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Who Colts previously selected with 2023 NFL Draft picks, from Edgerrin James at No. 4 to Robert Mathis at No. 138

Here's a look back at who the Colts previously selected with the Nos. 4, 44, 79, 106, 110, 138, 158, 162, 176, 211, 221 and 236 selections in previous NFL Drafts. 

4th overall pick: QB Anthony Richardson

Colts history: QB Art Schlicter (1982), DE Jon Hand (1986), RB Edgerrin James (1999)

No. 44 overall pick: CB JuJu Brents

Colts history: S Bob Sanders (2004), DT Jim Bailey (1970)

No. 79 overall pick: WR Josh Downs

Colts history: FB Zack Crockett (1995)

No. 106 overall pick: OT Blake Freeland

Colts history: B Hal Bullard (1958), FB Don Perkins (1960), LB J.R. Williamson (1964), T Rick Cunningham (1990), TE Bradford Banta (1994), LB David Thornton (2002)

No. 110 overall pick: DT Adetomiwa Adebawore

Colts history: WR Ray Perkins (1966)

No. 138 overall pick: CB Darius Rush

Colts history: DE Brad Scioli (1999), G Matt Johnson (2000), DE Robert Mathis (2003)

No. 158 overall pick: S Daniel Scott

Colts history: CB Nate Hairston (2017)

No. 162 overall pick: TE Will Mallory

Colts history: B Joe Guido (1957), DB Kenny Graham (1964)

No. 176 overall pick: RB Evan Hull

Colts history: G Charlie Parker (1964)

No. 211 overall pick: DE Titus Leo

Colts history: G Earl Looman (1956), LB Marquise Thomas (1993), CB Isaiah Rodgers Sr. (2020)

No. 221 overall pick: CB Jaylon Jones

Colts history: E Charley Wenzlau (1954), LB Matthew Adams (2018)

No. 236 overall pick: OT Jake Witt

Colts history: P Phil Waganheim (1975), FB Howard Griffith (1991), T Jamey Richard (2008), T Jaimie Thomas (2009)

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