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Cheerleader of the Week 2014: Brookelyn

Meet Brookelyn, our Cheerleader of the Week!





Hey, Colts Nation! How exciting is it to be a Colts fan right now? The Cincinnati Bengals asked "Who Dey?" and we answered back loud and clear, "WE DEY!" With our first playoff win under our belts, and hopefully another coming this weekend, I am thrilled to be your last Cheerleader of the Week!

This is my first year as a 'Sweetheart of the Horseshoe.' I decided that I wanted to be a Colts Cheerleader after my good friend and current Colts Cheerleader, Cassia, made the team two years ago. I was fortunate enough to know someone on the team that told me about all the amazing opportunities Colts Cheerleaders have. Now that I have lived these experiences myself, I could not be more grateful to have made the team. In this one season, I have traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, cheered at an NFL Playoff game, met with hundreds of Colts fans, and have made 27 life-long friends. When I look back on this season, I am truly amazed. I have had several once in a lifetime moments that I will remember forever.

Outside of the Colts, I am a crazy nut who teaches 7th grade English. I knew I had a knack for teaching when I was in high school and taught dance at my studio. Although many people tried to talk me out of becoming an educator, I knew it was what I was meant to do. My favorite part about teaching is getting the 'aha' moment from my kids. When something finally clicks for them, and they see the progress they have made, it makes all the hard work worth it. Whenever I do get a free minute, I enjoy reading (English teacher, remember?) and going to the movies. My favorite movies include Gladiator, Braveheart, and Hunger Games.

Finally, I want to thank a few people that helped me through my journey of becoming a cheerleader. Firstly my parents who paid for and drove me to many dance classes, competitions, and conventions. Next, my boyfriend, Michael, who never let me get down on myself through auditions, and always encourages me to give 100 percent. And a special thanks to our Coach Kelly. Her hard work and dedication leads to what you all see on the field; she's a great role model.

Now let's go beat them Broncos!

What was the transition like going from your college dance team to the Colts Cheerleaders?
This transition was hard but great in so many ways. It was difficult because the NFL dance style is so different from what I did on the Purdue Golduster Dance Team. Although I have a well-rounded dance background, the NFL dance style was something I was not super familiar with. Also, I went from being a captain to being a rookie. But this really was a blessing; I was able to take a step back and learn from my teammates. It's amazing what one can learn from just watching and listening.

Since you are our last Cheerleader of the Week, can you tell us your favorite memory from the Colts Cheer season?
My favorite memory is from the Colts VS Ravens game this year. The Ravens were going for the touchdown in the fourth quarter. When they announced third down, the crowd went nuts. I literally could not even hear myself think. The energy, the fans, the atmosphere; it was just incredible. I remember taking a few seconds to look up and think about what I was doing and where I was. I wanted to take it all in. And I'm glad I did because I never want to forget how lucky I am to have experienced a moment like that.

How has your first semester of teaching gone with the added time management of being a rookie on the Colts Cheer squad?
People always say how hard teaching is, and wow is that an understatement. I think the first month I started teaching I would come straight home (if I didn't have practice first), eat dinner, and then pass out from exhaustion. Especially with the school that I teach for, my students need as much help and attention as I can give them. Now add on Colts practices, appearances, workouts, and so on; yeah, it was crazy! But looking back, I absolutely loved it. I'm one of those weirdos that can't stand to not be busy, so although I was stressed out, I wouldn't want it any other way. Also, I had so many supporters that I relied on for help. My co-workers, teammates, and boyfriend all did so much to encourage me every day. 

Where is the furthest you've traveled and why?
During the summer of my sophomore year of college, I traveled to London, England to study abroad. It was so cool to get to sightsee, but also study and live in the city. My mind was boggled when I would see a building or park and think "this is older than the United States." It was my first time going abroad, and now I have my heart set on seeing much more of Europe.

What item can you always be found with?
I always carry my E-reader around. I'm reading several books right now, and love to catch up on a few pages when I am waiting around someplace. I also always read before bed, it's so relaxing!

Thanks so much for reading, Colts Nation! Make sure you #BringTheNoise this weekend when we take on the Broncos whether you are at the game in Denver or somewhere in Indy! Our Boys in Blue need us! Go Colts!

Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader: Brookelyn

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