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Andrew Luck Gives His Thoughts On No-Huddle Offense

Intro: What does Andrew Luck think about the Colts possibly implementing a no-huddle offense on Sunday afternoon?


INDIANAPOLIS – Everyone has seen the success the Colts have had late in games over the past handful of years.

Andrew Luck has dialed up 15 fourth-quarter comebacks in his early NFL tenure.

So many times, when the Colts have faced multi-score deficits, a quicker pace has led to an uptick in offensive production, shrinking the score margin and getting Indy right back into the game.

That's why Chuck Pagano said it was a "great question" on Monday when asked if the Colts should use more up-tempo, throughout the course of a game.

Luck fielded a similar question on Wednesday. But No. 12 put up some caution in trying to compare end of game scenarios and their effectiveness, directly to the start of a contest.

"A lot of those up-tempos have been down big and maybe the defense is a little softer in a sense and going to give up some plays," Luck pointed out.

"The game certainly dictates what happens. The no-huddle, it's successful in the end of the second half or the first half (but) maybe it isn't applicable to the start of a game."

Any revealing of the Colts' game plan for Week Five will have to wait until Luck gets under Ryan Kelly for the first snap of Sunday's contest at Lucas Oil Stadium.

A chipper Luck met the media on Wednesday, fresh off the first practice of the week.

The jet lag from London has disappeared from Luck and the quarterback likes the attitude he's feeling from those around him this week.

"Coach Pagano has done an amazing job of staying positive after bad games, good games whatever it is, he has our mind in the right place," Luck said on Wednesday.

"Good mood, little salty in a sense. Guys ready to work and guys ready to start rectifying the wrongs and that starts with practice."

For those thinking that the outside noise is creeping into Luck's mind, think again.

There's no smart phone to keep Luck abreast of every little critique towards him, or his team.

Luck blocks it all out.

"I go home, talk to my girlfriend, talk to my parents, couple close buddies, my sisters," Luck said on Wednesday. "Don't read much. The sports news I do watch is usually soccer, MLS.

"Don't watch SportsCenter. No social media. I always thought good or bad or whatever anybody writes or says about you, it's great to have opinions and it's awesome and I know I'm the same way about soccer or hoops. I love listening to the pundits (on hoops and soccer), but when it's about you or about your profession I've just always thought, even since college, even high school, if there was an article written about you, always thought it was weird to read it and I don't like it."

Just how much the Colts alter their game flow on offense will be divulged Sunday at 1:00 p.m.

For now, even if Luck isn't paying attention to what people are saying about the Colts, he has a pretty good guess.

"I'm sure everyone has a theory on what the Colts offense needs to do better," Luck says.

"We're going to be alright. We're a good football team. We practice well. We'll play well."

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