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Cheerleader of the Week 2016: Kaiti

Meet the Colts Cheerleader Of The Week


Born and raised in West Lafayette, Indiana, home of Purdue University, for Kaiti, where to go to college was not a difficult decision.

"Both my parents work there and my younger brother is a freshman there now. So, we're big Purdue fans," she says.

Kaiti was always a dancer. But another sport captured her heart early on.


"I actually grew up doing competitive gymnastics," she says. "And then in middle school I cheered and I was always the flyer that got dropped. So, I decided in high school to switch over to dance team. So, I danced in high school and at Purdue I danced as well. And Cassia convinced me to audition for the Colts. She was a year older than me on the Goldusters."

A tougher decision for Kaiti was what to do after college. She found out that she made the Colts Cheerleaders while planning her life – in Chicago.

"I honestly did not think I was going to make it. So, I had been applying to jobs up in Chicago and looking at apartments with my friends up in Chicago. And I was ecstatic when I made it – total disbelief."

Plan B was to move to Indianapolis and consider her options while cheering for the Colts.


"I worked at St. Elmo's for a while waitressing and I got to meet a lot of people through that. I ended up meeting a few people in the healthcare industry and they said, 'Is that something you've ever considered?' I hadn't because I didn't go to school for nursing or anything and they're like, 'No, more on the management side of things.'"

It opened a door. Kaiti now works in medical device sales. And while it's not the first thing she tells people she works with, word has definitely gotten out about her other job.

"It's funny seeing the reactions. To start with, most of my competitors, the other reps, are middle-aged men, so I come in and it's already a shock. And then, 'Oh by the way, did you know she's a Colts Cheerleader?'"

Highlights from Kaiti's 2017 Colts Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar Shoot. (Clifty Falls State Park - Madison, IN)

Now in her fourth season, cheering for the Colts has helped Kaiti in ways she never imagined.

"I'm working with a lot of middle-aged doctors and obviously we talk a lot about work, but I was kind of worried like, 'How am I going to build a personal relationship with these guys?' And just being able to talk sports with them, people around here are such die-hard Colts fans that that's something that you can relate to anyone with. So, that's been really nice."


And in the process, she's changing the perception of what an NFL cheerleader is.

"I definitely always have to prove myself that my job is my first priority and I'm there for the right reasons. But I do think that overall, they're very impressed that I'm able to balance both and that I have such a real career with cheering for the Colts on the side."

How does she do it all?

"I honestly just take it day by day. I have to be super on top of things and super organized. But I've always been that kind of person, where I've done ten things at once and I always feel like I perform better that way."

Whether she's demonstrating in the hospital or dancing in the stadium, Kaiti always brings her best game.

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