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2016 FanDuel Fantasy Focus: Week 3

Intro:'s Andrew Walker brings you his fantasy lineup, sleepers and passes for Week 3 of the 2016 NFL season, as well as a look back at the previous week's results.


INDIANAPOLIS —Well, my good feelings about my Week 2 lineup turned out to be unfounded.

Thanks in large part to a big ol' belly flop by the big fella, Eddie Lacy — FIVE points?! Really?! — I fell to 0-2 on the young fantasy season in my competition against Mr. Kevin Bowen.

Like Theo Riddick in Week 1, Kevin got a huge, high-value performance in Week 2 from Travis Benjamin, who had 26.4 points.

My "not everything is sinking" factor? I picked right when it came to guys to pass on last week, as avoiding Russell Wilson, Todd Gurley, Allen Robinson and Mike Evans saved you more than 40 points in total value.

Is my Week 3 lineup much better? Well, I improved from Week 1 to Week 2, so let's see if we can at least keep that trend going. Then, by midway through the season, I'll catch up to Kevin — and then the second half of the season will be all mine.

That's what I keep telling myself, anyway.

Anywho, here's my Week 3 FanDuel lineup, sleepers and passes, as well as the full results from last week's action. As always, send me any chatter, questions, "LOL"s or anything else to @AWalkerColts on Twitter using #FanDuelFF.**

Also, be sure to catch this week's FanDuel Fantasy Focus show LIVE around 3:30 p.m. tomorrow (Friday) on and/or on the Colts Mobile App, as Caroline Cann, Kevin and myself discuss the upcoming week in fantasy football.

Andrew's Week 3 FanDuel Lineup:QB: Carson Palmer ($8,200; vs. Buffalo): **The Bills haven't been good, at all, this year, even on defense, which has obviously been Rex Ryan's strength in his career. I really think Palmer spreads the ball out and has a big game.

RB: Melvin Gordon ($7,100; vs. Indianapolis):Gordon's own mom said she wasn't going to wear her son's jersey to games until he could prove himself; well, I think he's definitely on the right track. He had 102 yards and a touchdown last week against Jacksonville, and I think he matches up well against the Colts this week.


RB: Frank Gore ($5,700; vs. San Diego):I think the Colts will try to pound the ball a lot more Sunday vs. the Chargers, and obviously Gore is going to be the beneficiary of a lot of those carries.HIGH ALERT PREDICTION: I think Gore gets 100 yards to be the first Colts running back to do that since 2012.**

WR: Allen Robinson ($7,900; vs. Baltimore):I don't think it's time to panic on Robinson just yet. I think he's looking for a breakout game against the Ravens — ESPECIALLY if cornerback Jimmy Smith doesn't shadow Robinson throughout the game.

WR: T.Y. Hilton ($7,400; vs. San Diego):Look, it's obvious things just haven't gone as planned for T.Y. and this Colts offense through two weeks. This week, blamed only himself for that. I think it's only a matter of time for him to break out, and I think that time is Sunday — if only for two or three big catches, I think that's all you need out of this spot.

WR: Michael Floyd ($6,900; vs. Buffalo): I like this value at this spot, and I like pairing Floyd with Carson Palmer here. Obviously Larry Fitzgerald might be a guy you'd want, too, but the overall value of Floyd at just $6,900 makes this intriguing.

TE: Delanie Walker ($6,900; vs. Oakland): Simply put, Walker is a great tight end, and Oakland can't stop tight ends — or at least they haven't been able to yet.

K: Dan Bailey ($4,700; vs. Chicago): I hate to go against Adam Vinatieri, who did just fine last week for me. But I think the Colts will be scoring lots of touchdowns, and I think Bailey will be more of a factor against the Bears this week.

DEF: Miami Dolphins ($4,600; vs. Cleveland): As sure as anything there is this week. I will continue picking on the Browns, I guess, but COME ON — Cleveland is down to its third-string quarterback already, a rookie, who just isn't yet ready.

Andrew's Guys To Pass On:QB: Matthew Stafford ($8,200; vs. Green Bay):
He traditionally struggles against the Packers, and used to rely especially heavily on Calvin Johnson in these matchups. Well, he doesn't have Johnson anymore, and I don't think the dink-and-dunk approach will yield many points this week.

QB: Russell Wilson ($8,400; vs. San Francisco): He's back on this list after making it last week, and I just need to see his ankle fully healed before I take him off. He had just 11.6 points last week, and while he might improve, he's just not worth the $8,400 yet.

RB: Todd Gurley ($8,300; vs. Tampa Bay): I can't believe I'm putting Gurley on this list for a second straight week, but the Rams offense has been so bad that, well, here we are. Gurley won't be held in check long, so let's see this time next week if I was right about that steep $8,300 pricetag this week.

QB: Philip Rivers ($8,000; vs. Indianapolis): This really has nothing to do with matchups — IT’S TIME TO BEAT THIS GUY, COLTS. Well, plus, Indy is hopefully getting a few key pieces back on defense, but C'MON.

