Thank you to Coach Kelly for believing in us and always having our best interests in mind. Thank you to the Colts Organization, all of our sponsors, and Colts Nation for all that you do! Lastly a huge thank you to my beautiful family for always being my number one fan.

Being the last cheerleader of the week, what has been your most rewarding memory from this season?
I have absolutely loved my Rookie year as a Colts cheerleader. I have made so many wonderful memories. I think one of my most rewarding memories was dancing with the Junior Cheerleaders. When I was about 8 years old my mom signed me up to be a Junior Colts Cheerleader. I remember looking up to the Colts Cheerleaders and dreaming of being like them one day. Now that my dreams have come true, I loved getting to talk and dance with the Junior Colts Cheerleaders this year and hopefully I have inspired them in the same way I was inspired so many years ago.

You are currently a doctorate student. Has that been a challenge for you while juggling the life of a NFL Cheerleader?
Being a doctorate student and an NFL Cheerleader has definitely kept me busy, but I've loved every second of it. In undergrad I had a lot on my plate with schoolwork, teaching at a local dance studio, choreographing for a high school dance team, being an active member of AOII, and being on the Code Red Dance Team; but all of that was nothing compared to level of busy I discovered with being a doctorate student and a NFL cheerleader. Thankfully, I was blessed this past semester with amazing professors and wonderful friends in the Audiology department that helped make the coursework more manageable. I was also blessed to spend the time that I wasn't in school doing something I loved, dancing. No matter how stressed I was with school; practices, games, and appearances were always something I looked forward to. They were my breath of fresh air from everyday life and honestly I'm not sure how I would have survived my first semester of graduate school without them. Laughing at practices with my new best friends, performing in front of thousands of people, excitedly talking to a little girl who's staring at me in my cheer uniform in admiration because she wants to be just like me one day. Honestly I would give up all my free time for the rest of forever if it was spent making memories like these as a Colts Cheerleader.

You were the captain of your college dance team at Ball State University. What was the biggest difference in dancing for a college team versus dancing with a professional team?
While there are a few similarities between dancing for a collegiate dance team and dancing for a professional team, there are significant differences. As a Colts Cheerleader we're privileged to have Tyler Mason Salon as our styling team at every game. Our inspirational trainer, Sean Bartrum, pushes us to be at our best physical fitness throughout the season. In addition, we had special photo shoots such as the swimsuit calendar in Riverira, Maya and the holiday pictures at the Indiana Repertory Theatre. 

Your favorite appearance this year has been…
My favorite appearance this year was being at Colts Training Camp. It was special to me not only because it was one of my first, but it was located close to my hometown. Because of the proximity many of my friends and family had the opportunity to attend. Also, I loved this appearance because the whole squad was there. Experiencing the Colts community alongside my teammates, friends, and family was unforgettable.

How do you plan on spending your offseason?
In the offseason, I will be focusing more on my schoolwork as I begin my second semester in the Audiology program. I will also be working as a Graduate Assistant in the technology labs at Ball State University.  Apart from working and studying, I will be preparing for Colts Cheerleading tryouts this spring.  I might even be able to find a little time to relax.

Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader: Audrey

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