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Cheerleader of the Week 2014: Sophie

Meet Sophie, our Cheerleader of the Week!





Hello, Colts Fans! I am honored to be your Cheerleader of the Week, and I hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about me!

I am 23 years old and live in Crawfordsville, where I was raised. I own a dance studio with my mom, where we teach numerous styles of dance and tumbling. I have been dancing since the age of three and don't plan on stopping anytime soon!

I am currently in my fifth season as a Sweetheart of the Horseshoe and have been a line captain for the past three years. This year has already been action packed with so many neat things! A few of my favorite memories from 2014 season are the swimsuit calendar shoot in Puerto Vallarta, training camp in French Lick, where we learned routines from the well know choreographer John Peters, and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge we took part in. In 2010, I was chosen to go to Mexico City through NFL Mexico and had the best time meeting new fans! It was very exciting to see that there are Colts fans in other parts of the world. During my time as a cheerleader, I have also been able meet many famous people including Jimmy Fallon, Snoop Dog, Billy Ray Cyrus, and a few more! My favorite game I have ever cheered at was my rookie year. It was the home opener against the Giants, Eli vs. Peyton, and Lucas Oil was so loud with fans supporting both teams; although, I think Colts fans were definitely the loudest!

Being part of this team and organization has been more than I could have ever imagined. I am so thankful that I have been given this opportunity to meet so many loyal fans and cheer for the best team in the NFL! I would like to thank my family for being so supportive of me, and I would like to thank God for giving me the gift of dance and allowing me to have this extraordinary opportunity.**

As you prepare to leave on your first Military Tour with some of the girls from the team, can you let us know what goes into a Military Tour?* Practicing for a military tour has been a lot of fun! We have put in a lot of extra hours on top of our normal cheer practices to be sure our show looks as close to perfect as possible. I think our show is going to be very entertaining for all of the troops and their families with songs ranging from country, 80's rock, and even Motown. Blue will be coming on the tour with us, and as always, he adds a certain pizzazz to the show! The military men, women, and families will definitely be entertained with what we have in store for them. I think this is going to be a very humbling and rewarding experience, and I can't wait to make new friendships with those who fight for our country.The Colts played in the Monday Night Football game last night against the Eagles. How do Monday Night Football games compare to Sunday games, and how was this game different than the others for you? I love cheering at each and every game, but Monday Night Football is a step up in every way! The crowd is even more excited and into the game than normal. There are more cameras, lights, and more viewers at home. The last time I cheered in a Monday Night game was in 2010, my rookie year, and it is one of my favorite memories as a cheerleader.  I can now add this game to the top of my list as well!As a dance instructor, what is your favorite age group to teach dance to? I teach dance and tumbling to students of all ages. There is something special about each and every child that I work with, and it's a very rewarding career. I am able to teach young kids what it is not only to be a good dancer, but also to have strong work ethic, how to treat others, and what the traits kind, caring, and passionate are! It's hard for me to pick a favorite age group to teach because I really do love teaching all age groups. Teens are rewarding because they tend to pick up faster and you can see their hard work right in front of your eyes, whereas the two and three year olds are so much fun to teach because of their enthusiasm. They could get up on stage and not do anything, but they would still be the highlight of the show! I am so blessed God chose me to teach these kids. They keep me grounded and I wouldn't choose any other career.MJ is your hero, but what is your favorite MJ song and signature dance move? Can you do it?
Most people that know me, know I'm a Michael Jackson fanatic! I have been a huge fan since elementary school. His charm and talent won me over the first time I saw him on T.V. It's so hard for me to choose just one favorite song, but I would have to say my top three are *"The Way You Make Me Feel," "You Rock My World,"
and "PYT." My favorite MJ move actually isn't the moon walk; although, I'm still a little bitter I can't do it! My favorite move of his is the anti-gravity lean he does in Smooth Criminal. It's just one of those things no one else can do like him and watching him do it leaves you in awe.

What do you do in your spare time to relax?
In my spare time, I like to work out, read, cook, and spend time with family, friends, and boyfriend of nine years.  My favorite work out is TRX, which we have at my studio, so it's easy access for me. Most of my family lives close to me, so I am able to see them often. I love my family, and don't know what I would do without them!

Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader: Sophie

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