Andrew's Sleepers ($6,000 or less)WR: Tajae Sharpe ($5,800; vs. Oakland):
The Raiders give up so many big plays in the secondary, it'd be a crime if Sharpe and Marcus Mariota don't hook up for at least one of them. Great value as a third receiver this week.RB: Jerick McKinnon ($5,300; vs. Carolina):With Adrian Peterson out after knee surgery, McKinnon gets the nod as the starting running back in Minnesota. And I think he gives you plenty of value — both as a runner and as a pass catcher — for that $5,300 price tag, however long he's that cheap.

WR: Phillip Dorsett ($6,000; vs. San Diego):This could be the pick of the week if you need a third receiver on your FanDuel team. With Donte Moncrief out indefinitely, Dorsett slides up into that No. 2 receiver spot for the Colts, and he's looked much more precise in his second year this season. So let's see that continue Sunday vs. the Chargers.


Week 2 Results

Andrew's Week 2 FanDuel Lineup:**

QB: Ben Roethlisberger ($8,300): 21.8 points (20.75 minimum value; 1.05)
RB: Eddie Lacy ($7,000): 5 points (17.5 minimum value; -12.5)
RB: Ryan Mathews ($6,300): 16 points (15.75 minimum value; 0.25)
WR: Odell Beckham Jr. ($9,400): 12.6 points (23.5 minimum value; -10.9)
WR: Alshon Jeffery ($7,800): 12.1 points (19.5 minimum value; -7.4)
WR: Tavon Austin ($6,300): 8.1 points (15.75 minimum value; -7.6)
TE: Dwayne Allen ($6,200): 3.5 points (15.5 minimum value; -12)
K: Adam Vinatieri ($4,700): 11 points (11.75 minimum value; -0.75)
DEF: Baltimore Ravens ($4,500): 13 points (11.25 minimum value; 1.75)

= 103.1 total points (-48.1 in total FanDuel value; -5.3 per player)Kevin's Week 2 FanDuel Lineup:
QB: Eli Manning ($8,200): 12.3 points (20.5 minimum value; -8.2)
RB: C.J. Anderson ($7.800): 16.8 points (19.5 minimum value; -2.7)
RB: Theo Riddick ($5,900): 8.5 points (14.75 minimum value; -6.25)
WR: Odell Beckham Jr. ($9,400): 12.6 points (23.5 minimum value; -10.9)
WR: Jarvis Landry ($6,500): 16.7 points (16.25 minimum value; 0.45)
WR: Travis Benjamin ($6,100): 26.4 points (15.25 minimum value; 11.15)
TE: Gary Barnidge ($6,000): 5.7 points (15 minimum value; -9.3)
K: Matt Prater ($4,600): 8 points (11.5 minimum value; -3.5)
DEF: Panthers ($5,300): 14 points (13.25 minimum value; 0.75)

= 121.0 total points (-28.5 in total FanDuel value; -3.2 per player)WEEK 2 WINNER:Kevin (2-0)
WEEK 2 PICK OF THE WEEK:WR Travis Benjamin, Kevin (26.4 points; 11.15 in total value)
WEEK 2 JOKE OF THE WEEK:RB Eddie Lacy, Andrew (5 points; -12.5 in total value)

REVIEW: Week 2 Guys To Pass OnAndrew:
QB: Russell Wilson ($8,400): 11.56 points (21 minimum value; -9.44 in total value)
RB: Todd Gurley ($8,400): 7.5 points (21 minimum value; -13.5 in total value)
WR: Allen Robinson ($8,200): 6.9 points (20.5 minimum value; -13.6 in total value)
WR Mike Evans ($8,100): 16 points (20.25 minimum value; -4.25 in total value)
ANDREW SAVED YOU: 40.79 in total value

QB: Russell Wilson ($8,400): 11.56 points (21 minimum value; -9.44 in total value)
RB: David Johnson ($9,000): 1 point (22.5 minimum value; -21.5 in total value)
WR: Julio Jones ($9,300): 19.1 points (23.25 minimum value; -4.15 in total value)
WR: DeAndre Hopkins ($8,300): 20.8 points (20.75 minimum value; 0.05 in total value)
KEVIN SAVED YOU: 35.04 in total value

REVIEW: Week 2 SleepersAndrew:
TE: Hunter Henry ($4,500): 0 points (11.25 minimum value; -11.25 in total value)
TE: Coby Fleener ($5,600): 3.9 points (14 in minimum value; -10.1 in total value)
WR: Victor Cruz ($5,700): 9.1 points (14.25 in minimum value; -5.15 in total value)
ANDREW COULD'VE GIVEN YOU: -26.5 in total value

RB: Theo Riddick ($5,900): 8.5 points (14.75 minimum value; -6.25 in total value)
WR: Kevin White ($5,800): 6.5 points (14.5 minimum value; -8 in total value)
TE: Antonio Gates ($5,900): 9 points (14.75 minimum value; -5.75 in total value)
KEVIN COULD'VE GIVEN YOU: -20 in total value

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