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Fantasy Football Friday: Colts Theme Team Names

Need a creative Colts fantasy team name this year? We got you covered.

INDIANAPOLIS --- You know it makes you smile. That moment when you name your fantasy team and later get a text from one of your friends telling you how awesome it is. Well Colts fans, we have you covered. Fantasy Football is back open for business. Start a league or team today, research players with the 2015 Draft Kit, and participate in a mock draft. will also begin expanded fantasy coverage beginning at the 1st National Fantasy Football Convention in Las Vegas July 10-12. I will be there to cover every fantasy angle you can think of for the season. In the meantime, check out this week's article discussing the overpriced and undervalued players in fantasy this year.

But without further adieu, here are some of the best Colts-themed fantasy team names sent in from #ColtsNation on Twitter and from the's Digital Department:

Luck Dynasty - an oldie but a goodie for the Duck Dynasty crowd

(any Luck pun ever) - You've heard them all at this point.

Chicks Dig The Boomstick - Our research does show Pat McAfee is popular with Colts fans.

Double And-ten-dre's - For fans of Andre Johnson, and the popular fantasy football sitcom "The League"

Fleenerschnitzel - My personal favorite.

Take You to the Fleeners - More Coby fun.

The Gorenado - It's not a stretch to say Frank Gore runs like a twister. He did play for the Hurricanes in college. Close enough.

Gore For the Score - Rhyming is Fun

Don't Hasselbeck Me - …bro.

Bringing Hasselback - These other quarterbacks don't know how to act.

Hasselbeck for President - Why not? There's already a million candidates.

The Adams Family - Safety Mike Adams

I'd Like to Give the World a Cole - Did you see the Mad Men finale? I don't know if Trent Cole

His and Kerr's - Some love for 2nd year NT Zach Kerr

My Cousin Vinatieri - Kickers are people too

Swoope There It Is - TE Erik Swoope's last name is actually pronounced

T.Y. Very Much - If you have Hilton on your team, you'll probably be saying this a lot to #13.

Long as I got my suit and T.Y. - I'm gonna leave it all on the field tonight.

Bjoern To Win, Bjoern To Be Wild, Natural Bjoern Killers - Werner's fantasy team name game is strong

Dungy's and Dragons - You win a Super Bowl, you get to have as many fantasy team names as you want

The Price is Reitz - Hometown hero is back for 2015

Live Freeney or Addai Hard - Another oldie but goodie...

When it Dwaynes it Pours - TE Dwayne Allen

D'Qwell Done - How I like my linebackers, and my steaks

For Whom The Bell Tolers - Not sure cornerback Greg Toler is a Metallica guy, but hey, it's fantasy.

Cherilus The Moment - ...always.

Sanford and Grigson - Red Foxx playing one of the all-time classic television characters Fred Sanford meets one of the best GM's in the NFL

Stanford and Grigson - Another play on the show Sanford and Son, but with the school that represents more players on the Colts roster than any other right now with four (tied with Miami).

Irsay It Ain't So - Owner Jim Irsay loves music. I'm not sure he likes Weezer, but I sure do, and after all, the band just played the Final Four here in Indianapolis.  

Got more Colts fantasy team names? Tweet them to me (@ColtsReporter).

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