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From Washington To Lincoln To Kennedy, Jim Irsay Collection Boasts Impressive List Of Presidential Items

The Jim Irsay Collection boasts presidential items such as a letter from George Washington regarding Revolutionary War troops, an Abraham Lincoln campaign poster and much more. 

Abe Lincoln Knife

The Jim Irsay Collection boasts one of the most comprehensive selections of artifacts from rock n' roll, pop culture and American history – which includes a number of presidential artifacts.

Pictured above is a pocketknife presented to President Abraham Lincoln at the Great Central Sanitary Fair in Philadelphia in June of 1864, which was recently acquired by the Jim Irsay Collection. The primary blade is engraved with "Liberty, July 4th 1776. Abraham Lincoln, Jany. 1st, EQUALITY. 1864."

President Lincoln was presented with the knife as a token of appreciation for his support of the Great Central Sanitary Fair, which raised over $1 million to aid wounded soldiers.

"Any item used or touched by Abraham Lincoln – one of the greatest leaders and statesmen the world has ever known – is an incredible and important piece of American and world history," Irsay said. "The fact that this piece celebrates Lincoln's role in promoting liberty and equality for all makes it even more special to me, and I can't wait to share it with others."

In addition to the knife, check out a list of what presidential artifacts the Jim Irsay Collection features:

« A letter from George Washington regarding Revolutionary War troops

« A letter from Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Paine

« An Abraham Lincoln presentation cane

« An Abraham Lincoln/Andrew Johnson campaign poster

« Correspondence between Gen. William B. Franklin and Abraham Lincoln regarding the Battle of Fredericksburg

« An Abraham Lincoln signed presidential stay of execution

« An Abraham Lincoln letter to the Postmaster General recommending two women from Illinois for employment

« Abraham Lincoln thank you letters for two canes (which is different from the cane in the collection)

« JFK Cigar box with 1901 Half Dollar purportedly used by JFK when flipping coins

« A John F. Kennedy Stetson hat that was to be presented to him by Texas Gov. John Connally

You can visit the Jim Irsay Collection website by clicking here, and can follow the Jim Irsay Collection on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok.

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